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Back Catalogue Bangers: Fred V & Grafix

As part of our new back catalogue bangers series we begin with the cheeky chappy duo who have established themselves as prominent players in the Hospital rankings over the past three years.

Although, it was long before that these two began their ever growing relationship, way back in the days of their releases on Talkin’ Beats. Since then their trademark sound has developed into deeper levels of musicality with their own vocals and instrumental talents featured throughout their debut release “Recognise”.

We’ve delved deep into the back catalogue of Frafix and chosen our top 5 tracks that are guaranteed to get you geared up for Hospitality at Oxford O2 Academy on 13th February.


Just A Thought ft Reija Lee – Fred V & Grafix


Camargue (Fred V & Grafix Remix) – CJ Bolland


Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix) – Madeon


Bladerunner – Fred V & Grafix


Fred V & Grafix – Recognise (Emperor Remix)
With roaring snares and distorted vocals from Fred V himself, Emperor’s taken a fresh angle on the title track of the FVG debut album, featured on their “Unrecognisable” remix album available for download here.

Event Page HERE // Ticket Link HERE

Posted 19th December 2014 in Blog, Features

Hospitality Building Six: Icicle

Longstanding Shogun warrior Icicle is joining us on the 6th of February for the first chapter of our Hospitality residency at Building Six. He’ll be bringing the deep and dirty to room two alongside Dub Phizix, Emperor, Fracture and more.

An artist in its truest form – you can expect the unexpected from Holland born, self-taught producer Jeroen Snik. His second studio album “Entropy”, released on Shogun Audio back in November has kept heads turning with his fresh take on production techniques. By immersing himself in his love for techno he has created clean-cut chaos throughout; cementing him as one of the most forward thinking and boundary pushing producers on the scene. “Entropy” pays homage to what D+B is all about – incorporating a number of different influences and putting a new spin on a genre that’s been keeping us going for two decades.

We can’t wait to hear what he brings to room two so we’ve handpicked our top three tracks from the album that are sure to get you guys in the mood for a bit of beat-pounding bass.

And if you’re still looking for more, check out Icicle’s recent Mixmag lab mix:

Event page HERE // Ticket link HERE

Posted 18th December 2014 in Blog, Features

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