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26th September 2014


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Hospitality @ Let It Roll Festival – 2nd August

Let It Roll appeared on the Czech dance scene in 2003 with successful events in the Abaton club Prague. 5 years later saw the first edition Let It Roll open air festival take place in Staré Žďánice close to Pardubice with a 3000 head crowd. As the years continued the festival began to grow with capacities increasing alongside the number of stages an exciting headlining acts.

The 2013 edition took place at an exciting new venue in the form of an old military area in the town of Benešov, situated just 30 minutes from Prague. Combining brand new productions, cyborg decorations and mechanic distractions around the whole site, this has built up to be one of the most impressive and exciting festivals of the year. Record breaking attendances (15,000 visitors per day) continues to push Let It Roll festival to raise the bar even higher while becoming the biggest D+B festival in Europe.

We are VERY excited to be joining Let It Roll Festival as we prepare the troops!

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Posted 28th July 2014 in Blog, Features

Hospital: We Are 18 Fan interviews (Part 5)

As part of the Hospital Records 18th Birthday celebrations we interviewed a range of fans to talk about their experience with the label, what them got them hooked and why they keep coming back for more….

Give us a little introduction about yourself…

Hi, my name is Louise Goodey. Lived in London my whole life and currently based in Shepherds Bush.
I work in advertising and currently work for Amazon UK in their Media Group, however when I am not busy toiling away I love to go out as much as possible and try to attend as many DNB events as possible from Hospitality to RAM and Andy C.”

How long have you been a fan of Hospital Records?

“I am a relatively new fan and only started attending events and listening to the Hospital Record Artists about 2 and a half years ago.
A couple of my friends were really interested in the music whereas I was just listening to groups like Pendulum, Chase and Status etc at the time but they invited me to a Hospital records event at Brixton just over 2 years ago and I have been hooked since!
I love that the music is always amazing, and unlike some clubs you always get a really great crowd of people who are passionate about the music and just want to have a great time.”

What was the first Hospital track/album you ever bought?

Netsky: When Darkness Falls

Favourite release on the label?

It is too hard to pick one track but High Contrast is my favourite artist on the label so top contenders would be Twlights Last Gleaming (VIP) or If we Ever.

In your opinion, which track/release has made the biggest impact on the drum and bass scene throughout the 18 years of Hospital Records?

One of the first songs I heard when I started listening to the music from Hospital Records was Netsky Come Alive (both original and Cultureshock remix are amazing) and it’s a song that I still hear loads in mixes. I am sure other songs have made a bigger impact on the scene than this but this was definitely one of the songs that had the biggest impact on me and made me want to listen to more.

If you were stuck on an Island with 3 Artists from the Hospital Past or present roster, who would they be and why?

High Contrast- I love his music, plus he has worked on some interesting projects like the Summer Olympics so it would great to hear what that was like.
Tony Colman- as he is one of the founders of Hospital Records it would be interesting to hear about the early days of when it was starting up and how it has changed from the start to now.
Fred V. & Grafix- Think they would liven the Island up a bit!”

What was the first Hospitality event you attended?

The first event was in Brixton and my friends invited me along as they had been to a couple previously and had said they were amazing so I thought I would give it a try. Now we try to go to every London event you host.

What’s been the best Hospitality event you’ve attended and why?

The best is either this years event at Building 6 which was incredible, the venue was amazing and the sets from High Contrast and Camo & Krooked are some of my favourite ever or it would be at Brixton where they did the VS event with the stage set up in the middle of the floor and the atmosphere that night was incredible.

Are there any stand out stories or memories that you have regarding Hospital Records or Hospitality?

One  of my standout memories is at the Summer Party this year, it was a really small venue and meant that we could meet a lot of the artists like Etherwood and Fred V & Grafix.

How did you celebrate your 18th Birthday?

For my 18th I hired a limo and me and my friends packed in and we drove round London getting very drunk- classy!

Do you have a Birthday message for Hospital Records?

Here is to the next 18!

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