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Ingredients Records @ Hospitality Bristol 14.06.14


Ingredients Records is an independent D&B label with releases from up and coming artists, alongside established producers. The label was set up and currently ran by Clive who previously DJ’d under the alias ‘DJ Psylence’. The idea to start ‘Ingredients Records’ came to him after racking up over 15 years within the music industry. With his vast experience within different sections of the industry and involvement and support of the D&B scene, Clive went on to bring us this fantastic new platform for new artists to nurture and developing new talent.
Artists like Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Mode, Sato, Pessimist, Mute & Mako, Foreign Concept, Villem, Krakota, dRamatic & dbAudio, Ruffhouse & Response have excelled under the wing of ‘Ingredients’ and there is no sign of stopping. Another thing the label can be known for is the equally tasty recipes provided by the artists on their release.

We are very excited to have the guys join us in Bristol on 14th june to host the third room. Representing the label we have Skeptical, Digital, Clive Ingredients and TS2W. Hosting duties coming from Bassline.

• Hi Clive, Pleasure to chat with you. How are things with the label?

Hi, likewise. Yeah really good, we’ve seen a nice run lately by Response, who just keeps delivering, and we have a stack of new releases piling up.

• What’s in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

Well next up is a 12” from one of my heroes Digital. “Shaka Zulu / Archive” hits the shops 1st week of May. I’ve also got more material from Response, music from Eveson including a co-lab with Halogenix, and also Pennygiles, DBR Uk & Genotype.

• It’s great to have you on board for the upcoming show. Are you looking forward to Hospitality at Bristol 14th June?

Yes, it’s great to be a part of such a big event and to showcase what we’re about. Motion is always a great party and I’m really looking forward to seeing Digital play as he’s on fire at the moment. Skeptical always delivers so with Bassline hosting, it’s shaping up to be a special night.

• What tracks can we expect from you? Top 10 tracks of the moment?

Eveson & Halogenix ‘Grey Dawn’ / Digital ‘Fig Jam’ / Response “Fire” / Submorphix [Lenzman remix] / Ego scene ‘Hold on’ / Edit ‘All the senses’ / Digital ‘Shaka zulu’ / Response ‘Hope’ / Ivy lab ‘live on your smile’ / Seba ‘physickle’

• We love the combination of tasty tracks with tasty recipes. Do you have a favourite that has been submitted over the years? Or even one that you found with the most interesting use of ingredients?

Jubei’s ‘lamb shanks’ were great, Villem, Mako & Fields ‘cosmic carrot cake’ was definitely interesting! Check out more recipes HERE

• If you were a contestant on ‘Come Dine with Me’ what dishes would you wow us with?

I wouldn’t. I’d keep it all really simple because the contestants always whinge and I’d want the camera-crew out as soon as possible. But I would make: Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tiramisu. Followed by 5 excellent jokes & show them out of the door.

• Hahaa! Agreed. Thanks for chatting with us and we look forward to seeing you in Bristol :)

Event page HERE // Ticket Link HERE

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Introducing: Krakota – Hospitality Hometown Debut

Hi! Thanks for talking to us. How are things? Can you give us a little introduction for those who aren’t familiar?

My name’s Seb! I produce music as Krakota. I’ve been making music on and off for around 8 years and have been lucky enough to release on several of my favourite labels including: Playaz, Critical Modulations, Subtitles and of course, Hospital Records.

You featured on the Hospital: We Are 18, which dropped earlier this year.  We were lucky enough to get two fantastic tracks, which made it on to the album ‘Everything Changes’ and ‘Spin The Bottle’. Can you talk us through the tracks and how it felt to be apart of our birthday celebrations?

It was a great release to be a part of, running a successful label for 18 years is a great achievement and think ‘We Are 18’ is testament to that. It’s one of the strongest Drum & Bass compilations out there, so I was really happy to feature two tracks on it.

“Everything Changes” was a track that came together really quickly, which is great ‘because it doesn’t happen often! It’s been described as an “Old Skool” sounding, which is nice, but I didn’t write it with that in mind. I guess that’s just part of my sound and the way I write music.

“Spin The Bottle” Ironically was the complete opposite. I’d actually made it ages ago and just couldn’t finish it, I’d sent it to a few producer friends who had urged me to finish it off but it just wasn’t happening!

Meanwhile, Tony & Chris from Hospital had stumbled across it in a folder of music I’d sent them and decided that, if finished it would definitely work on the We Are 18 release, so I set about bringing it up to standard.

Grab the tracks from The Hospital Shop // iTunes

Talk us through your production set up. Do you have a piece of software or hardware you couldn’t live without?

At the core of my setup is Cubase 7.5, it’s the only DAW I get on with, I’ve tried others but I just get frustrated and end up going back, I guess it’s because I work mostly in audio and Cubase (in my opinion) has the best sequencer to handle it.

Speaker wise I use Adam A8X’s alongside an Avantone mixcube, these are setup on a A/B switcher so it’s really easy to cross-reference your mix.

Aside from that I use a Virus TI and a Microkorg, I like using analogue synths more (who doesn’t?!) as they sound much better than a soft synth, occasionally I’ll crack out massive or Sylenth but not that often, they’re easy to program but I’m not a massive fan of the sounds they produce.

Top 10 tracks you love at the moment?

In no particular order:

  1. Emperor – “Precursor” (Mefjus Remix)
  2. Anushka – “Never Can Decide” (Ivy Lab Remix)
  3. London Grammar “Hey Now” (Bonobo Remix)
  4. Break – “Dem Babylon”
  5. Fred V & Grafix – “Recognise”
  6. Rene La Vice – “I want more”
  7. Laxx – “Gold Plated”
  8. Jakwob “Somebody New” VIP
  9. Taxman – “Cool It Judy” VIP
  10. 10. Future Cut – “Whiplash”

You’re from Bournemouth.  What is the nightlife like there? Are there any particular spots that you recommend people visit?

Bournemouth’s always had a really healthy Drum & Bass scene and there are several long standing events like enter and drumfunk consistently booking big lineups and bringing fresh talent into the town, which is great.

The Gardens, beach and pier are one of the nicest places in the south for sure, you can’t beat it on a hot day. Bournemouth’s also famous for it’s Balloon – but you won’t catch me up there, let’s just say I’ve got a touch of vertigo.

Are you excited to play your hometown? Do you get to play Bournemouth often? We guess lots of friends will be coming down to support and party?

I love playing in my hometown, it doesn’t happen that often – maybe 2 or 3 times a year so when I get the opportunity to it’s a bonus. Hometown events always bring out people you’ve not seen for ages and it’s great to catch up and have a few drinks!

Summer is around the corner. What’s next for you? Any festival slots booked?

This summer will undoubtedly result in the battle of Studio V’s Garden, which is always a hard call to make! If I’m lucky I’ll tan from my computer screen. I’ll be making an appearance at a few festivals this year, but I’m most excited about playing at Global Gathering on the 26th July.

Event Page HERE // Ticket Link HERE

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