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Hospitality Bank Holiday BBQ at Studio 338 – Day & Night Special

29th August 2015

Romania Sep 20

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Hospitality Bank Holiday BBQ 29.08.15: First timers!

At our bank holiday BBQ this August we’ll be welcoming a whole load of new talent to the Hospitality family! Drawing from all corners of the globe, we’ve got representatives in from Brazil, The Netherlands, USA and our home town of South-East London.

We caught up with them all ahead of the show on 29th August, for a little pre-BBQ excitement!

So are you guys looking forward to playing your first ever Hospitality!? 

Arch Origin: Definitely! I was quite in shock when I had been asked to come over to England to play a Hospitality show. Hospital Records is the label that got me into Drum & Bass basically, so playing here is a dream come true! The fact that it’s a BBQ makes it even better, can’t wait to spread the sweet summer vibes.

Diego Torres: I still remember the first time I went to a Hospitality in Belgium with London Eleketricity and Netsky when I was 16. It was one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced. I literally freaked out when I read the mail with the invite to play at a Hospitality in London so yeah, I’m damn excited!

NCT: Yeah, we sure are! It will be our first gig in the UK as well and to play at a Hospitality in London is something every liquid artist hopes to achieve. The line-up is beyond words, filled with both heroes and friends, and we’ve heard a lot of stories about the BBQ. So yeah, to say we are excited might be an understatement

Bryson: Extremely, both our first experiences clubbing were with Hospitality and although Pola has played a 1 or 2 nights in the past we’re both eager to make our debut as a duo.
Pola: Plus its a BBQ, so that means plenty of tasty grub and great beer.

Have any of you guys been partying at a Hospitality before? 

Rameses B: It feels very fresh in my memory but it must have been about 5 years ago when I went to my first one whilst I was at university in Leeds. After that it seemed a regular occurrence to attend the Hospitality nights for a few years after that. Big sound systems, huge vibes and walking back home with your mates at 6am whilst seeing everyone else on their way to work, it’s an experience and a half.

Ownglow: I went to my first Hospitality event in Bournemouth in February, was still underage, as it was an 18+ event, so Matt (Logistics) had to sneak me in! I’ve never felt vibes like it before, incredible night.

Feint: Last one I went to was Leeds in 2013!


We make sure the food is always on point at our Hospitality BBQs! Any preferences? 

Arch Origin: A big chicken skewer with satay sauce!

Diego Torres: Glazed Ribs for sure, I never throw a BBQ without it.

Bryson: We’re both absolute food nuts so this is tricky. I’d have to say a good old beef burger, but the ones with cheese and pickle on the inside, so that when it cooks, it all melts inside.
Pola: I’ll eat anything frankly but Jerk chicken, in fact Jerk anything, I’m happy as larry.

Ownglow: Coming from America I would have to say hotdogs and burgers as stereotypical as that is. But I’m well excited for Mama’s Jerk chicken, sounds absolutely amazing

Urbandawn: Hard to choose as well, but i really like some pork ribs with a bit of green herbs sauce, we do this a lot in Sao Paulo!


Finally, hit us with your favourite summertime vibes D+B track…

Arch Origin: Now that’s a hard decision to make, there is so much to choose from! I’d say Danny Byrd & Zarif – California sticks out the most. It brings back a lot of joyful memories and reminds me of the time i just got into liquid drum & bass.

Diego Torres: My favorite Drum & bass summer track must be “Genetic Bros – Uplfifting”. The guitar melody just gives me those happy summer feels.

Feint: MRSA – “Different”, so nostalgic for me

NCT Jeroen: Netsky – “Let’s Leave Tomorrow”

NCT Alex: At this moment Loz Contreras – “Baby it’s You”

Ownglow: Bungle and Darrison’s “Just A Little Bit Closer” No doubt in my mind about it, I rinse it almost everywhere I go, incredible work using brass sounds and sampling to give it that ultimate feel good vibe.

Pola: For me, at the moment it has to be “Scars” by NCT, some serious ‘feel good’ vibes on that.

Bryson: I’ll probably always give this answer but Technimatic – “Look For Diversion” is the one for me.

Rameses B: Hard to pick a favourite but really feeling Maduk for summer vibes ‘Vermillion’ springs to mind it’s an old one of his but it brings in those warm feels.

Urbandawn:  Hard to choose, but first one that came on my mind is Photek – “Rings Around Saturn”. Every time I listen to this track I imagine myself in some kind of secret beach on a sunny day :)


Make sure you’re there with us to catch these guys in action at their very first Hospitality showcase! After just a week on sale we’re already on to 4th release, so don’t wait around on this one…


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Hospitality Midsummer BBQ 20th June – All Ticket Holder Info!


The day is so very nearly here! Tomorrow we return to Studio 338 for our highly anticipated Hospitality Midsummer BBQ! Here’s all the info you guys need before the festivites begin.

    • Please print out your ticket and present on entry.
    • All persons must provide a valid form of ID to gain entry (passport or drivers licence).
    • There is no last-entry time.
    • There will be no tickets available on the door, this event is completely sold out. 



What would a Hospitality BBQ be without a whole load of incredible BBQ grub to go alongside.  From cheese steak subs to giant pizzas, meat ball baguettes to jerk chicken (and of course veggie options too).



Studio 338

338 Boord Street


London SE10 0PF



North Greenwich (Jubilee Line), situated by The O2, is a 10-15 minute walk to the venue.


Maze Hill, Westcombe Park and Charlton train stations are sitatuated approx. 30 minute walk from the venue.


Outside the venue: 108

Short walk from the venue: 422 / 129 / 132 / 161 / 472 / 486


The Hospital Shop team will be loading up the van and bringing a whole load of summer merch to the BBQ on Saturday, including our new reversible bucket hats and bamboo shades.

There’ll also be the launch of very limited edition, grillin’ apparel, keep your eyes on the food stalls!


Each week we’ve been getting our talented DJs to select their favourite summer anthems on Spotify. What better way to warm-up for Saturday than with some summer scorchers from Metrik?



Of course just one BBQ this summer isn’t quite enough, we’re heading back to Studio 338 at the end of August for a huge 18 hour special!

We’ll be announcing the line-up for the BBQ at the venue on Saturday so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to join the Facebook event for first ticket sale announcements!


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