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11th December 2015

Romania Sep 20

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The Last Hospitality at Building Six: Room 2 RC1 Sound System

The main room of Building Six is known for its impeccable sound system and body kinetic dancefloor. As its our very last party at the world famous venue we’ve gone all out and spruced up room two for some equally bass heavy goodness. On 27th November our special guests Enter Shikari Soundsystem, Rockwell, Chimpo, Randall, Frederic RobinsonNymfo and Northbase will be bringing a little more blast via the magic of Jon Evelegh’s incredible RC1 Sound System!


With just over a week to go we’re down to the final round of tickets – if you want to be there with us make sure to grab yours fast, these won’t last long!


Posted 17th November 2015 in Blog, Features

Hospitality Sheffield 07.11.15

hosp-5Words by Scott Goddard


They say most new ideas die out a short while after being introduced to the public. But for those ideas that persist and sustain, which go on to live for many years, if not decades, it is a sign you’re a winner.

What on Earth is this guy talking about, you’re probably wondering. Well this rather bizarre intro leads onto the next point. Sheffield played host to some very important company this weekend, that go by the name of the Hospital Records family. As a record label, Hospital Records have been in the business for what will be two whole decades come next year – they are certainly winners. Through the love of drum and bass, the record label is an offspring of Tony Coleman, better known as London Electrikity, and Chris Goss.

On the bill for last night’s hospitality extravaganza were some veteran Hospital Records artists and some new, refreshing artists. Upon stepping foot into the venue, you could grasp the atmosphere in your hands; each and every person was united by the music, there to have a good time. It is something indescribable that clubbers rarely feels nowadays – except at drum and bass raves, of course – this feeling of togetherness.


Posted 12th November 2015 in Blog, Reviews

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