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1st May 2015

Romania Sep 20

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Hospitality Midsummer BBQ London: Grub’s up!

You heard right, the long awaited Midsummer BBQ is back! On 20th June we’ll be making a welcomed return to Studio 338 (London), for a day and night full of good music, good people and even better grub. This year we’ll also be taking the BBQ vibes a little over to the West to the mighty Motion (Bristol) (find out more HERE).With the sunshine hitting London’s rooftops this week, we thought we’d give you a little taste of the culinary delights that’ll be on offer at our hometown’s summertime showdown. First serving’s up from London’s number one go to for delectable street food treats. Earl’s is the brainchild of Jamie Oliver graduate Joe Gray, inspired by American street food culture and growing London’s scene one mouth-watering sub at a time. Famous for their supremely satisfying Hoxton Cheesesteak and for those who like a hint of sophistication to their BBQ dining, the ‘Lobster Mac n Cheese Sub’.

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Next up, get ready to tantalise your taste buds with the Caribbean cuisine twisters ‘White Men Can’t Jerk‘. An amalgamation of bold flavours and good vibes – just right for a Hospitality BBQ feast. They’ll be cooking up a storm with their signature jerk chicken hitting the grill, Studio 338 will be smelling simply sensational.  

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  London-based Voodoo Ray’s will be bringing a slice of New York to Studio 338 with their 22″ high grade pizza bakes. Using only the best quality ingredients and most unique flavour combinations for the tip of the top pizza concoctions – served by the slice, or three.  Follow Voodoo Ray’s on Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

For exclusive access to early-bird tickets make sure to sign up for our pre-sale registration. 
As an extra treat, you’ll receive a free BBQ EP featuring three brand new, sunshine-filled tracks from Krakota, Urbandawn and Hugh Hardie.


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Hospitality at Building Six 01.05.15: Spectrasoul

We’re very excited to welcome Spectrasoul to room two for our huge return to Building Six this May! With their second album ‘The Mistress’ dropping on June 7th, there’s never a better time to catch the guys in action. We caught up with the two Shogun warriors, check out what they had to say and have a listen to their recent 60 minute mix for Mista Jam on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Did you guys have a good time at Hospitality Manchester? How was it going back-to-back with Etherwood for the first time? 
Yeah it was a lot of fun. It was an interesting dynamic between us and it was cool to play alongside someone with such a remarkable beard (and good music taste).

(Quite the beard indeed)


What sets apart the crowd at Hospitality from other shows?
Well, this isn’t to diss other nights, Hospitality is usually full of people who are there to dance rather than to spot the latest tunes. They’re there to have a good time at all costs. That sure makes for a good party.


Are you guys looking forward to the Building six show in May? What’s your favourite thing about Building Six as a venue?
Yes absolutely. The last time we played there was a year or so ago for a Skrillex gig and that was pretty nuts so looking forward to heading back there. The best thing about Building Six is probably the sound system. It’s got some serious weight to it. Always good to test new tunes on a big rig.


Your recent single ‘Always’ / ‘I Don’t Mind’ has already been really well received – were you anxious prior to the release after keeping quiet for a couple of years? 
Kinda yeah. Its the first snip from the new album so thats always a bit scary. We’re really pleased that it’s gone down well both in the clubs and radio — it sets us up nicely for what’s to come.



Will we all get to hear a sneak preview of any new material in room two?
 Definitely! Obviously the album is coming, so those tunes are on heavy rotation. We’ve also got a big remix in the pipeline that will be getting a spin too.

We had some Hospitality soldiers send in some questions, here’s a select few:

Luke Potter asked ‘Who’s Ben?’
We made ‘Ben’ around the time that Ben Westbeech/ Breach made ‘Jack’. We made ‘Ben’ as a tongue-in-cheek response after we found the ‘Ben’ sample. (One of us is called Jack, for those of you who don’t know!)



Alex Feuell asked ‘Which one tune made you think you had to make D+B?’ 
Jack — The first tune that hooked me was DJ SS’s ‘Rollidge’. My dad brought some drum and bass tape packs back from school one day (he was a teacher) and gave me them to listen to. It was on the Micky Finn tape. It was the edits that did it for me.


Dave — Probably ‘Breaking Free’ by Slipmatt. The first track on the first Mixtape I ever got my hands on. That was the catalyst.


Matt ‘BassBook’ asked  ’Can you please drop your remix of ‘Hold Your Breath’ in your 1st May Hospitality set?’
We’ve got a lot of new music to play in our sets at the moment but we’ll do our best to squeeze it in.

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You can catch Spectrasoul in room two of Hospitality at Building Six alongside a ridiculous line-up including Ivy Lab, Ulterior Motive, Teddy Killerz, B-Complex and Technimatic! Tickets on sale now.


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