John B’s Top 5 Miami Moments

If the late, great Alexander McQueen was the enfant terrible of the fashion world, then the notorious John B is most certainly the enfant terrible of the Drum & Bass world.  With his outlandish garms, iconic hair style and unashamed love for all things 80s (including the music), DJ/Producer John B, the owner of Beta Recordings, cuts a formidable figure on the musical landscape. Having been in the spotlight since the late 90s, the Biochemistry student-turned-international-superstar is somewhat of a Miami veteran having visited the city in Florida innumerate times for the annual WMC, DJ gigs, parties and more, so  HospitalityDNB caught up with John before he plays for us at Hospitality Miami at the end of the month on Friday 25th March….

1. Last year, getting invited to a private party at P Diddy’s house on Star Island…

By far the coolest thing I’ve ever done in Miami, and possibly ever! :-) I chat to Felix Da Housecat a little bit, and he DJs there every year with guys like Junior Sanchez and generally just my favourite house/electro/techno DJs. They had a full sound system set up in the back garden, massive breakfast/BBQ spread, open bar, heaps of super hot girls, and generally dance music illuminati milling around & relaxing. It went on until about 10am, just awesome, Radioslave playing, with P Diddy MCing on a radio mic while chilling on his sunlounger, the sun coming up. Felix & Junior Sanchez playing back to back, dropping club classics and stuff. Some of the best DJ sets I’ve ever heard… I’m not normally an after-party kinda guy, especially in Miami, as I like to get on the beach nice and early – but this was well worth the sleep-deprivation. I loved how they ended it too, P Diddy just disappeared, they stopped the music and everyone politely just left. Very civilized. AND I managed to avoid getting drunk and embarrassing myself. WIN.

2. My first Chocolate Martini….

Maybe the 2nd time I went to Miami, at the Marlin Hotel, I think the Marlin is still closed, it used to be really cool – they had a recording studio in the basement and only about 12 rooms, but it was a really cool music-person hang out, and I used to go there all the time as the hotel I usually stay at, and the apartment I rented back in 2006 is right nearby. Last couple of years its been all boarded up but I heard its finally being refurbished… So yeah, the first time I went there, with some lovely people, tried the special, the simple way, vanilla stoli and clear creme de cacau. awesome.

3. Sunbathing on the beach….

With some lady friends, one of which does p0rn and has the biggest boobies  I’ve ever seen in real life, and we spot (one of the many) random dudes you get walking along the beach in Miami taking photos & video of girls in the distance, with a telephoto lens so you can’t tell, anyway, my friend Emma gets up, still topless, and just sprints towards him shouting awesome profanities like a crazy banshee and just smacks him right in the face. He then runs away. I wish more girls would do that in Miami – those guys are super creepy.

4. The World of Drum & Bass party in about 2002…

I think at a venue Salvation which is now sadly an Office Depot or Staples or something, one of the first years I went there, maybe the year of the chocolate martini, whenever I’d just put out “Up All Night” anyway, and literally everyone played it so I was feeling good, had a great DJ set, got happily drunk on martinis, made out with a few superhot girls and a playboy model, puked up, stole the Mic when Teebee was DJing and made him rewind Up all night a few times and generally looked a bit of a mess, found another girl, and a secret store-room, and stayed in there till the music stopped. Then met another girl on the way out and hung out back at my hotel. THEN when she was leaving I walked her out, and there were loads of hookers hanging out at the gas station near my hotel, then they started having a rival hooker territory fight and weave was getting pulled out etc, full on Jerry Springer stuff, and THEN the pimp arrived in a properly pimped out BMW, stopped the car in the middle of the street, and chased them off. Randomest but funniest thing I’d seen in a long time, and definitely a good night… Charlie Sheen would be proud. Except I don’t do drugs, but the martinis would be bad enough…

5. Seeing Deadmau5 do a full on “DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM” at the IDMA Awards a couple of years ago…

I was there as my track “Red Sky” had been nominated for best DnB track (got beaten by a Pendulum track, which was actually breaks track and in the wrong category hah!) – so anyway, I arrived and my friend Rukes, a photographer I know from LA was waiting outside with a bunch of people, including Deadmau5, who NOW i know what he looks like in real life, but back then, no one really did, because of the mouse head, right? Made smalltalk but everyone was too cool to introduce themselves, and walked in, but it was pretty disorganised and there was just one huge line for everyone, no distinction between nominees, presenters, and just people there with tickets to check it out. So we manage to push to the front a bit and are about to get helped through, but he’s having none of it, (fair enough really) and he just shouts out DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AMMMMMM?! Then someone pulls him out and it works, and we follow through, like following an ambulance in traffic. Oh ahah and I remember making smalltalk with him in the line when I didn’t know who he was, but he hadn’t introduced himself, and being all casual like, you nominated for anything? he’s like “uhhh yeah, a few, I guess, blah”… hah. I should really have shouted out NO I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE COS YOU WEAR A FREEEKIN MOUSE HEAD ALL THE TIME HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE?!

You can catch John B at Hospitality Miami on Friday 25th March @ Eve, formerly White Room, alongside: High Contrast, Netsky, TC, Delta Heavy with Dynamite MC, Messy MC  on Room One and Untold, Kastle, Roska, Scuba and Stareyes in Room Two.

Tickets are $20 in adv. available HERE

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