Hospitality Brixton – The Aftermath

For anyone who was at Hospitality Brixton on Friday we hope you’ll agree that it was a huge success! We think it was our best yet, with 4, 500 tickets sold before the event, a live YouTube  stream of the event and everyone from Time Out to D&B Arena talking about it…

One of the main highlights of the night was London Elektricity’s electrifying performance with Elsa Esmeralda and MC Wrec. He was wheeled on to stage in a wheelchair, dressed in pyjamas, and played  a live PA of “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” to the delight of the crowd. Continuing to showcase material from his new “Yikes!” album, alongside contemporary classics and old favourites, London Elektricity finished his set with the superb “Meteorites”. Towards the end of his set, MC Wrec explained that it was Tony’s 50th birthday next weekend, and on cue, brought out a batch of cupcakes emblazoned with the slogan “Yikes! I’m 50!”…

There will be plenty more photos, videos and footage of the night to follow so stay locked in to to be the first to see and hear it all! You can check out the latest video from “Yikes!” over on For the meantime, tell us about some of your favourite anecdotes, defining moments and things you’ll never forget about Hospitality Brixton.

Posted 26th April 2011 in Blog, Reviews

  • Amy

    One of the best Hospital nights yet! Used to love going to Matter as was such a great venue but Brixton SMASHED IT!! BEST ATMOSPHERE EVER, awesome night, so much skanking and my trainers are dirty still but it was well worth it. Bring on the next Hospital raa!!

  • Swanvest

    That Night was well and truly ultimate!

    Some big sets from all of the Hospital crew!!

    Bring on next September for the anniversary of Brixton!!

  • Matt

    Download for Danny Byrd set please?!!!

  • Matt

    Danny Byrd was fuckin mental!

    Only one grip was sound quality, beats were often muffled by bass and seemed a bit distorted at times, shame as was a great night. Sort out the mid range and treble and it will be amazing.

  • gavin

    best rave ever
    any chance of putting some of the sets up for download so we can listen again
    want to be able to relive it
    if not please do a cd pack

  • Tezza

    I wasn’t really that into d’n’b until a few months ago and Hospitality at Brixton was my first proper d’n’b night out barring a few chance encounters at Fabric and the like but what a baptism of fire. Quite possibly one of the best nights out I’ve ever had.
    Thank you Hospitality and thank you Danny Byrd. My new man crush.

  • angelo

    where is my nurse ???? <3

    amazing Hospitality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rich

    Whatcha mean MORE photo’s, there arent any D=

    Immense night, definately beat the last hospitality @ brixton.

    Hospitality has found its new home. Period.

  • Luke

    Arrived at 11.15, so missed B-Complex opening unfortunately. Cyantific ‘s 15 years of Hospitality mix was good and London Elektricity never disappoints. For me, highlights were High Contrast’s return to his best form, Danny Byrd’s insane set, Netsky’s liquid brilliance and Camo & Krooked just tearing it us, as only they can. Left at 5, wishing I’d stayed for Nu: Tone & Logisitics, but definitiely not disappointed at a sick night out. Skanked harder than I ever have and enjoyed every minute of it. Hats off to all of Hospital Records.

  • Tom

    By far the best night out I have ever had.

    Danny Byrd’s set was abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. In fact, it was so amazing both me and my mate broke ourselves having to leave at the end of Netsky’s set with busted knees and an ailing ankle. Pro.

    Just mad. B Complex opening up was ace, although I don’t think MC Hammer at the end of his set went down all too well with some of the people there! I can’t think of much else to add really I’m still gob smacked by how immensely brilliant it was.

  • Liam


  • Jamal

    Crazy crazy night at Brixton on Friday. Definitely the best hospitality in recent memory! High Contrast, Danny Byrd and Netsky were definite highlights but the entire night was amazing. Great vibes all night! Was still a good amount of ravers skanking at 6am and the party continued long into Saturday/Sunday!

  • Bazza

    The guy policing the smoking area took the job very seriously, he wouldn’t let anyone sit down! I was in the seating area in the Circle when Danny Byrd started his set, was not long before we barged our way down to the dance floor to skank as hard as possible, Cherry Slush Puppy in hand.