30th September 2011
  • luizal


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  • Ollie

    Looking for two tickets, please email me at if you are selling yours.

  • Adam

    One ticket for sale because of friend pulling out.

    07791663287 £30

  • Mr. Mixson Arthur

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    • Mr. Mixson Arthur

      ok how can i get my funds

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  • sly

    I have two tickets for tonight, face value £25 each or £50 for both. Sadly can’t make it. Email me at if you’re interested.

  • Nicola

    2 tickets going for tonight, me and my boyfriend cant make it. email me if you want them….

  • AP

    any tickets still going?

    • Raptor20561

      Need three tickets for this event! In london email me!

    • Paul

      Right – 2 last minute drop-outs so I’ve got 2 tickets going. Anyone interested im on 07738460548

  • Sam

    Desperately in need of 1 ticket tonight if there’s any going,
    Can meet you up there? 07540145122
    Cheers :)

  • bOYZIE

    tonight is gonna be BIG!!

    bring your bass face!!

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  • Charlie


    Send an e-mail to if interested.


  • Tom

    1 x ticket for tonights event


    text 075993287651 or email


  • DownTownJB

    Hey Lucky Peeps – im jealous cuz i cant attend anymore! We have been called into work…SO I have 2 x tickets for tonight! Will sell at cheaper cost! (is that OK?) i am BLEAK to not be coming to this…email to buy!

    • DownTownJB

      Hey guys – thanks for the responses! Tickets are now sold! have a sweet time – so jealous!!

  • Jim

    Got a spare ticket if anyones looking for one, mates bottled it. Drop me a text on 07762 725540; I’ll be on the train so best to text rather than ring. Arriving in london long before it starts (17.30) so can easily meet up pre-rave.
    Rave on!

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  • John

    Mate of mine has sent me this as the line up for Room 1. Can anyone confirm or have any thoughts?

    11-11.30 Camo & Krooked
    11.30 – 12.30 London Elek
    12.30 – 1.30 Danny Byrd
    1.30 – 2.30 High Contrast
    2.30 – 3.30 DJ Zinc
    3.30 – 4.30 Netsky
    4.30 – 5.30 Logistics & Cyantific

    • Zahir Ibrahim

      That cant be right! If Camo and Krooked and Danny Byrd are headlining, they would be on later in the evening, and on for longer then half hour. Plus you probably wont know the set times until it actually starts.

  • KirenLouise

    Mate of mine has 2 x e-tickets for sale as she can’t make it anymore. Email if interested or @kirenlouise_ on Twitter.

    • KirenLouise

      Tickets have been sold guys so no more emails please!

  • Paul

    wats dress code? do they even hav them these days? i wanna rock shorts!!! can i wear shorts?

    • Woo – Yeah

      Can anyone confirm if we can wear shorts?

      Many Thanks in Advance.

      Drum and Bass Geek

      • Sam

        I’m gonna wear shorts! Fuck this heat haha

        • bOYZIE


  • A


  • Petra

    Has anyone got a spare ticket please?

    • Ollie

      hi yeah iv’e got one coz im knob and didnt book the next day work

      mssg me if your interested

    • A

      PLEASE CALL 07582700129 BEST PRICES :)

    • DownTownJB

      I have 2 if you still need em….DT

  • Sarah

    Anyone got spare tickets?! I need 2!!!

  • Zahir Ibrahim

    What time does this sick party get under way?

    • Zahir Ibrahim

      And are there set times?

  • Princess Danzi

    will der b mny hot boys der? xoxo

    • Bazza

      fuck the women, its all about the music and the ravin luv.

  • Laurence

    im so excited to body pop to dis shiz yaal

  • Julie

    Hi everybody,

    could you tell me what time does the party start? What time do you recommend to arrive?

    • Ke$ha


  • Perry


  • Aaron

    How do they split brixton into rooms one and two? I’ve been there before and it’s one big room??

    • Set

      Thery aren’t rooms in the normal sense:
      Room 2 is is the area just after the two sets of stairs, before Room 1 (the main hall)
      Room 3 is upstairs, through a set of doors, there’s a corridor like area – just before the balcony overlooking Room 1

  • laurence

    can you wear shorts?

    • bOYZIE

      im sure you can wear anything mate!!

      i just looked at previous vids on youtube!

      gonna be big!

  • Jake

    Is there any type of dress code?

    Is Shorts ok?


  • Aoife

    Anybody have one or dare I hope two spare tickets for friday? pleeease???

    • Charlie

      Hey Aoife,

      I’ve got one ticket (can’t make it myself) which I’d be happy to sell.

      Send me a message at if you’re interested.


  • Mehdi

    Dudes.. pease.. anywhere I can get tickets for this????

    • Bazza

      i got tickets

      • Bazza

        phone 07538795680

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  • Georgie

    If anyone has got 2 or 3 tickets let me know! Need them really badly


    • Bazza

      ring this number ask for Andy. He has spares some mates have pulled out. 07538795680

  • jungle don

    do they usually post set tims for these events?

  • Adam

    looking for 1 ticket. gimme a text 07536113128!!

  • Doug

    Looking for 2 tickets if anyone’s got some spare? Will pay a good price…

    • Bazza

      Phone Andy on 07538795680 he has 3 tix

  • Bazza

    My mate has asked me to put his contact details on here. he got tickets for friends who could not make it. Dont want them to go to waste. He from the North London area, please call Andy on 07538795680 if your interested.

    • chriss

      how much would he be wanting for that ticket ?

      • Bazza

        problably 30 – 40, Ya know how it is, supply & demand. Give him a ring he is willing to negotiate price.

  • Charlie

    Hi guys,

    I have a single ticket for sale – can’t make it myself, properly gutted – and am happy to negotiate a decent price.

    Do contact me at if you’re interested.


  • Rhys

    As I am unable to attend I have 2 tickets for sale!

    contact me by e-mail:

  • Christine

    Need one or two tickets!

    Willing to pay more than the face value, just not ebay prices!

    Email me


    • ASH

      what price are you willing to pay? I have one ticket to sell..

      • Doug

        You still got that single going?

    • Rhys

      I have 2 tickets for sale!

      Contact me:

  • zooyork

    shit, we have 4 tickets but we can’t come there … if you need:

  • Ben

    Need tickets, willing to give a good price for them…

    Just send me an email


  • Ben


    I’m in need of two tickets, or at least one! Anyone selling?!

    Many thanks,


  • morante

    2 tickets pleaseee i go from spain!!

  • Emma


    Urgently need 2 tickets can anyone help please please please.. Just missed out xx

    • Bazza

      there are tickets being sold on ebay for extortianate prices.

  • Iggy

    I bought 2 tickets and have just found out I can’t bloomin go! Absolutely and totally gutted. Will be an amazing night! Anyone interested?

    • Lauren

      you still selling those tix? would be very interested

    • Lauren D

      I will have both tickets for definite! please get in touch and email me my friends just missed out and they are coming all the way from Lincoln.

      • Mango the Cat

        Yo my name is Mango the Cat,

        I like to eat Mangoes and I’m a cat.

        Occasionally I like to go to Drum and Bass raves. I’ve heard you need tickets for these types of things.

        Maybe I should get some, or climb up the drain pipe, I’m pretty small and agile like that.

        If you think I need tickets, then give them to me and I’ll try to pick them up, though I have no thumbs :(

        • Mango the Cat

          Here’s a video of me!

        • Lauren D

          ur a nutter. stop posting things about the Cat and get on with the task of getting tickets. JOKER!!!

    • Jamie-lee

      Do you still have tickets? Would be hugely interested!

      • Jamie-lee

        My email is

      • panda

        got tickets for three mates who are now crying poverty as there reason for not going any good to u??

    • Emma

      If these haven’t gone can you drop me a line

    • morante

      i wanna 2 tickets please!! how can i talk with you? my email is

  • Bazza

    15 Years Party was summin else. DJ Zinc spinning Jungle is gonna be Huuuuuuge! Im defo aiming to get in some hospital pics this time, cant see myself once in the last broxton photos.

  • jamie smith


  • bussa




  • Olly

    I’ve only been to one Hospitality before so I’m obviously glad Netsky, High Contrast and Camo & Krooked are there, as they’re awesome! Would definitely have like Grafix, Brookes Brothers and Cyantific as well though… plus Beardyman as mentioned below would have been pretty amazing.

    Good to see Youngsta in the dubstep room too, unfortunately missed seeing him so far. Funtcase was also very good at Outlook Festival.

    Personally I’m not bothered at all about Andy C, saw him recently for the first time and for me it’s just not the classic Hospital style that I love!

  • Barney

    Disappointed by the line-up lads, especially as Tony announced Andy C on the podcast. The long delay in publishing it and the fact that everyone apart from Zinc is signed to Hospital just makes it feel all a bit last minute and perhaps like you were trying to see how many tickets you could sell without a published line up. You’ve certainly got the cream of Hospital, which is great so no disrespect to them but Zinc looks like an after thought…and with expectations raised about Andy I feel the line up is missing that extra bit of star dust.

    Please take this as constructive criticism and not a whine. It’s just expecting so many people to buy into something without knowledge of what it is they are buying leaves yourself open to a negative response. I don’t think the whole process was the best representation of what is a very strong brand; your brand. That aside keep it up and see you there!..and don’t do it again :-)

    • Bex

      Andy C has already been at hospitality at brixton. If you want Andy C go to a RAM night. I love the lineup. Bring on the 30th :)

      • Barney

        That’s not the point. It’s about managing expectations

        • Barney

          And just to add Bex, they’ve obviously all played at Hospitality before. If you’re going to announce someone like Andy C and then not deliver, then you need to deliver an alternative headliner. Trust me I’ve been looking forward to seeing some of these artists; it just would have been nice to see someone from outside the Hospital stable on the bill especially given that I bought a lot of tickets on that basis.

          • Jo

            Andy C was announced by mistake get over it! Hospitality is always a good night who ever is playing specially the Brixton nights!!

          • josh

            Tony read out Andy C by mistake. he was reading the line up for Hospitality in brighton that was in June. Thats been clarified that in podcasts since & on the facebook page. A hospitality line up is always going to feature Hospital acts. + the event is so much m ore than just the djs’ its the effort that they make in the venue. A Hospitality line up will always be Hospital acts. With 1 or 2 “special guests” Getting zinc to play drum and bass is a huge thing & something that he hasn’t done for years. There not holding the line up back for any other reason except people should go because its a Hospitality & with a Hospitality you should know what name stands for. Certainly not to cheat anybody out of anything.

    • Ricky

      Zinc was definitely not an after-thought: I think you’re missing the significance of getting Zinc to play Drum+Bass these days!

      As good as he is, there is more to life than Andy C :)

      • Barney

        Forget it. This isn’t about Andy C. Look at how many tweets and messages below there are asking for the line up. Just publish it, or whoever you have confirmed at the time, when the tickets go on sale. End of

      • Chris

        Zinc played jungle on sunday mate, its not a rarity anymore.

    • Illuminism

      Andy C is a dinosaur! get with the now 😀 and yea there’s a large amount of Hospital artists – I believe thats why they call it Hospitality! you’ll be able to sell any spares with ease

      • Barney

        I’m a dinosaur…and nobody understands. Ahhhhhhh!!

        • Truthsayer

          You’re a fool

        • Joshua

          Barney you’re a bacon lol

          • John

            Shut up Joshua you faggot

          • Joshua

            LIfe is gokwann

        • Sarah

          I understand you Barney!! Line-up should be announced as and when the names are known… it’s only fair :)

    • Kate

      Isn’t the title clue enough?..Hospitality is about Hospital Artists!..Yeah Andy C is great but is he really needed on this line-up? Not really…

    • burd

      Nicely put… so looking forward to the 29th out with the gang and some banging tunes but yeah lineup could have been earlier and a few of the greats Hospitality or not are missing from the lineup.

    • Neville

      Im not sure what you are whining about but this line up is MASSIVE.,.,. I would love to go and see each and everyone off these Guys a Gals……..

  • Gemma

    Yay, fab line-up as always

  • Indigo

    25 quid?!?! Pffffttttt. Long gone are the days of Herbal & Heaven…

  • John

    Like I said previously I’d love to see Fred V & Grafix, but deffo get shy fx on it too then it would be absolutely perfect.

    • Dan

      I’d agree with that!

    • Alex

      I have got to agree!! If Fred V & Grafix were on this I may well have soiled myself. Probably a good thing. going to be a mental night!

  • james

    have decided the best line up wud be all the usual guys..camo ad krooked,netsky, the byrd man, logistics nu tone, cyantific,london elec, high contrast etc… But throw in beardie man,fred v and graffix, loadstar and shy fx.. Now that is a line up!!

  • jamie smith

    get in!!!! got my tickets.gettin hyped up cant wait!!!!

  • Max

    and fred v and grafix

  • Max

    Can’t wait for this one, but you got a bloody cheek with the extra service charge. We pay for the paper to print on so whats the extra for? ahhh greed. i see.

    • Sarah

      yea fucking right!!!!!!!!

  • Eleni (Bonnie Blaze)

    We want Beardyman at the Brixton 02 academy!!!!!!!!!

    • james

      totally agree with this!! Really want to see beardie man, have missed him at lots of events so wud be perfect if he was at hospitality!



    • bussa

      Nice1 Mr Krishna!!!

  • morante

    line up please?? going from spain!!

  • Demonza


  • ASH

    Big Respect guys, just get better each time, when u takin over the proppa 02 arena, i reckon you’d ram it! 16,000 hospital freaks, hell yeah! Can’t wait for the Byrdman’s antics again this time, absolutely smashed the back doors in last time, no vaseline or lube just raw!loooooooooooooool.

    • james

      lovin this comment!

  • james

    come on guys! Line up line up line up! Bin waitin ages!

  • Dj Kuper

    Line up pls !!!

  • Gemma

    Line-up please lads!!!

  • Louie D

    got my tickets!!!! i’ve heard its nearly sold out and the line up aint even out yet!! thats just says it all really. much love x

  • ech0

    im coming down from New York for this! will be toyte!

  • jamie smith

    this is going to be my 1st hospitality and i cant wait to see the line up was hoping to go to hospitality at matter but then past it n relised it closed down.but itching for next month and hopeing its goin to be a nite to remember!!!!!!!!!!! mr postman hurry up with my tickets!!!!!!!

  • Ollie

    Got the ticket going to be amazing!!! :)

  • Morbex

    I’m coming down from sweden for this epic evening!

  • mark

    how many tickets do u recon are left? is it on from 9:30 till 6? thats 9 hours of scaaaankin

  • Jono

    I check this everyday for the lineup and scour the net for any hints of whos gonna be playing, this is gonna be a 21st party and a half! Rumours of Andy C and 2-3 different types of artists! Whatever happens….im gona be skanking at the front for hours again haha 😀 !

  • Liam

    I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS ITS UNREAL! last 2 brixtons have been incredible!
    Cant wait to see if this one tops the first ever brixton and the 15years hospital at brixton. BUZZZZZING!!! 😀

  • Raver101

    Where’s the line up?? Need Camo&Krooked to smash it again!!

  • ElectroFudge

    I’m so hyped for the next Hospitality!
    Haven’t missed one for a long time..
    What’s with the line-up release though? It’s gonna be banging! It always is!
    But I’m just so eager to know, who I’ll be raving my arse off to that night!
    I need to see Camo & Krooked again, for sure.

  • Jack

    Andy C is defo there

  • mark

    Am hoping the special guest(s) this time are immense!

    Get Noisia or Marky in on the main stage action 😀



  • @thorpeafc

    Got my early bird tickets, can’t wait!

  • Ken

    When is line up released?

    Andy C, Friction, Brookes Bros please!

    • Jorden

      U wanna see them, go to Fabric! Hospitality is for danny byrd, b-complex, and many more, don’t get me wrong, I love andy c but he’s in Fabric every month!

      • Brad

        Andy C is confirmed already, Tony mentioned on Hosp Podcast this recently. At the end of the day, what drum and bass fan wouldnt want Andy playing? If you look at the Hospital Artists pages on the Hospital site, you will see that we have Netsky, Camo + Krooked, Danny Byrd, Logistics + Nu:Tone, High Contrast and London Elektricity

        The rest that are not on the Hospital rosta will be announced very shortly

  • Louie D

    global proper smashed it to bits, i didnt leave the tent all night, every dj killed, defo getting my tickets, its my 26th bday, blut blut blut

    • Luke

      Big up global :) can’t wait for hospitality

  • dom

    do you need to be 18 to go to this event? and if you do, are they strict on ID?

    • Kat

      Yeah you need to be 18+ and they are mega strict. NO I.D NO ENTRY was all the bloke on the front door was shouting.

      • Luke

        I had a mate who missed pretty much all of London Elektricity and Cyantific at the last one because h eft his ID at home. Strictly no ID, no entry. And the annoying thing is, they didn’t even check ages, just that you had one. Wouldn’t risk it though mate.

        • jamie smith

          that does not sound promiseing as ive lost my driving licence and ive got no passport!!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    havent been since closure of matter…meant to go to fabric and the other brixton events but fucked up there…got my tickets now cannot faaaackin wait!

  • Amy

    Bagged my tickets this morning. Real excited about this one – April was absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see the line-up but I’m sure it will be a banger as usual. Love the atmosphere, love the tunes, long live Hospital!!! Raa!

  • Ollie

    Apirl was amazing september will be EPIC!!! :)

  • Kyle

    Went to both the past ones….fucking amazing! Ive got a feeling this could be an album launch for camo & krooked, would be shweetabix! I know that funtcase is playing so cant wait for that! its good they always have some really good dubstep in room 2! ROLL ON 30th SEPTEMBER!!!!!

    • Alex

      i hear ya!! Camo & Krooked’s album launch is at Warehouse Project in Manchester though..

      • Brad

        They tend to showcase the albums all over UK for publicity, however most are saved for the flagship london night

      • kyle


      • jamie smith

        no high contrast,nu-tone and logistics would be good enuff for me!!!!!

  • John

    Can’t wait for this, wanted to go to Hospitality for ages. Finally bought a couple of tickets. If the lineup is anything like last september at Brixton this will be epic. I agree with James too would love to see Fred v & Grafix there 😀

  • James

    I wonder if any one can help me. For anyone who was at lovebox, i really want to know the name of the tune that netsky was the first track he played. Cheers

    • Luke

      Last time I saw him it was Lotus Symphony by himself. I wasn’t at Lovebox, but I know it’s been used in the recent past. Might be worth a check.

  • James

    Went to Aprils in brixton, Fabric and Lovebox…All were amazing and got better with each one! I hope this one smashes it out the park! Whens the line up released?? Very excited to see who s up..hoping for a bit of something different as well as the usual gang…maybe some fred v and graffix!

    • Mark

      Fred V & Grafix would make my night!

      • james

        yeah they have some bangin stuff mate!

  • mark

    The first Brixton was good… the second was insane!

    This time has a lot to live up to!!!

  • r.c

    lets see how hospitality do at global hope its okay, think its ruind by not having random concept there but we wiill see, prove me wrong please !!!!! be no hype or swagger,

    • josh tallin

      not being rude and no disrespect to random concept, but to really say you think it would be ruined because they are not there is quite pathetic.

  • Mark

    Got my tiks! now to find the money to get down from Aberdeen, can’t wait!

  • Swanvest

    Third Installment of Brixpitality looking Biig!

    Line up never fails to impress – best event/best venue END OFF.

    You would be fools to miss…………

  • Jack

    Got my earlybird ticket!! Actually cannot wait, I know the Byrd man will once again smash it this year!

    • joe

      heard dannys set at last brixton hospitality was fuckin un real gutted i missed it this is gona be a special night cant fucking waittttt !!!!!!