20th April 2012
Happening before HOSPITALITY LEEDS:
Happening after HOSPITALITY LEEDS:
  • helpful writer

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  • Rob

    Ticket still for sale. I’m currently at the o2. 07593 835787 if you want it

  • Rob

    One ticket for sale. £20 Ono. I’m going tonight so will be there and contactable on 07593 835787 if you want it. Rob

  • Maddy

    Need to sell 1 ticket for £15, (less than I bought it for), as I have Tonsillitus and really can’t go! x

    • george

      still selling ?

      • Maddy

        Sorry I fell asleep coz i’m ill in bed! Have you already found one? I’m still selling mine and i can email it to you to print if you still want it :)

  • ben

    got 3 tickets for sale £40 or near offer

    text me 07599649342

  • caz

    I have four tickets for this event, bought for £15 each not looking to make a profit just need to sell on as myself and my mates cannot make it.

    contact: 07912539671 caroline

  • Alex

    Selling 2 tickets for £30.

    My mate has bailed and I don’t want to go by myself so I am selling the tickets.

    contact me for details at: or

    I am in Leeds so I can meet with the tickets anytime.

  • sam

    Hi mates cant get time off work selling 2 tickets for £30, cheaper than they are selling for now! contact me if interested.

  • Chris Kemm


    I have two tickets for this event but can’t make it now gutted! Anyone interested?


    • Charli

      how much?

  • Tyler

    what if your 18 can u get in? or is only 19 and above

    • Will

      18 is fine mate, 18 n over

  • Jack

    Is it over 18s only? Doesn’t say anything on here?


    • sam

      yeah, its over an 18 event

  • Will

    nicest line-up!

  • Jack


  • Jack

    Don’t worry guys i got this, just use “reverse psychology”
    Fine don’t put up the line-up then, I didn’t want to know anyway

    • Johno


  • Matt

    I want to see the line-up! Honestly too excited for it! When’s it released?

  • Johno

    Its nearly a month away and still no line up :( x tickets been bought though!!

  • Will

    When is the line up coming out. Can’t wait!!!