• May Duppname

    HITD 2017 began very strangely for me. Mid search, during the pat down bit, the security guy suddenly reached down and gave my penis a friendly squeeze. Not in an unfriendly way, and Just for a second or two, then he quickly cupped my clockweights, then carried on like it never happened. Like it was a normal, everyday condition of entry that security get to rearrange your fruitbowl. No warning, no explanation, no five dorrar… Not even an introduction.
    Id heard London could be a bit impersonal, even unfriendly. Far from it. Nothing says welcome like a big burly bearded guy giving your dick a cheeky squeeze, early doors. Later on I got to stand literally 2 feet away from Tony as he mixed his podcast live, but he didn’t inappropriately touch me at all. Not even ‘by accident’. Not even once.
    And im not even gassing, every word of this is 100% true.

    • Kurt Russel’s Moustache

      Same thing happened to me at the Dock last year. Proper cupped my scrote and gave it a shake.
      But check this, just a couple hours into the day, i was followed by one of the young “security” guards out of the toilets, he pulled me to a quiet spot and told me, if i wish to stay in the place, to hand over my sweets. Not wanting to leave i handed the haribo over, lucky for me haribo was in high supply. But still, what a complete w*nker