Hospitality is the worldwide club event of top UK D+B imprint Hospital Records. From humble beginnings Hospitality has grown to become a true titan of the scene, known for it’s feel good music policy, showstopping DJs and a friendly, up for it crowd.

The first Hospitality event was at Herbal way back in 2001. After five years of monthly shindigs at the Eastend sweatbox, Hospitality took the giant leap to superclub Heaven for quarterly parties which instantly became the stuff of legend. Matter became the new home in 2008 and after nine completely sold out parties it was time to move on again. 2010 marked the beginning of a new bi-annual home for the London event, hosted at the 4,500 capacity Brixton 02 Academy, with the Camo & Krooked LIVE show taking place in 2011 and Justin Meno TV’s production efforts giving rise to the iconic glowing ‘H’ and ‘HOSPITALITY’ sign which now travels round the UK on a regular basis.

As well as London events, Hospitality also has shows all over the UK, Europe and the world including regular parties everywhere from Brighton and Bristol to Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds and beyond. In addition to this, there also one off shows everywhere from Miami to Ibiza to Tokyo as well as tours across the globe. Watch out for a Hospitality event near you!

Hospitality brings together bass heavy music, a friendly atmosphere and high quality production to create one the best clubbing experiences to be had anywhere in the world.

  • Oli

    Thanks logitics for coming to Bern Switzerland. Looking so much forward to your session!
    Cheers from Lausanne!

  • zoe love

    I’m saving money, just so I can go visit the UK & see all these great D.J.’s play. But it would be awesome to see you guys came to NYC. hint. hint.

  • Simon

    Will there be a Hospitality Event in August near London as well? Travelling from AMS to London and really need my medication :-)


  • Jack Corser

    Long shot I know but do you have set times for global gathering please?

  • http://www.facebook.com/devin.cahill1 Devin William Cahill

    Come to USA more!!!!! Also SOON!!!1

  • Eva

    Hi, on the poster for hospitality 1st Friday feb, it says next to the ticket categories +BF, what does this mean please? cheeeers

    • ben

      booking fee

  • daisy

    I went to hospitality nottingham on the 5th of october….but still cannot find the photos?!!?!!! anyone know where they are?!?!? Got told they would be on facebook but cannot find them?? :/

  • Fiona Sheppard


    I have bought two tickets to Hospitality Brixton this weekend and checked my bank account and it is all gone through… I can’t find any tickets in my e-mail inbox to print!!! Please help!! Can the link be re sent?

    Fiona x

  • Marlon

    Is it possible to deliver a knapsack or a jacket at your parties?

  • martin

    Hospitality u have made my life savage so I thank u for tht. Ny chance of sum wrist bands or anything.

  • george

    Hospitality needs to come to plymouth!

  • va

    Anyone know when the March 30th Birmingham photos will be displayed?

  • Rickardo

    I’ll be glad to know if in a non far future you could have events in Mexico

  • jon

    Is I.D strict at brixton?

  • Oli

    We need a Hospitality event down in Plymouth! So many places in the UK have had one and we’re all forgotten about down here! Plenty of hospital artists have been down here in the past. You would smash it!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/su-mo1 grace

    hey there! are you guys open to consider new DJs to join your team?

    my friend has a pretty cool sound, after i heard his music a lot of big name DJs that I used to like and are world renown, such as A-Trak, not so impressive anymore. here is one track:


  • jonny

    yo, my mate bought my ticket for leeds hospitality and it has his name on, is that gunna be a problem?

  • http://www.the-staticfield.com The Staticfield

    RECORD DEAL?:-)))


  • Alex

    Pretty sure you have to be 18 as you’re asked for ID before entry

  • Ryan

    is there a reason why the 3rd and 4th paragraphs are identical to the 1st and second? :p

  • Tom

    Do you have to be 18 to go to hospitality events?

    • franky

      i need to know aswell

  • Adam

    I have been to a few Hospitality nights over in england but as far as i know there are none in northern ireland. Why not?! get it sorted Hospitality 😉

  • Lucy Lou

    Hi there,

    I attended your event on the 12th march 2011 at the junction, Cambridge. Had quite a few photographs taken. Just wondering as it was my 21st birthday, where i could find these pictures? Where the photographers hired by hospital records or the junction?? :s. Awesome night though!! X