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Hospitality Bristol 04.03.17

Hospitality Bristol 04.03.17 @ Motion, Bristol


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DANNY BYRD: Top 5 Jungle Tracks.

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Drum & Bass dynamo Danny Byrd is a man who will need little introduction to even the part-time dabblers within the d&b scene. One of Hospital’s elite it can be certain, and one of d&bs finest contemporary artists. With seminal hits such as Ill Behaviour, Bad Boy Back Again and Shock Out, his rolling and versatile sound decimates dances from his home county of Somerset to the far reaches of the planet.

It is with great joy we can announce the man himself will be leading the vanguard for our Room 2 at the Bristol BBQ XL in the Jungle Jam room with an exclusive Jungle set. This will definitely be a spectacle not worth missing, and to celebrate such an occasion, Mr. Byrd has been gracious enough to have a chat with us to reveal his personal Jungle favourites. So turn your speakers up, put on your dancing shoes and prepare to bruk out to some oldskool classics.

Leviticus – Burial

Leviticus was an alias of Jumping Jack Frost who earned his stripes as a DJ but came though and made one of the scene’s biggest anthems ever! Using a think break and rolling sub bass, this has a steadier groove than most other jungle tunes did at the time using Jigsy King and Tony Curtis’s iconic sample and a wicked R’n’B vocal from Jill Francis. JJ Frost has a book coming out entitled Big Bad and Heavy which is an autobiography of his time in the music scene, make sure you pick that up!

DJ Crystl – Meditation

Crystl’s production resume, sadly, only lasted 3-4 years hence maybe him being not remembered as some of the other names that morphed into D+B’s biggest hitters but the work he did was incendiary! This ‎was an example of the Bukem/Good looking sound but was a bit rougher around the edges. Crystl came from a Hip-Hop background if I remember correctly and thus always had the best breaks. The amen on this track was given additional compression, something easily done today with plugins, but it showed an extra attention to detail back then which is what really set it apart.

Sounds of the Future – The Lighter

One of DJ SS’s aliases and arguably his best-known track. This track caught the attention of people who were not just hardcore jungle fans with its unique classical music piano intro. Proving the point in 1994 that literally you could add anything into Cubase as long it was rolling, fast and had a lot of bass. Cliché thing to say but it’s a perfect example of who there were no rules back then. I wish d&b was a bit more out there with some ideas like this in 2017.

Splash – Babylon

Probably the most well-executed jungle track ever created I think. Everything about this is perfect. Buying the AWOL live compilation in 1995, this was one of the featured tracks and they used loads of the crowd noise when the bass kicks in and also MC GQ calling for the rewind. Gives me chills just thinking about it… If you heard that and still didn’t get Jungle I don’t think this music is for you. There was also a great DJ SS remix of this that uses more of a dred bass reverse bass vibe, worth checking out for sure.

Renegade – Terrorist

Ray Keith and Nookie on the controls for this anthem. What set this track apart was the fact it was one of the jungle tunes to use a bass different to the standard flat 808 kick sound. The hoover bass as it was known, and still sounds fresh now. Starting the track off with a wicked delayed piano line and that bass coming in made this a perfect intro tune. Still goes off today as it did back then.


So there you have it. An impeccable selection from an esteemed artist. For a chance to hear these bad boy riddimz and have a jolly good boogie then come and join us for the Hospitality Bristol BBQ XL in July. Go on, it’d be rude not.

Words by Danny Byrd & Ed Priest

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Locked In The Dock: Introducing The Blast


Bristol plays home to some of the finest musical and club culture in the world, and with the revelling horde always looking for the next place to shake their hips and move their feet, there is no wonder that some of the best promoters in the UK are based in Bristol.

In:Motion, Psyched, Alternate, Bris-Tek, Wonka-Vision, United Sounds, Rumble In The Jungle, the list goes on… but few, if any, can rival the accolades of our friends at The Blast. Although it may seem somewhat alien to have purely single genre events these days, it wasn’t always the case. The Blast noted music fans tended to be somewhat tribal, forming musical clans that would only venture into familiar territory. This needed to change.

A group of lads thought this had to end, and believed it was time for a new order of multi-genre madness, throwing parties not restricted by style or flavours of the month. Thus, in 2005, The Blast was born. Fast forward to a decade later and the game has definitely changed. 


After a run of some amazing shows and a host of success, the Blast evolved. No longer satisfied with small scale venues, they began dreaming bigger, and Shit The Bed was born. Heralded by Redlight as the ‘without a doubt the best club/warehouse parties in the southwest of the UK’. STB & The Blast have truly  earned their prestigious status amongst a rich set of competition, and it is for this reason, that we got them on board for Hospitality In The Dock.

Joining heavyweights Exit Records and the Eatbrain League, The Blast will be taking over The Car Park at the Dock, injecting some grimey bass flavours for your listening delight. Foreign Beggars will be bringing the bars for days, Holy Goof will be delivering the bass weight and Sir Spyro and Killa P will be bringing a little bit of both to the dance. Hosted by Koast and joined by support from The Blast DJs, they will be bringing something a bit different to the Hospitality show, leaving no revellers without a screw-face.

The Blast represent the best side of the dance/bass music scene in the UK with the sheer undiluted and diverse quality that they push. Daring to be different, breaking the static mould of UK club culture that was the single genre event, and doing it consistently better than anyone else who tried to emulate after they blazed their own trail. We’re over the moon to have them coming to Hospitality In The Dock, and we know you most likely are too. We’re gonna have a blast!

You can follow the Blast and keep up to date with their events by clicking here2nd release tickets are on sale now, get yours via the link below.



Words by Ed Priest

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Hospitality Bristol BBQ 02.07.16

Hospitality BBQ @ Motion Bristol, July 2016.

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A regular host at Hospitality events around the world and a key part of the family, Dynamite aka Dominic Smith began his career as an MC back in the early nineties on Gloucester’s pirate radio station Crush FM. Not long after, he caught the eye of Roni Size and rose to fame as part of his Mercury Prize winning live band Reprazent. He’s gone on to rack up in impressive array of talents, including 3 years hosting Kiss FM interviewing the likes of P Diddy, Lady Gaga, Redman and Wretch 32. More recently, he has put his incredible poetry skills to paper and written an ebook entitled ‘The Bird and the Elephant: Philosophy for Young Minds‘. A philosophical journey between a bird and an elephant that’s aimed at children and received raving reviews. A multi-talented man to say the least!

On 2nd July, the Bristol Hospitality crew are in for a treat as Dynamite MC takes to the decks. As an MC he’s by no means limited to jungle or drum & bass. Not only does Dynamite have a vast array of hip-hop releases under his belt, for our Bristol BBQ we’re expecting a real eclectic set including some Reggae, Soul and Motown. We got in touch with the man himself for a few questions and of course asked what his top 5 tracks are, here are his choices:

Logistics – ‘Lost In You’

Tribe called Quest – ‘Electric Relaxation’

Stevie Wonder – ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’

Dennis Brown – ‘Sitting and watching’

 Kano – 3 Wheel ups

What can people expect from your set at the Bristol BBQ?

They can expect fun (Hopefully!) I play a mix of hip hop, reggae, soul, dnb, motown, grime, and whatever else I’m feeling. It’s a beat buffet!


Favourite BBQ food?
Hot sauce (yes that’s a food!) so anything with hot sauce on, I’m there. Burgers, chicken and ribs.. Mmmmm


This year we’re celebrating 10 years of Hospitality shows in Bristol, which has been your favourite show and why?


Has to be my birthday, that luckily fell on a Hospitality at Motion, Josh bought me a ‘Bob the Builder’ cake, which made it all that more special, it was an amazing and memorable night… until it got hazy!


You can catch the mighty Dynamite MC at our Bristol BBQ next Saturday 2nd July. He’ll be performing his exclusive Dynamite’s Disco in the Motion Front Courtyard, do not miss out!


Words by Sarah Hancock 
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Hospitality Bristol 03.10.15

Hospitality Bristol @ Motion, October 2015.

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