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Words by Angel Reales

Hospital Records nos regala el recuerdo mejor guardado de este verano 2017 en Londres: Hospitality In The Park; Let In Roll e Invaderz, los grandes triunfadores.

Asistir a la segunda edición de un festival tan joven a la par que veteranos en el sector, ha sido una de las experiencias más gratificantes de este verano. Hemos cerrado esta nueva etapa de festivales asistiendo al exitoso festival británico Hospitality In The Park, organizado – como su propio nombre indica – por el sello discográfico Hospital Records.

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Posted 1st December 2017 in Reviews

HospitalityDNB Reviews: Global Gathering

The first thing that strikes you about Global Gathering is the scaled-down simplicity of things. Other festivals can be as oft-visited for their ‘alternative’ bits – comedy tents, artisanal food stalls – as the music. Not Global. That isn’t to knock festivals with a particular agenda or message by any means, they all add to Britain’s wonderful summer season, but Global just is what it is; the best DJs from across the dance world, some huge speakers, a big muddy field and 50,000 like minded people. Simples. Music that would normally be relegated to the smallest tent in the furthest-flung part of any other festival is given a strong black coffee and a ciggie and thrust out in front of thousands of devoted fans. What could be better?

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