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Hospitality Norwich

Hospitality Bristol BBQ 02.07.16: Youngsta Top 10 Roots Tunes

After the success of last year, we’re taking our epic summer drum & bass BBQ back to Bristol to fill up Motion’s courtyard with good people, great music and even better grub.  One of our special guests this year is Youngsta – a bassweight dubstep pioneer DJ that has been around since the origins of the London bass scene in the early noughties. Now still playing out his extensive knowledge of low frequency vibrations, and with a special history set planned for this July, we asked him to pick his top 10 dubstep roots tracks from the past decade.

10. Benga – Crunked Up

9. Coki – Tortured

8. El B – Buck & Bury

7. Mala – Lean Forward

6. Loefah – Mud

5. Menta – Snake Charmer

4. SP:MC & LX One – Hunted

3. Breakage – Higher

2. Skream – Midnight Request Line

1. High Plains Drifter – Sholay


Catch Youngsta amongst plenty other roots, reggae and of course drum & bass at the Hospitality Bristol BBQ on Saturday 2nd July. Tickets are now on second release, so be quick!



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Hospitality Birmingham 21.03.15

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Hospitality Birmingham @ Rainbow Venues, March 2015

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Hospitality Sheffield 20.02.15

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Hospitality Sheffield @ The Tuesday Club, 20th February 2015

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Hospitality Sheffield 20.02.15

Photos by Elouisa Georgiou
Words by Tom Hargreaves


Following eighteen years of titanic progress through the hierarchy of DnB, Hospital Records finds itself at the pinnacle of its rise, with bigger and better releases and parties than ever before.The label itself has avoided being pigeonholed through nomenclature, refusing to be tied to a specific DnB sound whilst managing to retain its relevancy in today’s ever changing dance industry.

Having made the tactical switch of venue from Sheffield’s “Plug” to Sheffield University’s highly acclaimed student union, the night had a fresh feel to it, the new venue considerably better than its predecessor. The move proved to be a catalyst to an improved atmosphere and sound, with small stage set ups and dumbed down sound replaced with the grand and luminous backdrop “H” light and impressively loud bass tones you could feel from your chest to your feet.

The night began with the splendid sounds of Etherwood who warmed the crowd up with his unique liquid DnB sound of delicate melodies and exquisite piano riffs. As the crowd swelled he refused to be drawn into spinning heavy tracks instead utilising his drops to layer female vocal hooks with minimal bass-lines that channeled the crowd into his mesmerizing liquid drum and bass. Alongside Texas MC, Etherwood served as the perfect warm up act, alleviating one of Hospital’s most recognisable sounds.



Following Etherwood was Metrik who shifted the intensity to disorientating levels. The crowd turned frenetic with everyone now skanking in unison to the amped up drum and bass.  The main highlight of Metrik’s set was the perfectly orchestrated rendition of TC’s “Get Down Low” with the circular hall of ravers all ordered to sit down before the inevitable upward surge upon the drop. Metrik’s very own anthemic tunes “Hit The Floor” and “Freefall” were given a spin in an impressive set that illuminated why Hospital signed him two years ago.


As Metrik finished his set the night’s special guest appeared on the stage preparing to savagely destroy the dance floor with a collection of fierce jump up drum and bass tracks. “Playaz’ records very own DJ Hazard, no stranger to Sheffield, was a welcome addition to the line up and the crowd bubbled with excitement as his set fizzed by in a double drop paradise. His recent track “Bricks don’t roll” was greeted with a tremendous roar and his mere presence seemed to bring out the maddest of moves from the pockets of skankers who had now found their own area of space that the venue generously allowed. 


For a sold out show, Sheffield’s student union provided the finest balance of space and intimacy that led to less pushing and more skanking, even if MC Wrec had to plead with certain areas of the crowd to stop the unnecessary mosh pit that Hazard’s vigorous baselines instigated.


On the back of Hazard came SPY who, with arguably the best set of the night, provided a filthy reminder of why he is one of Hospital’s strongest artists. New remix “Say something” blew the crowd away whilst tunes from his latest release “BRSTL Hardcore” were so powerful it was impossible to unscrew the “bass face” that was forcibly strewn across every party go-er’s face in the building.



S.P.Y refused to let up and continued in the same vein throughout his set, firing missiles of drum n bass destruction at anyone who entered the main room mall. The tune of the night, dropped multiple times, was Dimension’s new release “Whip Slap” and SPY double dropped it marvellously sending the crowd into an uncontrollable frenzy. As Total Science once correctly put it, “there’s only one S.P.Y” and it’s hard to argue considering his versatility to appear on line ups from all spectrums of the drum n bass scene and inevitably smash it.

Within the second room, an intimate confinement attached to a smoking pen with a terrific view of Sheffield’s city lights, a hectic collection of bustling ravers went nuts to one of Steel City’s very own drum and bass movements. Shouts must go out to “Dedication Audio” who could very well have dictated madness within the main room with some tunes that can only be described as obscene.

Finishing the night was the don himself, High Contrast. It was by no means the “graveyard set” due in part to the early (by Hospitality standards) finish of 4:30am: the only negative that can be coined for the venue change. Opening with his remix of “California Love”, High Contrast epitomised why, in such a deep house dominated year, drum and bass will refuse to die out. The reaction from the crowd to his arrival on stage was an indictment of how iconic a man he is in the genre, his varied set encapsulating both vintage drum n bass and contemporary wobblers to the glee of everyone who witnessed it.

Rolling back the years with classics such as “Kiss Kiss Bang” and “If we ever”, the crowd seemed awe inspired by a man who continues to perform with a smile on his face. Combined with newer releases such as the epic “The road goes on forever” and “The Agony and the Ecstasy”, High Contrast tremendously culminated a serenade of drum and bass that confirmed the Welshman must produce a new album in the future.

It was apt that one of Hospital’s most celebrated and influential protagonists would pull the curtains on a night that rejuvenated Sheffield Hospitality nights in its new venue, reinstating why it is so important that drum and bass never deserts the “Steel City”, especially from Hospital Records.


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Hospitality Leicester 31.01.15 – TC Interview

Chelone Wolf Photography

                                                                                                         Chelone Wolf Photography

-Hey! How is everything in the world of TC?

Really Great! I am more happy in this moment than I have ever been.


-You’ve been on the road gigging like crazy and appeared at Hospitality shows throughout 2014. Have there been any particular events that have stood out for you this year?

Every time I see Hospitality pop up in the diary I am like, “Yes! This is gonna be a lot of fun.” The Warehouse Project in Manchester was a particular highlight for me, I played after Etherwood and he was going in so deep. It was great playing to a big tunnel full of people – every time I dropped a tune I could hear such a reaction from the crowd.


-Being no stranger to how it goes down at the Hospitality, are you looking forward to joining us in Leicester on 31st January?

Leicester is gonna be a good one I think! As they all are for Hospitality. I actually have family in Leicestershire and will have to bring my cuz along, I might get a little drunk, don’t judge me!


-In the early summer this year we saw you and DJ Fresh smash it into the UK top 10 with “Make You Bounce”. That must have been fairly crazy? Especially with the festival season getting into full swing…

Yeah it was really unexpected and I am so happy to have been part of that record. Fresh is a great guy to work with and he’s so on the ball when it comes to hit making. I know he’s got some bangers that he played me that are on they’re way too!


-Another key release for you recently was your single “Everything For A Reason” which we’ve been absolutely loving at the Hospital camp. You’ve also had some epic reworks under your belt including Jess Glynn’s “Right Here” and Becky Hill’s “Losing” – two of the biggest vocal talents at the moment. How did those come about?

“Everything For A Reason” was a really personal one for me. I really wanted to sing on a record and have it work on the dance floor and it definitely works every time I play it out. It reminds me of the days of my old tune “Flatline” from my “Evolution” album. I am so happy with how it all went and can’t wait to release some more along the same kind of vibe next year.



With the remixes of “Right Here” I think it was a straight up label getting in touch kind of affair, I loved the original and Jess is killing it right now.



I know Becky Hill is a big D+B fan so I think she personally requested the Losing remix from me, I was so happy to remix that record!



-Are there any other emerging artists that you would love to work with?

There is so much great talent in D+B, every week I get a couple of tunes from established and up and coming producers where I’m like, “DAYM, that’s SICK!”. There are definitely acts I’m watching closely for dubs and tunes.


-What can we expect from TC throughout 2015? Any new releases scheduled in?

The next TC record will be “The Countdown” which is a free NYE giveaway record.

Then there is a record with Wilkinson called “Hit The Floor” which is a dance floor banger if ever I heard one!


-Looking back on this year, what has been your favourite track of 2014 and why?

Big question, so many tunes!

Hazard – “Bricks Don’t Roll” because it’s always the first remix of my set – people lose their minds!



-Christmas is around the corner so we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry festive period. Will you be taking a break or partying through?

I’m playing in Colchester on Boxing Day for Hiest and that’s about it, apart from Birmingham and Bristol on NYE. Its such a change to the normal Australia or USA bookings. I’m really looking forward to waking up in my own bed with a stinking hangover rather than some hotel thousands of miles from home.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We can’t wait to see you in the new year and wish you all the best for 2015!

Thanks to you and big up to the Hospital Records crew! Thanks so much for the love looking forward to seeing you all in 2015!


Event page HERE // Ticket Link HERE

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