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Locked in the Dock: History Lessons


Since the dawn of rave, it’s safe to say that there has been one genre that has always been the undisputed champion. We’re talking, of course, about Jungle. In the early 90s, we were blessed with a sound like no other. Punchy Amen breaks, weighty basslines and mad samples graced our warehouses and sound systems. With the likes of Kenny Ken, Randall, Fabio & Grooverider, Aphrodite and Micky Finn all championing this new sound.


Here at Hospital, we are linking up with the mighty Jungle Jam for the next Hospitality in the Dock event on the 30th of March 2018. Jungle Jam has been jamming jungle out to the masses since 2005. Starting out in Leeds to then putting on events that span up and down the U.K. and even with events covering across parts of Europe, these guys really know how to rinse it out proper!


DJ Randall : History Lesson

First up, we are delighted to have the DJ that we all know and love, DJ Randall, Mr Too-hot-too-handleRandall will be teaching us all a lesson or two in the long history of Drum and Bass at the dock this year. Having been around since the birth of Jungle, Randall‘s no stranger when it comes to spinning out an old-skool set. His mixing skill and tune selection are second to none which makes him the perfect DJ to guide us through the many years of Drum & Bass music. 


30 years of: Micky Finn & Aphrodite

Next, we have the mighty Micky Finn going B2B with Aphrodite. Its safe to say that these two are bonafide jungle legends and will be guiding us through the 30 years of their iconic Urban Takeover label and beyond. Having both been in the game for a very long time and pretty much pioneering the genre, there couldn’t be Jungle without the Finn and Aphrodite. Most notably In 1996, they teamed together in production and released their iconic DnB anthem, Badass. A track that continues to destroy dance floors whenever it gets played to this day. This set is definitely one not to be missed!


Krust: Warhead era classics set

Finally touching down to grace the Jungle Jam stage we have the Bristol don that is none other than DJ Krust. During the late 90s and early 2000s, Krust was bombarding the scene with his heavy style of Drum & Bass that was never heard before on his and Roni Sizes’ label Full Cycle Records. Tunes like ‘Don’t Front’ and ‘Break ya Neck’ to name a few. But ultimately everybody who knows their D&B will think of one tune and one tune only when they hear Krusts name. That tune is Warhead. Released back in 1997 on V Recordings. The tune was an instant classic and was getting dropped by every DJ at every rave across the U.K., putting Krusts name firmly on the Drum & Bass map for good!

Catch the man himself doing a ‘Warhead Era’ classics set alongside so many other original junglist dons. Less than a month to go now, calling all junglists, your time is now!




Words by James Hillyard

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Hospitality In The Park 2017 (Part 1)

Hospitality In The Park 2017 (Part 1)

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@HospitalRecsLA 10th September

Hospital: We Are 18 Fan Interviews (Part 2)

As part of the Hospital Records 18th Birthday celebrations we interviewed a range of fans to talk about their experience with the label, what them got them hooked and why they keep coming back for more….

Can you give us a little introduction about yourself. 

I’m Peter Hartmann, living in Nuremberg, German and I’m working as a landscape gardener. I’ve always been a fan of electronic music, but never found the right genre, until a friend of mine introduced me to drum and bass a few years ago. Since then, It’s a very big part of my life and I try to get everyone into that wonderful style of music. In my free time, I like to go fly-fishing, running, cycling on my road bike and of course listening to music.

How long have you been a fan of Hospital Records?

I’ve been a fan of Hospital Records for around 6 years now.

What was the first Hospital track/album you ever bought?

The first Hospital track I bought was “Climax” by Camo & Krooked. The first album was “Space Jams” from Logistics.

Favourite release on the label?

Hard decision…maybe “Meteorites” (Danny Byrd Remix) by London Elektricity and “Turn up the music” by Camo & Krooked. Two of my all time favourites.

In your opinion, which track/release has made the biggest impact on the drum and bass scene throughout the 18 years of Hospital Records?

The recently released and extremely debated “Zeitgeist” album by Camo & Krooked, especially the single “All night”. This has had a huge impact on young artists recently.

If you were stuck on an Island with 3 Artists from the Hospital Past or present roster, who would they be and why?

London Elektricity, for getting entertainment and having someone with a lot of knowledge. Fred V, because he would get all the wild animals to work with us, just by dancing in front of them. High Contrast because we could make a long rope out of his hair. 😉

What was the first Hospitality event you attended? 

Hospitality in Bremen, Germany on the 13th of July 2013. The line-up was: Fred V & Grafix, Nu:Logic, Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, High Contrast, hosted by Dynamite, Wrec and Fava.

What’s been the best Hospitality event you’ve attended and why? 

Hospitalty at O2 Academy Brixton “The Final” in 2013. It was my first really big Hospitality Show and it was in, in my opinion, one of the finest locations ever. It was always one of my dreams to get to Brixton one day and dance all night. Last year I finally did it and it was so big and so indescribable. The next day, I was at another event in Antwerp (Liquicity) and 3 days later in Mannheim for another DnB Party with Metrik, Calyx & Teebe and Ayah Marar. “The Final” was the first event of my trip, and was indeed the best one.

Are there any stand out stories or memories that you have regarding Hospital Records or Hospitality?

As I work for a small Drum & Bass label in Würzburg (Soulmotion) I became in contact with Will Keeno from Med School.  Then later in January 2014 Will asked me if I’d come to the Liquicity Event in Amsterdam where he was headlining Room two. After I told him, I had no tickets, and it’s sold out, he got me one special guest list spot. This made my day! So I went to Amsterdam, and finally met Will. As I was also allowed to get into the backstage rooms, I also met Etherwood, Chris Goss and Matt Logistics. After Keeno had played his enormous set, we went on with the party, together with Logistics and Etherwood. We had a lot of fun.

In May, Woody came to Würzburg, to play another one of his fabulous sets. We met before the evening, went out for dinner with the label/event boss and had once again a perfect night.  I have a lot memories stuck to these nights, and will never forget the fun we had, changing hats and glasses in Amsterdam or talking about the evolution of Drum and Bass in Würzburg, and so on.

I’m planning to get to Brixton again in September, maybe I will meet everybody again.

How did you celebrate your 18th Birthday?

When I had my 18th birthday I was racing a road bike cycling road race as a professional junior. Sadly I only finished as 32nd of 150 participants so I didn’t really celebrate my 18th birthday with a party.

Do you have a Birthday message for Hospital Records?

I hope Hospital Records continues signing fabulous artists and bringing special moments to the drum and bass scene. Etherwood’s live performance for example is just another big part of the on going Med School/Hospital Records story.

Event Page HERE // Ticket Link HERE

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Hospitality Midsummer Party 20.06.14