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Hospitality Budapest 16.12.16

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Hospitality Budapest @ Akvárium Klub Official December 2016

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Locked In The Dock: Introducing The Blast


Bristol plays home to some of the finest musical and club culture in the world, and with the revelling horde always looking for the next place to shake their hips and move their feet, there is no wonder that some of the best promoters in the UK are based in Bristol.

In:Motion, Psyched, Alternate, Bris-Tek, Wonka-Vision, United Sounds, Rumble In The Jungle, the list goes on… but few, if any, can rival the accolades of our friends at The Blast. Although it may seem somewhat alien to have purely single genre events these days, it wasn’t always the case. The Blast noted music fans tended to be somewhat tribal, forming musical clans that would only venture into familiar territory. This needed to change.

A group of lads thought this had to end, and believed it was time for a new order of multi-genre madness, throwing parties not restricted by style or flavours of the month. Thus, in 2005, The Blast was born. Fast forward to a decade later and the game has definitely changed. 


After a run of some amazing shows and a host of success, the Blast evolved. No longer satisfied with small scale venues, they began dreaming bigger, and Shit The Bed was born. Heralded by Redlight as the ‘without a doubt the best club/warehouse parties in the southwest of the UK’. STB & The Blast have truly  earned their prestigious status amongst a rich set of competition, and it is for this reason, that we got them on board for Hospitality In The Dock.

Joining heavyweights Exit Records and the Eatbrain League, The Blast will be taking over The Car Park at the Dock, injecting some grimey bass flavours for your listening delight. Foreign Beggars will be bringing the bars for days, Holy Goof will be delivering the bass weight and Sir Spyro and Killa P will be bringing a little bit of both to the dance. Hosted by Koast and joined by support from The Blast DJs, they will be bringing something a bit different to the Hospitality show, leaving no revellers without a screw-face.

The Blast represent the best side of the dance/bass music scene in the UK with the sheer undiluted and diverse quality that they push. Daring to be different, breaking the static mould of UK club culture that was the single genre event, and doing it consistently better than anyone else who tried to emulate after they blazed their own trail. We’re over the moon to have them coming to Hospitality In The Dock, and we know you most likely are too. We’re gonna have a blast!

You can follow the Blast and keep up to date with their events by clicking here2nd release tickets are on sale now, get yours via the link below.



Words by Ed Priest

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Locked At The Dock: Eatbrain to co-host the Car Park!

The year is 2016… for 5 years now the world has been exposed to the mutant strain of the Neurofunk zombie virus. Originating deep in the twisted underbelly of Budapest, project ‘Eatbrain’ began as a set of twisted Neuro-Cybernetic experiments by a man known only as ‘Jade’. Little did he know that the experiments conducted deep within his secret studio would soon engulf the world. As Jades methods grew increasingly twisted in nature, he began forming inconceivable sounds and imagery that grew so monstrous, they could no longer be quarantined. Containment became impossible. It’s 5 been years since the outbreak of project ‘Eatbrain’ and the world has been shaken to the core ever since. The Neurofunk infused cyber-zombie virus has invaded the airwaves, festivals and clubs ever since, instilling the infectiously devilish and unique sounds of Jade and his peers into the brains of thousands across the globe, and now it has been released, it cannot be stopped.” 

Within the world of Neurofunk, there are few that can rival the sheer force and quality of Eatbrain. Commanded by Hungarian D&B dynamo ‘Jade’, the label can now boast 30+ releases including solo EPs, LPs and some serious compilation albums with an artist roster many other labels could only dream of. Given they are only 5 years young, Eatbrain has set the levels high and this is most likely due to their simple, yet effective, philosophy: ‘Dark. Deep. Unfiltered. Unrestrained. This is premier drum & bass’. And they’re not wrong.

This label has gone above and beyond in terms of delivering what the people want and doing it better than any other kids on the block. With 3 EPs in the last month alone courtesy of Zombie Cats, Nickbee and Bl4ck Owlz, the sheer work rate combined with the untouchable quality accounts for the success of this sterling label. Fostering a rich blend of upcoming and established talent including the likes of Mindscape, Gancher & Ruin, Hypoxia, Nickbee, Signs etc and of course Jade himself, all basses, kicks and subs are more than covered.

With the wealth of quality within the Eatbrain roster, their success is no surprise; and because of the prestigious reputation Eatbrain have earned they’ll be one of our co-hosts in the Car Park at our next all day D+B special, Hospitality In The Dock! They’ll be matched up with Bristol’s The Blast and Exit Records representatives Richie Brains, which I’m sure you’ll agree will be a lethal combination. Such a cataclysmic tri-force will be sure to go down in Hospitality history, and if Hospitality In The Park was anything to go by this will be one for the record books.

EATBRAIN011 Digital 1k

Eatbrain’s quality was by no means evolutionary, and although they continue to raise the bar, they set it fairly high with the first releases they put out. Jade led the vanguard for the first release 5 years ago teaming up with State of Mind and swiftly recruiting the likes of Mindscape, Fourward, Black Sun Empire and Dose for remixes.

Since the molten hot tracks that first launched the label, Eatbrain has gone from strength to strength with impeccable cover art and merchandise, yet keeping the undiluted force present in all their records. Such a well-rounded and strong label such as Eatbrain is a true blessing, many labels provide outstanding music but few provide the multi-faceted sensory experience that Eatbrain does, with their stimulating and visceral concept artwork and the sheer audio weaponry they churned out. Eatbrain are undeniable kings in their own right.

Catch the Eatbrain League alongside a huge line up at east London’s Tobacco Dock on Friday 14th April. 2nd release tickets are on sale now!


Words by Ed Priest

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Hospitality In The Dock: Line-Up Announcement!

Full line-up across all stages for Hospitality In The Dock.

Keep your eyes peeled however as there may still be more yet to come…

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