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Bristol BBQ: What you need to know!

unnamed It’s that time of year again, when the Hospitality BBQ rolls into Bristol town, for burgers and basslines. The lineup is made up of Hospital Records finest including their brand new signing Kings of the Rollers, whilst True Playaz DJ Hazard, will be this years special guest. Not only is the line up set to be a storm, the BBQ is once again held at the notorious Motion, polled as one of the very best in the world. Excited yet?

We are thrilled to welcome back the Jungle Jam team who are bringing the likes of DJ Marky, Randall, Benny Page and the infamous S.P.Y B2B Nu:tone jungle set. This will be the perfect warm up of what’s to come at Hospitality’s first festival overseas Hospitality on the beach, just minus the sand and the sea but hopefully not the sun!

As well as top quality D+B we also like to provide our ravers with the finest grub, and seeing as it is a BBQ and all, it’s extremely vital that we provide the best food and drink vendors to fuel your dancing feet and excite your taste buds. However, incase your venturing into the city before or after the event, make sure you check these diamonds out.




If music and food is the dream combo, make sure you drop into Bristol’s newly opened Edit Bar on Cheltenham Road. As well as delicious food, Edit has a dozen different sound systems dotted all over the bar to create a unique experience for your ears as well as your tongue. If you want a switch from the burgers and hotdogs, too cool for school Edit provides flashy asian small plates and an extensive menu of alcoholic beverages.




Locals have named it the best fry up in Bristol, which is all you need when you wake up with a banging headache and are craving some serious salt. Not only does it provide a meaty, veggie or vegan fry up, it also has some other appetising breakfast options like Belgian waffles and breakfast ciabatta sandwiches. However, if all that raving got ya good and a normal fry up just isn’t enough, order their famous Bristolian challenge, a HUGE version of their original fry up which many have failed to finish.




With the number of burger restaurants it is impossible to narrow it down, however, Burger Theory is definitely up there! It has a menu packed full of choice and each burger is even more packed with fillings! This is the joint with no limit and the perfect place to visit if you want a mammoth burger brimmed with the wildest of fillings. It is based on Saint Stephens Street just around the corner from the Bristol Hippodrome. If you do drop in, The Sheriff and The Down n’ Dirty are absolute winners.




Chill in the day then party at night. That’s how The Love Inn rolls. By 11 o’clock it turns into a club which holds some of the grooviest nights in the city. As well as a wide variety of spirits, wines and beers, the love inn also has their own versions of classic cocktails which are not to be missed (especially their glorious ‘Rum Tickler ’). Whether you’re going there to warm up for the main event, or for the heir of the dog, this place will ignite your inner party animal with its upbeat atmosphere and funky surrounding.

I think it’s safe to say that you just cannot beat burgers, beer and bass in the Bristol sun. So get your skates on and grab a ticket now to avoid missing out on this spectacular day. Get involved, get your pals involved and get your taste buds involved otherwise you’ll be missing out BIG time (and you know it).


Words by Ellen Lewin


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Hospitality Leeds 20.02.15

Hospitality Leeds @ Canal Mills, 20th February 2015

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Hospitality Leeds: Warehouse Special

Hospitality Brighton Room 2 Med School A-Grades

The Med School class will be working their musical magic for our 50th Hospitality event in the seaside town of Brighton this Saturday. Room two will feature sets from our A-grade students Anile, Ed:It and Whiney – kept in line by our very own Mullett Med School.

Med School has gone from strength to strength this year with a diverse range of releases from a number of fresh new artists. In anticipation for the weekend we’ve collated some of the highlights from the Med School releases throughout 2014.


Having previously released on a number of imprints, Anile is quickly being recognized as one of the most versatile producers in the game. Now a full Med School graduate, Anile exclusively resides in the Med School ranks with his debut EP out last month. The sultry and seductive tones of “Losing My Mind” have not gone unnoticed with support from across the D+B board.


For someone who’s come from a quiet town near Nottingham, Ed:It’s been making big noise. No stranger to Med School, with his track “Cardinal” released as part of the boundary pushing “New Blood 014” compilation.


Whiney first joined the Med School class with his pal Keeno well over a year ago.
Manchester-based with a classically trained background that’s shown to be a prominent influence on his production. Alongside Keeno they created the luscious liquid gem that is “Sleeplessness” released on Med School back in June.

See you at the beach!

Event page HERE // Ticket link HERE

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