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In the Spotlight: Lynx

He may be a fresh addition to the Hospital roster, but he is in no way a new player on the D+B board. From sound engineer to producer, DJ to label owner, it seems there’s not much that Lynx hasn’t taken on over the years; already deeply rooted in the world of drum and bass, with a long list of releases on a number of imprints. With a wide range of musical influences from The Prodigy to MJ, Lynx has developed a unique edge on his production, firmly establishing his own musical identity. So let’s take it back to ’96, at just seventeen years old Lynx had already caught the eye of Hardcore pioneers Ramos Supreme & Sunset Regime. A few years forward and he’s taken under the wing by Stakka and Skynet, where he honed in his skills for the techier side of D+B with several releases on Underfire Recordings. 

Throughout the early noughties, Lynx spent his time working as a sound engineer at Chichester-based Airtight Studios while gaining his MA in Audio Technology. It was here that the inspiration was sparked to fully shift his focus from engineer to artist. After several releases with Renegade Recordings, Lynx began refining his production, striving for organic and realistic sounds. He hit the ground running in 2007, picked up by Drum & Bass Arena ‘Hall of Famer’ Fabio on his innovative label Creative Source. It was here that really marked the start of the Lynx-esque bass heavy beats that we recognize him for today.

The next chapter in our story is entitled “Kemo”. After an old school Myspace meet they collaborated on the hauntingly brilliant “Global Enemies” (Soul:R) and eventually caught up face-to-face at a gig in Holland – it was clearly a match made in D+B heaven with their working relationship continuing to blossom over several years. For more from them see HERE.

By 2009 it was about time that Lynx released his debut LP. So of course alongside his partner in crime Kemo MC, “The Raw Truth” made its way to our ears – an album covered in class and from head to toe.

After the success of his debut album, it was time for Steve Lynx to face the music and go it alone. With ever-evolving ingenuity, Detail Recordings was born, with an aim to highlight the parallels between electronic genres, allowing listeners to appreciate the content of a track in itself, rather than be fixated on specific qualities of genre. Round two, “Devil’s in the Detail”. An album heavy with collaborations featuring the likes of DRS, Marcus Intalex and MC Sense. An amalgamation of all things Lynx, every style, every mood, definitely one for a Sunday afternoon. Here’s a little taster…

Since then Lynx has continued to make noise with his massive releases on Playaz and Ram Records before his exclusive signing to Hospital Records. Now we’ll wrap up a pretty D+B bow on the Lynx tale so far as we reach his latest release and Hospital debut “Where Are You?” EP available to download HERE.


You can catch Lynx at Hospitality Southampton in just a few short weeks at Switch on April 3rd – tickets on sale now!




Event Page HERE // Ticket Link HERE

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