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Hospitality at We Are Electric

Hospitality at Rise Festival 10.12.16: Do’s and Don’ts


Rise Festival is one of the most unique festivals on the globe, and we here at Hospitality are over the moon they are bringing us back again for their high altitude winter-wonderland.

Sitting atop a mountain range spanning 1600-3200 metres in the sky, one of the most picturesque festivals in the world is now in its 3rd year, and if the last two were anything to go by this year is set to raise the bar yet again. Skiing holidays and music festivals separately are a glorious thing, and so the combination of the two will be a certified tour-de-force.

However, both Festivals and Skiing holidays alike can be a daunting affair for newbies and you always want to make sure you make the most of your experience. This is where we come in. We here at Hospital want to make sure everyone has the best possible time they could have, and so we’ve whipped up a little ‘Do’s & Don’ts guide that should make the process a little less daunting and a little more fun!


Do: Make sure you see the Hospitality showcase…obviously.

Don’t: Jump the gun when it comes to booking accommodation, a bit of research will go a long way when choosing either a chalet, hotel, or hostel etc. You don’t want to end up shelling out for sub-par accommodation and equally you don’t want to end up deep in a residential zone if you’re out with the mandem looking for a mad one. Do your research, find out how far away you will be from both the slopes and the stages to optimise your holiday.

Do: Get lessons if you have not skied before. You may be going with a cohort of seasoned veterans on the slopes who may be able to provide you with all the basic know how…but they won’t want to stick around the bunny or green slopes for long. Investing in some lessons will put you with an instructor and people who are your level + lessons get you up nice and early so you can make the most of your trip.

Don’t: Miss out on the chance to trek up the mountain by snowshoe for a ‘cook your own dinner’ (with all trimmings provided by RISE). In the gorgeous al-fresco mountain forestry, this one is for the more adventurous among us but a truly off-piste experience awaits those who dare…

Do: Be sure to check out Channel One Sound system for the perfect juxtaposition between the frosty french mountain peaks and the warm and vibrant sounds of the Caribbean. It will surely inject some warmth and rattle some ribcages, just what the doctor ordered methinks.


Don’t: Ski/Party to hard so that you cannot enjoy the balance. A festival built around an extreme sport, as awesome as it is, will inevitably result in some form of physical set-backs. Don’t waste your precious time on the slopes being too hungover to move, and likewise; don’t Ski yourself to death so you cannot stand on your feet come evening. Remember grasshopper, balance is key.

Do: Be sure to revitalise yourself through the use of Rise’s ‘restorative’ projects to bring balance and zen to your bruised and hungover husk of a body. If you ignored the prior warning and didn’t respect the balance between alcohol induced hedonism and adrenaline induced foolhardiness, you may be in need of a bit of r&r. These revitalisation schemes include mountainside rise & shine yoga classes suitable for all levels, or, if the early mornings are a bit much for you; why not hit up one of L2A’s renowned spas for all manner of relaxing services including flotation tanks and deep tissue or shiatsu massage, to ease those aches and pains.

Don’t: Shell out on loads of equipment. Both festivals & skiing as separate entities are an expensive affair, so when they are combined there will almost certainly be a dent into the cash supply. Minimise this by being sure to borrow as much equipment as you can before you go, and hire out the essentials. The only item not to go cheap on would be the skis, as higher quality skis will make your life much easier.

Do: Make sure see the Hospitality showcase…just in case you forgot.

Don’t: Miss the Kanata Secret Adventure Party. This hyper-exclusive venue is invite only and is limited to 300 people only. Guaranteed vibes, and definitely worth the RSVP.

Do: Get merry with Hype and immerse yourself in some festive fun with the Risemas Christmas tree and light display accompanied by some Christmas carols in the picturesque french alps, what could be better? Oh yeah…there is also a German beer market offering some of the greatest beers the nation has to offer, which is a fair few…

Don’t: Antagonise the Gendarme – they’re not massively tolerant of tourists (from anywhere), and a state of inebriation will not melt their icy hearts nor will they have any sympathy with your foolish self. So play nice folks.

Do: Test your mettle in the R-Games! A little friendly competition didn’t hurt anyone and there are levels for all; from novice to master. Be it the dual slalom race or the freestyle jam you’re keen for, be sure to go and give it some gusto – you never know, you may even win a prize.

Don’t: Limit yourself, see acts you haven’t seen before, go to stages you haven’t been to before (if you’re returning) and try and immerse yourself in something entirely new, bet it skiing or musically related.

Do: Make sure you see Dub Phizix & Strategy. The only thing frostier than the snow will be the ice cold minimal rollers you can expect from this dynamic duo. We hear those My Nu Leng lot are pretty decent too…


Don’t: Ski when inebriated…without a torch.

Do: Make sure you try Tartiflette. This creamy delicacy is native to the Savoy region in the Alps but widely eaten across the nation. An amalgamation of potatoes, bacon lard-ons, cream and reblochon cheese will satisfy those comfort food cravings on a brisk and chilly day.

Don’t: Miss out on other culinary opportunities, the alpine region of France has a number of native delicacies, including all manner of cheeses courtesy of the local cow, ewe and goat population. But if cheese isn’t your thing, the fresh salmon and trout from the regional lakes accompanied with some local basil and rosemary will leave you surely satisfied. The french are a dab hand and making wine as well…

Don’t: Miss out on the chance to go to Le 3200. At an amazing (you guessed it) 3200 metres above sea level, it will be impossible not to feel on top of the world at this alpine bar. Serving a range of fast food and snacks amongst an array of beer and wine, this little stop off provides the perfect après experience.

Do: Become ‘Piste Pretty’ with the Gypsy Shrine girls. If glitter, jewels and braids are your thing, then hit up these girls who will take you from Apres to after party and keep you looking on fleek.

We hope this list will help you make the most of your winter retreat to the Alps and that you all have an amazing time.


Words by Ed Priest

Posted 11th November 2016 in Blog, Features

Hospitality Berlin 20.8.2016

We’re taking a trip back to Berlin this month to showcase a Hospitality event at Club Gretchen! This world-renowned party city has been having us since 2004 when we took over the infamous Watergate. It was a huge mile-stone in our drum and bass diaries, hosting the London Elektricity live band, Logistics, Nu:tone, High Contrast and of course our co-founder Chris ‘The Goose’ Goss. We’ve had so many unforgettable nights in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood.

On 20th August, we’re set to return, bringing Fred V & Grafix and Metrik along with us for a night of drum and bass madness in one of the trendiest cities in Europe. With Fred V & Grafix dropping their amazing second album last month and Metrik with plenty of new music coming, this show is set to be a big one!

We are very excited to get back to Berlin… Grab your ticket now!


Words by Philippa Ghosh

Posted 5th August 2016 in Blog, Features