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Hospitality Kent

Hospitality Kent 20_10_12

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Hospitality Kent Saturday 20th October 2012

Photos by Andrew Attah

Posted 22nd October 2012 in Photos


Discovering More About The RC1 Sound System…

As we look forward to Hospitality Kent on Saturday 20th October, it’s over to the guys at the RC1 Sound System who will be bringing the badness for another immense night. If you haven’t got a ticket BUY ONE NOW.

RC1 is starting to build a reputation as one of the top dance music systems. It’s not just another sound system – RC1 is different. It is capable of playing music much louder than other systems. It doesn’t struggle, it doesn’t distort, it just sounds really good and as loud as you like! Playing high energy or bass driven music through a system like this takes the music experience to a whole new level – EXPLOSIVE MUSIC!

Here is more of an explanation of what RC1 Soundsystem is and what it does at some of the key events from the last year:-

Hospitality Kent January 2012

Hospitality set a whole new benchmark for loud drum and bass in Kent in January.  26 boxes of RC1 in Leas Cliff Hall reproduced the music beautifully, but at levels previously unheard of that literally felt like an earthquake! Those that were there and witnessed it can tell the tale…

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