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Hospitality Zurich

Hospitality Zürich

Hospitality Zurich

Hospitality Zurich 31_03_13

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Hospitality Zurich Sunday 31st March 2013

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Posted 4th April 2013 in Photos


Cuckoos, Chocolate and Neutrality: Hospitality Zurich Reviewed

Hospitality recently headed over to Switzerland for Hospitality Zurich on Friday 30th March. HospitalityDNB contributor Max Glover investigates…

Switzerland: A sleepy, peaceful and serene country famous for triangular chocolate, cuckoo-clocks and neutrality. Zurich: A city that seems to value order and cleanliness above all else, known for banking and tax-breaks. Drum + Bass: A genre of music defined by fast breakbeats, heavy bass and sub-bass lines. Not the most likely of bed-fellows.

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Posted 30th April 2012 in Blog, Reviews