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Bristol BBQ XL: Big Bites

We here at Hospitality are as obsessed with food as we are with drum & bass, perhaps even more so…Anyone who has attended our BBQs, or our day festivals, will know all too well that the level of quality that goes into the dining options for our ravers is never overlooked.

Seeing as we are going XL this time around, we felt it prudent to ensure equally massive food vendors got involved in creating the perfect outdoor party. Great music, great food. If that doesn’t guarantee a good time, then there’s something wrong with you.




First up is one of Bristol’s finest establishments. If you want some circular doses of heaven, there is no place better within the city and beyond. We are, of course, talking about Bagel Boy! With over 4 locations in and around Bristol, they’ve generated a demand for bagels like which we have never seen before, and upon just a single taste, you will see why.

With over 30 different options, ranging from the classic salt beef to everything else and beyond, therewill undoubtedly be a bagel for you. Priding themselves on locally and ethically sourced ingredients and baking all their bagels fresh and in-house, this stringent policy doesn’t stop at the food either. To accompany the rich tapestry of food they provide, you can find yourself guzzling down some of the West Countrys finest craft ciders and beers, they also have their very own coffee..



Joining this south-west staple will be one of the capital’s finest burger joints. Hailing from London and heading down south for our XL BBQ will be none other than ‘Burger Bear’. Famed for their quality food and on point musical selections, this London eatery has earned an exalted status for big beef burgers and delicious disco beats. Both of which together I think we can all agree is a strong combination.


Available across the city, north, south or east, the level of quality is consistent wherever you go. Be it at the famed magic roundabout in Old Street station, or the infamous (and brilliantly named) Stokey Bears, to the Old Nuns Head in Peckham, Burger Bear has you covered. It’s for this reason that we orchestrated this great beefy exodus from London to Bristol to cater for the appetites of so many revelling ravers. Menu options include the Quarter Panda, the Koala, and the Grizzly bear amongst other beasty delights. You’ll be growling for seconds.




Although often a rare sight at a BBQ, Pizza remains one of the most certified party foods. With the grills covered, we thought it best to stretch out the dough and deliver some saucy and cheesy goodness to compliment our BBQ stations. If you’ve ever had a high-grade pizza at a festival, it’s most likely that these guys were the people behind the salvation of your hunger. Authentic wood fired and stonebaked pizzas accompanied with a myriad of toppings, it’s simply the perfect combination and you can enjoy them all with some of the best tunes around.

Making appearances at festivals and events across the UK, Stone Baked was born through like-minded individuals die hard love of pizza and parties, and a desire to see the two combined

I think we can all agree that the food available at the Bristol BBQ is going to be off the chiz-iz-ain and to avoid missing out on all this delectation and delight, make your way to Motion on Saturday 10th of June to hear some banging D+B and jungle along too, satisfying both taste and ear buds. Get involved, you’re stomach and dancing shoes won’t forgive you if you don’t.


Words Ed Priest


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Locked In The Dock: Best of Dillinja


As we are sure you are very much aware, we have a riches of talent lined up for you at Hospitality In The Dock and one of the crown jewels for this showcase is the D&B demigod that is Dillinja.

As one of the pioneers of jungle and drum & bass, Dillinja has played an integral role in defining and pushing the sound from its creation right to this very day. With his world renowned Valve sound-system he has been duppying dances for decades, and to celebrate his classics set at HITD, we are going to pick out a few of our personal favourites from his esteemed discography. Whittling down the list of tracks to a 5 piece was no easy feat, and we encourage you to comment your favourites in the comments section below. Enjoy!

5. Silver Blade

Kicking things off we have ‘Silver Blade’, an aptly named weapon of a tune, as this one is guaranteed to slaughter dance floors. Dark and intimidating, this upfront jungle tracks rolling bass hits combined with the harsh snares are guaranteed to keep you moving. With a beautiful breakdown juxtaposed by an equally aggressive second drop, Dillinja was definitely onto something special when he made this track. Released in 1997 on Grooveriders ‘The Prototype Years’, this track is an exemplary case of the transition and amalgamation between jungle and D+B that was happening at this time, and Dillinja, as always set the tone and level, incredibly high.

4. Sovereign Melody

At number four we have a symphony of pure beauty, less aggressive than the former track, but equally as fierce. Sovereign Melody is jungle music at it’s finest. Atmospheric, funky, and simply oozing with vibes. This is the kind of song we imagine is played at St Peters gates as you ascend into heaven, creating a blissful sense of elation. This track on wax can set you back up to £120 in Discogs and it’s no wonder why. This collectors classic is a pure weapon, one with the ability to morph any crowds state of mind into one of perfect joy. 

3. Friday

Switching things up slightly for number 3 we’ve got the legendary Friday from Dillinja under his alias ‘Capone’. As D&B began to form as a separate entity from Jungle music from 1996, this transition was truly marked during 1998, and few songs personify this transition so perfectly as Friday. With a rolling 2 step drum break going hand in hand with some wickedly wobbly bass stabs, this 98’ anthem still leaves crowds begging for more and is still a weapon in many top DJs arsenals today.

2. Sky

At second place we’ve got Sky, another perfect example of why Dillinja is still the king to so many people. Incredible drum work and twangy synths all amalgamate to create an upbeat and energetic track that could rival any number of jungle/D+B classics. Again, at nearly 22 years old this song remains as lethal as ever. One of the first releases on Philly Blunt, this tune (along with Muthaf*cka, another classic that only missed the cut by an inch) very much set the tone for things to come. Upfront and intimidating on the A side, and rolling groove on the AA,  Dillinja seriously set some levels with this release and it very much stood the test of the time.

1. The Angels Fell

At number one we have one of the greatest jungle records of all time, and I am fully aware of how bold a claim that is. The Angels Fell is everything that is good about jungle all in one track, full of atmosphere, incredible drum work, warm bass stabs and progression that keeps you holding on for more. This isn’t a track one can easily stop playing once it begins to spin. Making it onto the Metalheadz platinum series, the other tracks that came along with it the first time around are far from filler either. Ja Know Ya Big and Brutal Bass represented the B-side for the original record and these tracks weren’t far off the top 5 either. The Angels fell clinches the number one spot in terms of individual track, and the release MET006 is one of the best records to have ever come out of a pressing factory. Perfection.

And there you have it, a handpicked selection of Dillinjas greatest compositions. This was no easy task and reducing his discography the 5 tracks was no easy feat so we encourage you to share your top five in the comments section below.

We can’t wait for The Dock, and Dillinja is very much a big part of why it’s going to be a truly special occasion. He’s set to headline the Jungle Jam x We Love Jungle stage alongside the likes of Fabio and Grooverider, Uncle Dugs b2b Remarc and S.P.Y & Nu:Tone with a special jungle set. All this plus a host of more amazing talent across loads of stages with the mighty Noisia trio headlining proceedings with their incredible Outer Edges showcase.

Words Ed Priest




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Hospitality In The Dock: Line-Up Announcement!

Full line-up across all stages for Hospitality In The Dock.

Keep your eyes peeled however as there may still be more yet to come…

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Locked In The Dock: Junglists are you ready?


As you’re probably aware, we’re following up the immense success of Hospitality In The Park with another all day D+B special at east London’s Tobacco Dock on 14th April! What began as a hub of commerce has converged into a truly multi-purpose venue for all manner of things from large-scale corporate trade fairs to world leading dance events.

It’s of course the latter which drew us to this incredible venue, and for such an esteemed location we felt it only right to bring a suitably prestigious set of artists under one roof. Having partnered with LWE, who helped launch the Dock into such a respected club-culture venue, you can expect the highest quality when it comes to production and sound. Transformation is a key philosophy for LWE, morphing empty and blank spaces into artistic and musical meccas for all manner of occasions. Their consistency in quality has seen them emerge as one of the most respected promoters in the capital.


With the host of quality working alongside us it’s only necessary to boost fire with fire. Already we’ve announced some sterling Hospital residents including Fred V & Grafix, London Elektricity (with a 21 Years of Hospital showcase), Nu:Logic and Maduk B2B Danny Byrd. With a star-studded line-up like this, we’ve sorted something equally exciting for the Little Gallery. Bringing through true D+B roots to the Dock are the north’s Jungle Jam & We Love Jungle!

Jungle Jam have been bringing legendary jungle-filled line ups to Leeds for over a decade! Respecting both the old-skool roots and nu-skool flavours, Jungle Jam combine both classic and contemporary with unparalleled success, and have earnt their stripes as kings of the Yorkshire Jungle scene. With their spiritual homeland being the Mint Warehouse in Leeds, Jungle Jam has recruited just about every household Jungle name you could imagine: Adam F, Dillinja, Bad Company, Congo Natty, Remarc, DJ Hype and Total Science to name a few. However, that being said, Jungle Jam are no one trick ponies. By incorporating roots, hip-hop and 140 into their lineups, it’s led them to be a truly respected and established music brand, promoting diverse, forward thinking attitudes, keeping an open mind yet still keeping true to the junglist roots.


Joining us alongside Jungle Jam are We Love Jungle, a collective of like-minded junglists who seek to keep the fire burning strong, promoting all manner of things jungle: from events, competitions, merchandise and even awards. Teaming up with a number of promoters and labels across the nation, We Love Jungle represent a unified front and are the force behind the annual We Love Jungle Awards, which celebrate the international talent involved in keeping jungle music alive and kicking. Their website is a jungle hub playing with the latest news, videos, mixes and interviews from a number of different people within the scene.

This amalgamation of minds has resulted in a heavyweight arsenal of selectors all under one roof, proving Hospitality in the Dock will be a monumental night for every proud junglist, check out the legendary jungle dons that have already been announced in the video below!

With a revered duo of jungle promoters alongside the trademark Hospital flavour, HITD is looking to be one for the history books. Tickets are on sale now, you can purchase via the the link below as well as joining the event on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you all there and remember to stay locked into the Hospitality blog for more announcements!




Words by Ed Priest

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