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Perks Of The Park: Dinner is Served


The combination of food and music that is so revered by us good guys & gals at Hospital is well documented. With a history of BBQ events and a keen eye for nothing but the finest of foods, this policy is being put into overdrive for Hospitality In The Park with a record breaking 12 different street food vendors.

As commissar of cuisine, it is with great honour, and with a growling gut, that I outline the multitudinous menus that will be on offer come September the 23rd. The first 4 have already been discussed in great detail and if you missed out you can read about them here. But if you’re up to date, then prepare to chow down on some serious knowledge. Reading on empty stomachs is ill advised.




The fact a foreign food can be lauded as Britains national dish is a testimony to the quality of Indian dining. Although skipping the Curry this time around, the good folks at Dosa Deli peddle nothing but the finest South-Indian street food. Priding themselves on pushing grub that is healthy, affordable and homemade, they seek to highlight that (without being vegetarians themselves) you don’t always need meat to have a mouth-watering dish for the ages.

For those who may be unaware, the ‘Dosa’, is the Indian take on the crepe. Native to South-India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, these rice and lentil filled crispy pancakes are as delicious are they are simple. However, at Dosa Deli, they have knocked it up another notch. The two staple Dosa you can expect to gorge yourself on will be the ‘Chilli Cheese Dosa Wrap’ – stuffed with Paneer cheese, tomato & roasted channa dhal chutney, fresh red onions and tamarind apple and date chutney. Woi. Following suit but this time Vegan friendly, is the ‘Mysore Masala Dosa Wrap’. Consisting of a stuffed dosa with potato masala, garlic peanut and chilli crumble and fresh red onions. Woi-oi-oi.

Healthy, hearty and guilt-free. This is the way to do Indian street food.




We in the UK love our cheese. We may not quite have the precision of Parisians or the instinct of Italian cheese makers, our love is arguably more so in the form of appreciation over creation. However, these guys are the exception to the rule. With cheese festivals and markets as a staple in the capital and beyond (we even roll cheese down hills in the more remote regions of England) it is no wonder that some dairy delectation is on the cards.

As one of the youngest amongst our vendors at only 3 years old, the Cheese Truck has cemented itself as the finest dairy distributor in the game. Within 2 years it is estimated a total twenty tonnes of cheese has been shifted, constituting over 100,000 grilled cheese sandwiches. Dairy I guess how many more will be sold? Now, as cheesey as that pun was, it pales in comparison to the rich, creamy, cheesy goodness dished out by these smooth operators.

From Glastonbury to Dubai, the Cheese Truck is dedicated to distributing nothing but the best of British cheese, working closely with traditional and thoughtful farms to provide nothing but the finest Britain has to offer in the ever expanding world of cheese. Far from your standard cheese toasties, you can expect fantastic fillings such as ‘Keens Cheddar, Ogleshield & Onion’ (with option of Bacon), ‘Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Bacon & Pear Chutney’ (I do say), ‘Rosary Goats Cheese, Honey, Walnut & Rosemary Butter (Oosh) and ‘Queso Chihuahua Cheese, Spicy Chorizo & Rocket’ (Ay Chihuahua!).

The salivation is strong with this one.



Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 17.10.22

A repeat offender at Hospital shows now. When a festival sandwich is hailed by Foreign Beggars and London Elektricity as one of the best cheese-steaks they’ve ever had, you know you’re in for one hell of a treat. Formed by a student of Jamie Oliver’s cooking school, this saucy sandwichery is focused on fusion and freshness. Combining classical dishes with contemporary flair, expect heaven in an artisan bun.

Now aside from sanctified sandwiches, they also deliver chicken wings that are so devilishly delicious, they have been entered into the UKs annual best chicken wing competition. The description by Dub Phizix’s hypeman of choice Strategy as ‘A slap in the face that comes from a place of preparation and love’ is, we believe, very high praise when it comes to hot wings. Nobody wants a plain wing, and everyone wants to feel loved. At Earls, you get it all.

With other food creations such as the ‘Kim Wrong Un’, ‘Ho Chi Mi’,  ‘Erdogant do Meat’ and the classic ‘Hoxton Cheesesteak’, the creative pizzazz is matched only by the culinary excellence that is imposed by every member of the Earls family. My dream is an Earls on every corner and a sandwich for every child. Viva La Cheesesteak.




Firing out fusion on all cylinders yet again, this time we have the French-American burger behemoths that are ‘Le Bun’. Coming to the conclusion that French and American cuisine wasn’t as different than originally assumed, Andy Taylor and Tim Talbot joined forces and were swiftly picked up by the Times, Channel 4 and Sky 1 for their refreshing and exciting take on classic American dishes. Time Out deemed them as ‘Londons best street food traders’, Buzzfeed decreed them as the ‘Best burger in London’ and they were hailed as the ‘best truffle dish’ in London by the Evening Standard.

High praise, I am sure you will all agree. But what is it exactly that makes this burger joint so special. I mean, how exotic a burger can one create? A question, that Le Bun, has put to rest permanently.

Par exemple: ‘Le Bourguignon Bun’ consists of Beef shin, bourguignon glaze, bacon salt, truffle mayo, champagne slaw and all sits inside a brioche bun. Not your cup of tea? How about ‘Le Club’ an amalgamation of confit chicken, slow roasted tomatoes, bacon salt, gem lettuce, avocado, citrus maple dressing and truffle mayo, once again all resting inside a perfect brioche bun. Hot Dogs, Wings, Fried Chicken and Waffles, Tartiflette and even more Canapés. Bun the rest, get the best.

The menu is so extensive and so opulent that it was incredibly difficult to choose those two items to hype up, so why not just look at the entire menu here. I am making it my personal objective to try everything on the menu at least once or die trying. A noble cause if there ever was one.

And there you have it. Dinner is served. A multi-dimensional dining bonanza fit for the gods. The perfect accoutrement to the spectacular set of artists and DJs poised to play this years HITP, it is beyond all shadow of a doubt. So why not treat yourself to some of the finest music and food the nation has to offer and come down to Finsbury Park on September 23rd.




Words Ed Priest

Posted 27th June 2017 in Blog, Features

Perks of the Park: Food Stalls to Sink Your Teeth Into: Part II

In Part I we introduced you to 5 of our delectable food stalls that will be feeding your bellies on 24th September. Today, we bring you more deliciousness! Have a ganders below and see what else we have in store to accompany a full day of drum & bass…

earls sandwiches
Earl’s serious sandwiches

If it’s one thing Joe Gray’s serious about, it’s sandwiches. Conveniently situated off Earl Street behind Liverpool Street, Gray packs up his buns and delicious sandwich making ingredients and makes an appearance at numerous festivals and markets across the city. Featuring on his menu in the form of witty puns is the Kim Wrong’Un, a Korean buttermilk chicken sandwich with spicy gochujang mayo, the When Mac Pulled Pork, a pulled pork with mac ‘n’ cheese patty and the self-explanatory Hoxton cheesesteak. Calling all sandwich-lovers – ditch Subway, meet Earl’s.

Le bun
Based on Leicester Street, in the heart of London, Le Bun brings you France-inspired American food at its finest. This colourful food truck will present dishes such as Hot Chicken, inspired by Nashville, which is fried chipotle chicken thigh doused in Nashville hot butter. You’ll also see the Suckling Pig Bun, inspired by Lyon, which features pulled pig shin, charcuterie jam and trotter hollandaise served in a brioche bun. Those intrigued by the combination of French and American influences should definitely give this stall a try – you won’t be disappointed.

fundi pizzaFundi pizza
The brother duo, Charlie and Rory Nelson, have built their very own wood-fired pizza ovens in order to cook you their unique Neapolitan-style pizzas. Cooked in 90 seconds, it’s the perfect festival food to revive your energy levels for a day and night of partying. Their ethos stemmed from Charlie’s running of a restaurant in Mozambique, southern Africa, whereby there was no running water or electricity. This forced him to go back to basics and the Fundi pizza food stall proves that great food can be made just by the possession of determination, delicious ingredients and a love for food. Take a step-up from Dominoes and feast your bellies with a bit of Fundi pizza.

Situated in the heart of Camden, what makes Popdogs special is that it not only serves divine food, but the people are filled with personality. Self-acclaimed as a cheeky bunch that sell sausages, expect querky food full of hearty flavours. The sausages are juicy, succulent and gluten-free – music to the ears of Celiacs – and the buns are collected fresh every single morning.
“Hot dogs that make you wanna slap your own grandma” – Need we say more?

Luardos brings you the classic tastes of Mexico, with your typical burrito ingredients and a choice of meats. Thrown alongside this Mexican favourite are fresh chillies, ripe, creamy avocados, limes, fresh herbs, vine tomatoes, slow-cooked tender meat and speciality Mexican products. Your food is prepared fresh in front of you and served to perfection. Forget Chiquitos, nothing shouts authentic Mexican more than dinner at Luardos. Disfruta!


If you want some first-hand experience on the aforementioned food stalls, click below and watch Dub Phizix & Strategy have a taster on their Well Good Food Tour!

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Words by Philippa Ghosh

Posted 2nd September 2016 in Features