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Hospitality In The Park

Hospitality In The Dock

The Enfield Independent: ‘Hospitality guaranteed as drum and bass festival heads to Finsbury Park’

Hospitality In The Park

Hospitality In The Park

Words by Rachel Russel

The sound of drum and bass will be echoing round Finsbury Park this Saturday for the first ever Hospitality In The Park festival.

Organised by Hospital Records, based in south London, under the renowned Hospitality events banner, the day will be packed with dance music from artists and 300 DJs including Tim Westwood, The Prototypes, The Upbeats, Need For Mirrors and Keeno among others.

DJ and electronic musician Tony Colman, who uses the stage name London Elektricity and is the CEO of Hospital Records, reveals there will be six tents full of surprises, plus a hot air balloon and the London electricity big band, which will include 20 people playing bass and a full 14-piece horn section.



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Locked At The Dock: Eatbrain to co-host the Car Park!

The year is 2016… for 5 years now the world has been exposed to the mutant strain of the Neurofunk zombie virus. Originating deep in the twisted underbelly of Budapest, project ‘Eatbrain’ began as a set of twisted Neuro-Cybernetic experiments by a man known only as ‘Jade’. Little did he know that the experiments conducted deep within his secret studio would soon engulf the world. As Jades methods grew increasingly twisted in nature, he began forming inconceivable sounds and imagery that grew so monstrous, they could no longer be quarantined. Containment became impossible. It’s 5 been years since the outbreak of project ‘Eatbrain’ and the world has been shaken to the core ever since. The Neurofunk infused cyber-zombie virus has invaded the airwaves, festivals and clubs ever since, instilling the infectiously devilish and unique sounds of Jade and his peers into the brains of thousands across the globe, and now it has been released, it cannot be stopped.” 

Within the world of Neurofunk, there are few that can rival the sheer force and quality of Eatbrain. Commanded by Hungarian D&B dynamo ‘Jade’, the label can now boast 30+ releases including solo EPs, LPs and some serious compilation albums with an artist roster many other labels could only dream of. Given they are only 5 years young, Eatbrain has set the levels high and this is most likely due to their simple, yet effective, philosophy: ‘Dark. Deep. Unfiltered. Unrestrained. This is premier drum & bass’. And they’re not wrong.

This label has gone above and beyond in terms of delivering what the people want and doing it better than any other kids on the block. With 3 EPs in the last month alone courtesy of Zombie Cats, Nickbee and Bl4ck Owlz, the sheer work rate combined with the untouchable quality accounts for the success of this sterling label. Fostering a rich blend of upcoming and established talent including the likes of Mindscape, Gancher & Ruin, Hypoxia, Nickbee, Signs etc and of course Jade himself, all basses, kicks and subs are more than covered.

With the wealth of quality within the Eatbrain roster, their success is no surprise; and because of the prestigious reputation Eatbrain have earned they’ll be one of our co-hosts in the Car Park at our next all day D+B special, Hospitality In The Dock! They’ll be matched up with Bristol’s The Blast and Exit Records representatives Richie Brains, which I’m sure you’ll agree will be a lethal combination. Such a cataclysmic tri-force will be sure to go down in Hospitality history, and if Hospitality In The Park was anything to go by this will be one for the record books.

EATBRAIN011 Digital 1k

Eatbrain’s quality was by no means evolutionary, and although they continue to raise the bar, they set it fairly high with the first releases they put out. Jade led the vanguard for the first release 5 years ago teaming up with State of Mind and swiftly recruiting the likes of Mindscape, Fourward, Black Sun Empire and Dose for remixes.

Since the molten hot tracks that first launched the label, Eatbrain has gone from strength to strength with impeccable cover art and merchandise, yet keeping the undiluted force present in all their records. Such a well-rounded and strong label such as Eatbrain is a true blessing, many labels provide outstanding music but few provide the multi-faceted sensory experience that Eatbrain does, with their stimulating and visceral concept artwork and the sheer audio weaponry they churned out. Eatbrain are undeniable kings in their own right.

Catch the Eatbrain League alongside a huge line up at east London’s Tobacco Dock on Friday 14th April. 2nd release tickets are on sale now!


Words by Ed Priest

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Locked In The Dock: Food for Thought

Festivals across the world are renowned for being a multi-faceted hybrid of amazing music, sterling production and of course, fantastic food. Now we here at Hospital are all huge foodies and anybody who’s been to one of our Midsummer BBQs at Studio 338 or Hospitality In The Park will know that we come correct with both the beats and the bites.



First up in our smorgasbord of culinary delights at Hospitality In The Dock is our resident cheese steak guru Earls. Now this sandwich stop and all round eatery has become a personal favourite of our commander-in-chief Tony Colman, and we can definitely see why. Heralded as ‘next level’ and the best food Mr Elektricity has ever eaten at a festival before, this street stall turned restaurant has cemented itself within the higher echelons of the London sandwich community. No easy feat I’m sure you’ll all agree. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 17.17.01

Earl’s owes its creation to Joe Gray, a graduate from Jamie Oliver’s cooking school and a man who has always taken inspiration from street food. Drawing from multiple cultures and cuisines for his menu, you can expect to see subs loaded with Korean buttermilk fried chicken along with pulled pork atop a deep fried mac ’n’ cheese patty. Each, of course, served with their respectively unique sauces. However, it is Earls signature dish, the one that earned the everlasting respect of Mr Elektricity, that deserves the utmost attention: The Hoxton Cheesesteak.

Seeking to transform the Philadelphia staple, Mr Gray gave this east coast classic a little London razzle-dazzle. The killer combo consists of a mouth-watering medley of thinly sliced seared bavettee steak accompanied with some oozily igneous Provolone cheese. Whack in some sweet confit onions, a handful of some pickled chillies, cover it in Earl’s signature bun sauce and hold it together in an artisan sub roll, and there you have it. Très magnifique!

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 17.10.22

With free range flesh and artisan breads all with a host of spectacular sauces, it is not just us who have been overwhelmed by the brilliance of this establishment. Rapper and Dubstepper Pavan Mukhi (Foreign Beggars) also rated this establishment as the best around. With other reviews such as ‘It’s like sex in and around my mouth’ you know you can believe the hype with this one. Located on Earls Street in-between Liverpool Street & Shoreditch High Street stations, if you can’t wait until the Docks (and we don’t blame you) be sure to head on over and give it a little taste. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 17.15.42



Alongside Earls will be the infamous London-based pop-up Pull & Punch, a vendor dedicated to the low and slow flavours of traditional American BBQ, so expect pulled pork and brisket a’plenty among other BBQ classics. However, they are not your run of the mill BBQ joint, these slow cooked street food staples are imbued and served with a host of different spices, including Korean Kimchi, South Indian Sorpotel, Cherry Wood and even Coconut. A significant step beyond the standard BBQ spread we feel…


Pull & Punch is the product of a perfect partnership between chef Rich Eversden and bartender Adam McGurk. With a host of experience between these two professionals, it is no surprise that Pull & Punch has the supremely sterling reputation that it does. But if you thought the delights of this pop-up paradise were limited to only food, how wrong you would be.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 17.19.21

Aside from delivering devastatingly delicious food, the Pull & Punch crew also provide a vast array of specialist cocktails. Designed in conjuncture with the unique menu, these alcoholic infusions include; Bourbon Coffee, Cardamom & Treacle Pino Noir and Liquorice & Pomegranate Rose. These kooky cocktails alongside the rich and aromatic meats purveyed by Pull & Punch leave them, in our books, a tour de force of all things culinary. Unfortunately, there is no fixed location for Pull & Punch, and can thus appear out of nowhere, at any time, in any place. So, why risk missing out on the chance to try some of their spicy and smokey treats on the 14th of April at Hospitality In the Dock? You never know where they could strike again…but to be on the safe side, we’d head down anyway.




Next up on our crusade of fine festival cuisine we have The Market Grill, a family owned street food vendor dedicated to producing the freshest and tastiest grilled food for all manner of occasions ‘promoting good vibes and great food’. Can’t argue with that. The Market Grill was born after founder Steve (a cabbie at the time) noticed there simply wasn’t enough quality and affordable food around London in 2008, just as the street food renaissance was blossoming into the New Food Order whirlwind that we are all so enthralled by today.

You can find The Market Grill at Merchant Square on Thursdays where they now run the bi-weekly market ‘Crave’ on Tuesdays & Thursdays. But how did they launch themselves into the forefront of the London street food scene I hear you ask? Surely a grill is just a grill? Wrong. This family run joint pioneered a new way for all things grilled with their famous, neigh, legendary surf & turf wrap. Consisting of succulent Rib-eye steak, king prawns, shredded lettuce, fresh chopped salsa, and skinny slaw all dressed with roasted garlic and tarragon butter. This is no mere wrap, this is a wrap that could reduce Edesia herself to break down in tears of garlic and tarragon infused bliss.


On top of that their wrap selection includes a handful of other delectable treats including the aptly named ‘G-Wrap’ featuring Peri Peri chicken, grilled halloumi & chorizo with the same salad & slaw treatment but this time accompanied by a lemon and pepper mayo. However, if wraps aren’t your thing the ‘G’ comes in burger form alongside the burger demigod that is TMGs: Bacon Cheese Burger, consisting of smoked streaky bacon, creamy Monterey jack cheese sitting atop a 100% hand rolled British beef mince patty. Go on, it would be rude not to…. Now if that wasn’t enough, The Market Grill features a choice of sweet potato or regular fries for the side, and a separate breakfast menu for those early morning munchies, featuring the classic full English bap alongside a top quality butchers sausage roll (or Egg roll’s for the veggies).


I think we can all agree that The Market Grill has proved themselves as going above and beyond the remit of the typical ‘grill’. With both an amazing menu and a regular location you can frequent, this fun family owned establishment will satisfy both your needs for hunger and happiness, and we cannot wait to get a taste of them at the dock.

Featuring the best in Sandwiches, BBQ and Cocktails, there is set to be something for everyone and you’d be very much the fool to miss out on the food that we have on offer at the Dock. Oh yeah, there’s also some pretty good music there as well… Tickets are on sale now, don’t sleep! 



Word by Ed Priest

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Hospitality In The Park – YourEDM Interview with Chris and London Elektricity


Words by Shane Armijo

In our beloved world of drum and bass, it’s quite a rare anomaly to find a label that prioritizes quality as though it’s the very fabric and lifeblood of their everyday decisions. With their followers’ best interests worn like hearts on their sleeves, Hospital Records and its band of die-hard followers are truly in a league of their own. Spearheaded by Chris Goss and Tony Colman (AKA London Elektricity), the nearly 21-year-old label has exemplified time and time again their originality, self-distinction and forward-thinking desire to nourish talented individuals to the best of their abilities. Is it their passion for consistency? Some would argue that it’s their phenomenal event planning. Or could it be their undeniably exceptional taste in music? Whether it is one or ALL of the above, fans from all over our little blue planet can rest comfortably knowing that deep in the heart of London, there’s a team working tirelessly to put forth the music that flows through our very bodies like the blood that circulates through our daily lives.


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