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Words by Dave Jenkins

“There’s no better feeling than being in the dance with your best mates and hearing a sick bassline drop. Nothing better in the world…”

Not our words; they’re the words of a buzzy young random from Bristol. He’s on his second ever rave and he’s decided to park his arse by us on some hay bales at the end of the night as we enjoy a last beer of the day and watch the happy Hospitalites bounce home through the gates. They’re walking like our new friend is talking. Situation? Vibey.

It’s been this way since the gates opened almost 12 hours ago: friendliness and positivity. It’s exactly what you should expect from any decent festival but there seemed to be an extra air of unity at this year’s Hospitality In The Park. This was potentially down to a combination of things…

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GigSoup – Hospitality In The Dock 14th April


Words by Zoe Anderson

Hospital Records certainly have their heads screwed on right. After twenty-one years in the game, the infamous drum and bass record label is still churning out some serious talent, with names like High Contrast and Camo and Krooked all under their wing. If you’re a d’n’b fan in the UK, it’s more than likely that you’ve either been to, or heard of one of Hospitality’s legendary events that spring up all around the country more than a handful of times a year. Their scope is so far reaching now, that they can command control of huge venues and sound systems that shake the earth and draw in thousands of people.


The main star of the show however, was always going to be The Great Gallery. After electrifying sets from S.P.Y and Nu:Logic (a collaboration of Nu:Tone and Logistics) there was a swift change over to make way for Dutch electronic trio Noisia. Their act was to be the grand-finale of a very fast-paced, high intensity day of music, and their hour set was billed as a multi-media stage experience, rather than a typical live performance. The trio sported strange flashing hoods as they took to the stage, and their set was accompanied by a constant stream of psychedelic visuals. As a spectacle, the set was hugely impressive, drawing in all kinds of creative elements to create a visually gorgeous experience. Unfortunately, their hard-hitting music seemed to get lost in the mix somewhere, and their sound became oddly disjoined as their set moved on.

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RWD Review: Hospitality D&B 2013

RWD Magazine have given us another super review of “Hospitality D&B 2013″ and a solid 3/5. Click the thumbnail on the left to read the full review.

And of course, if you haven’t got your copy yet then you can get it from: iTunes / Hospital Shop 

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InQuire Review Hospitality Kent

Review: Hospitality Nottingham 25.11.11

Hospitality Nottingham took place on the 25th November at Stealth & Rescue Rooms, and with a line up including Camo & Krooked, High Contrast, Emalkay and Logistics to name a few, the event was inevitably a killer. From the drop it was easy to see the night was set for excellence, as the venue was spacious but well attended and no doubt most importantly, the bar was well staffed to keep the drinks flowing.

Heading up the extensive lineup was Camo & Krooked presenting their recently released album ‘Cross the Line’. Their set was nothing less than outright scandalous with their new tracks ‘Get Dirty’ and ‘All Fall Down’ played alongside old school bangers like Lynx – ‘Disco Dodo’, taking their set to a whole new level of heavy and setting the crowd on fire. High Contrast took to the decks and as always did justice to the already hectic crowd, while Emalkay delivered the dirtiest dubstep set we have all come to expect and love from him.

With such an epic lineup it was easy to go between (stagger through) each of the different rooms and hear an equally mind-blowing set from the Hospital crew. A clear plus side of this event was the intense sound system provided by Stealth,
which undeniably kept ears happy and chests vibrating. MC’s of the evening including MC Wrec, Messy and Ruthless deserve huge credit for continuously keeping the crowd on a crazy hype and maintaining the overall flow. The atmosphere of the entire night was a united front of love for Hospital Records, and all those in attendance showed their appreciation by keeping the floor packed with flailing ravers and bass faces. Another great success for Hospitality!

Words: Caisie Dilks

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