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Locked in the Dock: History Lessons


Since the dawn of rave, it’s safe to say that there has been one genre that has always been the undisputed champion. We’re talking, of course, about Jungle. In the early 90s, we were blessed with a sound like no other. Punchy Amen breaks, weighty basslines and mad samples graced our warehouses and sound systems. With the likes of Kenny Ken, Randall, Fabio & Grooverider, Aphrodite and Micky Finn all championing this new sound.


Here at Hospital, we are linking up with the mighty Jungle Jam for the next Hospitality in the Dock event on the 30th of March 2018. Jungle Jam has been jamming jungle out to the masses since 2005. Starting out in Leeds to then putting on events that span up and down the U.K. and even with events covering across parts of Europe, these guys really know how to rinse it out proper!


DJ Randall : History Lesson

First up, we are delighted to have the DJ that we all know and love, DJ Randall, Mr Too-hot-too-handleRandall will be teaching us all a lesson or two in the long history of Drum and Bass at the dock this year. Having been around since the birth of Jungle, Randall‘s no stranger when it comes to spinning out an old-skool set. His mixing skill and tune selection are second to none which makes him the perfect DJ to guide us through the many years of Drum & Bass music. 


30 years of: Micky Finn & Aphrodite

Next, we have the mighty Micky Finn going B2B with Aphrodite. Its safe to say that these two are bonafide jungle legends and will be guiding us through the 30 years of their iconic Urban Takeover label and beyond. Having both been in the game for a very long time and pretty much pioneering the genre, there couldn’t be Jungle without the Finn and Aphrodite. Most notably In 1996, they teamed together in production and released their iconic DnB anthem, Badass. A track that continues to destroy dance floors whenever it gets played to this day. This set is definitely one not to be missed!


Krust: Warhead era classics set

Finally touching down to grace the Jungle Jam stage we have the Bristol don that is none other than DJ Krust. During the late 90s and early 2000s, Krust was bombarding the scene with his heavy style of Drum & Bass that was never heard before on his and Roni Sizes’ label Full Cycle Records. Tunes like ‘Don’t Front’ and ‘Break ya Neck’ to name a few. But ultimately everybody who knows their D&B will think of one tune and one tune only when they hear Krusts name. That tune is Warhead. Released back in 1997 on V Recordings. The tune was an instant classic and was getting dropped by every DJ at every rave across the U.K., putting Krusts name firmly on the Drum & Bass map for good!

Catch the man himself doing a ‘Warhead Era’ classics set alongside so many other original junglist dons. Less than a month to go now, calling all junglists, your time is now!




Words by James Hillyard

Posted 12th March 2018 in Blog, Features

Locked In The Dock: Words As Weapons


By now we are certain that you’re aware of the talent we have lined up for Hospitality In The Dock. The horde of amazing DJs and live acts we’ve got are nothing short of perfection. But, with each and every style of bass music under the sun covered, we needed some pretty spectacular hosts to govern proceedings.

Some fiery lyricists are on the bill to act as master of ceremonies across all three of our stages, each injecting their own trademark flavour. To big up these wordsmiths, were going to go over some of our favourite songs featuring these talented linguists and pick our best bars for each song. Expect a versatile blend of Bass, Ragga, Hip Hop and D&B for this one, so set your hype levels to gas mark 7 and prepare to listen to some pure fiyaaah.

Coming in first we have resident Hospital hitman Dynamite MC and serial badman Harry Shotta featuring on Krafty Kuts: ‘The War Is Over’.

This one is seriously tough. Incredible flow from everyone involved and picking our favourite set of bars was no simple task. But we gave it our best shot. Incredible double time flow from all of these guys, it’s the speed and clarity that is as impressive as the lyricism in this case.

Harry Shotta: ‘So shoddy with the syllables and the similes never similar to me there’s no symmetry, similar to nobody I’m never taking liberties killing them with these crafty bars to move military’.

Dynamite MC: This season been proving to be moving all rows improving never losing. Touch for the rows for the flows they go rough. Hammer when I hammer my grammar they can’t touch.

Upfront and serious, these bars go in. MC’ing is a serious business and these guys are the CEOs. You can cop their flows on the Hospitality main stage and in the Little Gallery. They set the levels very high, so lets keep the ball rolling with man like Skibadee.

Ticka Tock is one of the greatest things to emerge from the UK. Big, bad and heavy, with energetic breakbeats, ragga vibes and tough lyrics. This track detonates dance floors from Dublin to Denmark and is always guaranteed to go off.

MC Skibadee: It’s Skibba, a quick spitter, I got my finger on the trigger I’m a wig splitter, I know that MCs are sick but I’m much sicker, I know MCs are quick but I’m much quicker.

With an impeccable flow and a persona to match the heat that sprays from his mouth, Skibba is one of the great MCs of our generation and we are seriously hyped to see him tear down the dance at The Dock in our jungle haven.

Rolling in next we have one of Bristols homegrown mic controllers. MC Carasel has been donning tingz for a number of years now. A versatile host who plays shows for the likes of Hospital, Playaz and Serial Killaz. His upfront and fiery attitude is only rivalled by the content and flow of his lyrics.

MC Carasel: ‘Diss crews get dismissed, find themselves placed on the blacklist. You make me wanna slit my wrists, we can’t co-exist. Dissing you is just target practice’.

Jheeze. Dark and dutty from Carasel, and we expect nothing less. As one of the South-Wests finest spitters he’s guaranteed to get you moving at The Dock come April, and you can catch him on the main stage.

Hosting the Eatbrain League show featuring Jade, Mindscape and Aggressor Bunx,  in ‘The Car Park’ is the man behind Comanche Records: MC Coppa. With an instantly recognisable voice, he has provided the vocals to a number of dark D+B and Neurofunk, and is arguably the most respected host within this sub-genre.

MC Coppa: ‘Whose pedalling, medicine, very unsettling. Manson, Marilyn, stage fright harrowing. Charlie Manson, back to the family, feds coming after me. What a catastrophe’

This weighty Neuro destroyer is provided with a whole extra degree of potency through Coppas horror-infused lyrics. To be played only after midnight, this one would bring out the Psycho in all of us.

Switching up the vibes now we’ve got the seven figure swagger dons that are: ‘Foreign Beggars’. Playing in the Car Park alongside a broad set of artists from the brought to us by: The Blast, Exit and Eatbrain. This dynamic duo have been showing the world how the UK does Rap & Hip Hop for well over a decade now, and there is a reason they are so revered.

When someone talks about UK Hip Hop, a handful of names come to mind: Task Force, Jehst, Roots Manuva and of course Foreign Beggars. In 2016 they can boast a seasoned and diverse discography having spat over Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime and Drum & Bass. But it’s their Hip Hop roots that get the mention this time. With their iconic ‘Jump’ (Badman Riddim) and incredible works with Noisia as I Am Legion, you could be forgiven for overlooking some of their previous tunes. Well if you aren’t in the know, that’s what we are here for. Frosted Perspeks is a true Hip Hop artefact, a raw beat showcasing razor sharp lyricism leave this track as one of the best.

Foreign Beggars (Orifice Vulgatron): ‘Living life fixed like programmed microbes, Governed by lies, who just hide behind their white robes. My mind knows better but we choose to walk the tightrope, Eyes wide open but we’re shadowed by the blindfold’.

Much like Frosted Perspeks, Black Hole Prophecies is another one of the great Hip Hop tunes to sprout from a pair of UK MCs. A raw, gloomy boom bap beat complimented with complex lyrical imagery with rich abstract concepts render this track as solid gold. Featuring both entities that make up Foreign Beggars, if there was ever to be a museum of Hip Hop, this would be one of the most highly sought exhibits.

Foreign Beggars (Orifice Vulgatron): ‘A charming thief bestowed forth into oblivion, caught past the millions of warlord’s forced dominions. The cohorts of billions, the raw stock simian,
forethought sought to spawn his brawn amongst his minions’.

Foreign Beggars (Metropolis): ‘I hobble home in the shredded threads of a borrowed robe, but my bottle holds sorrows in a hollow hold.See, I’m of the Apollo mold, meaning I drift through space via bull with a copper tone’.

There have been some wicked lyrics in this piece, offering a different style from the last. Shotta and Dynamite going in with the double time, Skibba bringing his ruffneck attitude, Carasel donning the upfront vibe, Coppa with the horror flow and Foreign Beggars with their trademark lyrical wizardry. We expect to enjoy these multifarious methods live at The Dock, and they will be the perfect accoutrement to the abundance of incredible DJs and performers that are locked, cocked, and ready to roll for the Dock in April.

If you haven’t got your Hospitality In The Dock tickets yet due to either living under a rock, being broke or simply being a melt, then get involved by following the links below.



Words by Ed Priest


Posted 3rd January 2017 in Blog, Features