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Hospitality at Rise Festival 2017

Hospitality Cold Snaps: How to do Rise Festival 2017


Hospitality are back for everyone’s favourite high-altitude party at Rise Festival 2018. Combining the extremest of sports, with the finest in drum + bass music for the ultimate in winter festivities.

Boasting one of the highest festivals in the world spanning venues at 1600-3200m in Les Deux Alpes mountains, the views are picturesque and the beats are rampant. For our fourth year at Rise, Hospitality are once again bringing the fire to the cold French Alps with a mixture of hard-hitting drum + bass and cool liquid rollers. Not much beats the feeling of tearing down a snowy mountainside but I’m pretty sure a Hospitality event in the skies might just top it.

Hospital Rise Festival Insta-2

But to be able to survive the chills and thrills of Rise whilst keeping yourself in check for some tasty skiing and snowboarding, we’ve come up with some Dos and Don’ts to help you make the most of your week in the mountains.

Do: Catch the Hospitality showcase. Big line-up, big tunes and big vibes on a big mountain. Nuff said.

Don’t: Get too hammered on the slopes. The mountains can be a dangerous beast that needs to be tamed, and you wouldn’t throw yourself into a Lion’s ring smashed on Jager, or would you?

Do: Grab a ski or snowboard lesson if you haven’t been before. You might think you’re the next Sean White from spending hours on SSX back in the day, but chances are you’ll be spending more time on your arse than cruising down the slope like a elegant eagle. Even if you’re going with seasoned skiers, there’s not a chance they’ll want to stick with you on the beginner and green slopes, so get yourself a couple lessons and you can join them in the skies.

Don’t: Splash the cash on expensive gear when you’re there. Borrow as much equipment as you can, buy any clothes at home and bring’em with you. You’ll already be forking out on transport, accommodation, food and drink so keep within the limits and only hire out those bare necessities.


Do: Check out the range of venues Rise has to offer, wherever you may be on the mountain. Grab yourself a bev and hit the bars for some wild apres-ski parties

Don’t: Forget to RSVP for the ultra-exclusive Katana Secret Party. Tucked in a 300-capacity venue only accessible by a little climb up the mountain, it’s totally worth the trip for the roaring fires and belting bangers.

Do: There’s nowt better than Alpine food. Tartiflette and cured meats is the bomb, and complete that with a bottomless alcoholic brunch and you’ve pretty much got yourself sorted for the day. Rise are offering endless supplies of beer, wine and genipi to kick your day off right if you’re feeling a bit dead from the night before.

Do: Reach peak zen at peak heights at the highest spot in Les Deux Alpes with a touch of Alpine Yoga. There’s no better place to do your downward dogs than looking over some bangin’ landscapes to find that ultimate place of serenity within your soul. Might also be a good place to neutralise the buzz of a solid week of alcohol induced debauchery. If yoga seems a little too much for your tender minds and bodies then take yourself up the mountain for a bit of R&R at one of the spas L2A are famous for, there might not be a better cure for a Hospitality event than a massage…

Don’t: Miss out on Bristol badboys My Nu Leng & Dread MC. We had the lads down at Hospitality in the Park spewing fire to the D+B crowd and it went down an absolute treat, and they’re back for a tasty set this year at Rise too! The heat coming from their big weighty bassline/DnB would be enough to make even the polar ice caps melt so there’s no doubt that there will streams of people heading to this one, make sure you’re one of them.


Do: Know your limits. There’s nothing worse than nursing that hangover and missing out on a day of slick skiing and some killer DJs. But there’s also that problem of skiing too much you miss out on the apres-ski. Finding that sweet equilibrium between drinking and partying is a real thing of talent that only you special folk can master, the rest of you can just give it a go.

Don’t: Book the first accommodation that pops up. No one wants some below par bed with broken springs and a pongy stench of a dead marmot in the chimney, believe me I’ve been there. Definitely worth a shout getting your Poirot moustache out and inspecting the best value accommodation that will be the ideal place to rest up from a hectic week of skiing and skanking. Don’t make it too good though, we want to see you partying hard with us and you’ll have no money left for the bevs.


Do: If yoga doesn’t feel your soul with positive vibes enough, Rise have organised a meditation session deep inside the L2A ice cave to cool away the dramas of life (or any raging hangovers). This might just be the only bit of ultimate tranquility you’ll get all week, so definitely RSVP yourself in.

Don’t: Head to only things you know, there is music-aplenty to whet every taste. You’re in a foreign country so you might as well be experimental with your music, and don’t limit yourself to just the one venue, there are plenty to indulge in. You’ve got nightclubs, large outdoor stages and high altitude arenas as well as piste-side venues… Have to say, check out Kaizen Record boss Madam X for an eclectic mix from techno to dubstep and everything in between… remember the name.

Do: Check out extreme snow sports collective ‘Jibworx’ if you need a little inspo on how to further your snow-based abilities. They’re headed to Rise for a little showcase of their own skills, but there’ll also been a bit of scope for you to try and impress them with your abilities, or lack of.

Don’t: Forget to bring your Hospitality merch. We want to see as many of you possibly representing DnB in the mountains, it’s not often drum and bass reaches new literal heights and we want to make the most of seeing all you heads bopping and feet skanking to the Hospital boys Nu:logic, Metrik, Etherwood and Hugh Hardie.


Do: Get higher that a kite… Not many festivals offer an option to go paragliding but at Rise you can channel your inner eagle and soar over the Alps. There’s no doubt this will be the second-most overwhelming experience at the festival after Hospitality, but it’s definitely worth a look-in.

Don’t: Anyone remember that film Snow Dogs from when you were a kid? No? Well it was pretty s**t, but doing Husky riding would be pretty frickin’ epic. Rise are offering some of you lucky lot the opportunity to take part in the sled riding the old-school way, with Huskies. This isn’t your average festival, but there is wine thrown in!

Do: Pack some warm clothes. It’s going to be f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g, so make sure you bring thermals and some big jumpers. You could even treat yourself to a Hospital Records hoodie which will keep you looking fly and feeling warm on the slopes.



Words by Viv Beech

Posted 30th November 2017 in Blog, Features


Hospitality at ADE 2017

Hospitality Leeds 14.09.16: A Freshers Guide To Hospitality

leeds hospitality

Calling all freshers! Starting uni is a daunting experience for anyone and we here at Hospital Records understand that. So what better way to get to know your new uni pals than partying until 6am at Hospitality? Here are our top tips to making the most out of our Canal Mills takeover this Friday… and being a fresher in the right way!

1. Pre-Drinks Playlist

The pre’s playlist… We’ve all been to a pre-drinks where the music just isn’t on point. And let’s face it, playing Taylor Swift’s new tune just isn’t on before a drum & bass night is it? So look no further! Hospital’s Best of D+B playlist has a huge 31 hours (!!) of the finest beats and bass from over the years and every shade and style of D+B.


2. Put on your Hospital T-Shirt

Ladies and gents if you want to be truly representing at Canal Mills this October make sure you have a browse on the Hospital Shop  and grab one of our fresh designs. D+B family unite!


3. Comfortable Shoes

This is very important. Heels are a nemesis for anybody at a Hospitality night, for those wearing them and those in close distance! Drum & bass is an energetic game, so a heel on the foot would be enough to ruin your mood or your night. And if you’re wearing them, by the time mid night comes around your feet will be calling you to go home… Don’t make that mistake and slip ono a comfy pair of trainers!


4. Find a good kebab shop for the walk home

If it’s one thing freshers are guilty of, it’s having way more kebabs than anyone should in 12 months! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled around Leeds for a decent spot to grab a bite after Hospitality! You’ll have burnt so many calories during the show (if you took my advice in step 3) it technically won’t even count, right?

5. Don’t Try And Sneak In Booze

We’re not here to judge, but that really (not really) discrete litre of voddy isn’t going to make it past the front door. Don’t ruin your much anticipated Hospitality night by trying to get wasted for a fraction of the price… it may end up losing you a night you won’t get back. Which is a much bigger cost to pay!

6. Sing a song with your new best mates on the way home

There’s nothing like a classic tune to bring a group of people together, and we all love to sing loud and proud after a few too many drinks. Round off the perfect night by singing a cheesy tune with all your new mates on the walk back to halls. Personally we recommend Fred V & Grafix – ‘Ultraviolet’!

7. Don’t Forget The After Party!

A very important part of the night is ensuring it doesn’t end too soon! As a fresher it’s essential to stay up way longer than necessary for absolutely no other reason than because you can. Plan or find a good afters to mingle with even more fellow freshers! A Hospitality night is one to be celebrated all the way through until dawn…NRfd9X

Final release tickets are available now, grab yours before they’re all gone!


Words by Philippa Ghosh

Posted 10th October 2016 in Blog, Features

City Spotlight: Leeds


Leeds has always been one of our favourite cities to host a Hospitality, we’ve made over 6 years of memories in the North’s vibrant city and we’re proud to keep coming back every year with even bigger takeovers than before! Throughout the past decade we’ve been lucky enough to play in some of England’s best venues and Leeds definitely looks after some of our favourites!

Nottingham’s party bringers Detonate are the perfect partner in crime to take Hospitality to Leeds with. They’re also responsible for getting the best in bass to Sheffield and Nottingham and have appeared at some of the biggest dance music festivals in the UK such as Mint festival.

The almighty Leeds O2 Academy has been the home to some incredible nights over the years! We had one of our fastest ever selling shows in 2011, the family force has always been strong within its walls.

Since 2015 we’ve added Canal Mills to our Leeds stop-offs, an 18th century creative and artistic space for art, fashion, food and electronic music events – the perfect place for a Hospitality showdown.

D+B in Leeds continues to stay strong with numerous other nights like ‘Jungle Jam’, ‘Overflow’ and ‘Central Beatz’ representing the 174BPM contingent. These three separate nights all come together for ‘License To Jungle’ at The Old Red Bus Station. Alongside holding some pretty memorable drum & bass parties Leeds is also home to some seriously talented artists including high flying duo Sigma and Dispatch Recordings label owner Ant TC1.

To Hospital Records, Leeds is so much more than a city – its a community rich in music culture and bubbling hub of creative minds that have contributed to the diverse and open armed exploration of drum & bass. For these reasons Leeds has become one of our favourite cities to visit, and we cannot wait to see you again in October!

Catch Hospital favourites Fred V & Grafix, Metrik, Maduk, Krakota and Ownglow alongside special guests Wilkinson and Calyx & Teebee on Friday 14th October at Canal Mills.


By Philippa Ghosh

Posted 20th September 2016 in Blog, Features