Since matters closure Hospitality London has been somewhat nomadic.

But consistently every year we have taken the first Friday of the year at fabric or matter (RIP). For those that remember the queues at the tube station for our show in 2009 and our event at fabric back in July 2010 you’ll know that they’re an experience. With 3 cavernous rooms it gives us scope to be a bit more creative with the rest of the line up. It also allows us to become a part of a great tradition in drum and bass at one of the most outstanding venues of our generation.

fabric has consistently been a holy grail on the pilgrimage of any drum and bass fan. And the venues sound has been a benchmark for any venue we’ve taken on since. 7th Jan gives us an opportunity to take on all 3 rooms and to show off the venue to any of our fans that have yet to experience it. If you haven’t got lost in the cavernous archways yet then we all hope you enjoy the experience.

For those that have been there a bit more consistently over the years there are certain tunes that stand out. Tunes that were aired on that system repeatedly, that evoke memories of the room you heard it in first.

DJ stanza is a man that has been down to fabric many times over the years as a raver or an artist driver . We’re pleased to give him his fabric debut on 7th Jan. He has kindly put together this “best of fabric” mix. Built up of tunes that he has heard at the venue in that period.

Are you looking forward to making your fabric debut on 7th Jan

Like you wouldn’t believe!  It sounds really cheesy but it really is a dream come true to be honest.  I feel like its a “rite of passage” for anyone who aspires to be professional dj.

You’ve appeared at a few Hospitality events of late, which have you enjoyed the most ?

I’ve enjoyed them all to be honest, but Brighton (Hospitality Brighton’s 5th Birthday) probably takes the crown so far.  You know without fail that a Hospitality night wherever it is will be rammed with an open minded crowd that like to party so the conditions are perfect at every one I’ve done.

Despite the fact that you have a few releases your DJing is becoming prolific. What do you use, vinyl cd’s etc ? what are the advantages, disadvantages ?

I can and do use all formats for dj’ing but its predominantly Serato now.  I used vinyl and vinyl alone for years which I’m glad I did as I think it creates a better “dj” (look at Andy C & Friction!), there are certain subtle things you learn and respect playing vinyl which I don’t think I’d have done playing CD’s or Serato from the start.  But unfortunately playing 100% vinyl would really limit the music I have at my disposal so I’ve been using Serato for just over a year now.  The massive downside is the setting up which is really nerve racking at times especially infront of a huge crowd, but if I can do it in advance I will.  If I can’t I’ll try not to get in the other dj’s way by starting/ending on a cd so the setting up is my problem not their’s (serato dj’s take note!).  Once Serato is set up though it’s amazing, it has a genuine vinyl experience but with extras like cue points and looping which add new dimensions and speed to the equation, people like Marky and Netsky use it to great effect.

You supplied us with the Hospitality mix for Hospitality 2010- and are Highly valued as a DJ, was it fun putting this mix together ?

It was a challenge but I really enjoyed it.  I had to use every single track and the mix had to be between 60-70mins.  Some of the tracks I knew really well before hand, others I didn’t at all.  I only found out the tracklisting on a Friday afternoon and had to submit a mix by the Monday morning, and I had gigs that weekend too only leaving me with the Sunday afternoon to do it so it was a bit stressful.  Some of the mixes were easier than others which had to be “crowbarred” in but overall given the conditions I think it was a “best fit”.  I’m really happy with it.

You’ve been down to fabric many times over the years….How important do you think the venue has been to drum and bass ?

Absolutely essential, it’s a world class club and flagship institution (even more so now that Matter isn’t open) that has championed drum & bass in a high profile way for years which gives drum & bass a credibility to “outsiders” it might not have had otherwise.  Even beyond the club nights the fabriclive album’s have been key in capturing and influencing the contemporary sound of d&b across the board for a while now.

The selection is wide and varied and a good selection of tunes. Do you have any outstanding fabric memories connected to the tunes ?

I wanted the mix to reflect a typical experience for me at Fabric.  I’m really bad at staying in one room and every time I go I constantly float from one room to another, one minute listening to deep rollers in room 2, the next listening to techy growlers in room 3 so that’s what I was trying to get at with the eclecticity of this mix.  They’re all tunes I’ve heard at one point or another in Fabric, some of them personal favourites where I’ll be standing at the side of the room quietly smiling to myself (Calibre – Second Sun) and other’s smashers that have had the whole room skanking in unison (Mr Happy – D Minds & Hazard).

what can we expect from you on 7th Jan ?

I get a kick out of odd combinations so I’ll endeavour to forge the soft with the hard, the well known with the unknown, the old with the new and a few new tunes I’m working on at the moment.

As we move in to 2011 it give us time to reflect on 2010, what were your favourite events/moments ?

On a personal level, touring Poland in January, seeing Rose Garden released on Sick Music 2, bootlegging Grum’s Heartbeats then getting a proper remix commissioned,  getting asked to mix Hospitality Drum & Bass 2010 then seeing the album get to Number 3 in the UK iTunes album chart and all the other gigs I’ve been lucky to play at have been phenomenal.  It’s also been great to see good friends and other artists doing so well this year like Lomax, Mutated Forms, MC AD, Carasel, Netsky and Danny Byrd.  This year has seen drum & bass reach wider audiences and I’m just grateful to be a part of it.  Roll on 2011!

Tickets for [email protected] available here.

Stanza mix available here

Second Sun – Calibre – Signature

>> Nasty Ways – Dillinja – Valve

Solaris Theme  – Chris Su – Subtitles

You’ve Got The Love – Candi Staton – Holdtight Remix – Industry

Slide Away – Dj Die – V Recordings

Represent – Brockie & Ed Solo – Undiluted

Hello – Zinc – Fierce & Break Remix – Bingo

>> Dubplate – Wots My Code – Total Science Remix – CIA

Midnight  – Uncut ft Jenna G – MIST Remix – Wired

>> Vault  – Pendulum – 31 records

A New Technique – Nu:Logic – Hospital

Aztec – Spor – Shogun

Mr Maverick – Calibre – Signature

Gateman – Digital – Phantom Audio

Co Coa – Clipz – Full Cycle

Billion Dollar Gravy – London Elektricity – Hospital

Arcade – Supra – White

>> Fallin – Raiden – Renegade Hardware

Mr Happy – D Minds & DJ Hazard – Playaz

Lost Hours – Icicle – Critical

Murderation – Logistics – Hospital

Screw Up – Ewun – The Upbeats Remix – Lifted Music

>> Carrier – Fierce & Cause 4 Concern – Quarantine

Faith Massive – Lomax – Ram

Diplodocus – Noisia – Quarantine

Turn Up the Music – Camo & Crooked – Hospital

>> Redline – Fierce & Break – Quarantine

Tapestry – Marky & SPY ft Miri – Innerground

>> Let’s Cruise – Will Miles – Dubplate

Rose Garden – Stanza – Hospital

NRG ’93 – Utah Jazz – Vintage

>> LFO – LFO – Cyantific Bootleg – Dubplate