One of the biggest news stories for the end of 2011 is the signing of S.P.Y to Hospital. A name who should be familiar to Hospitality fans, Brazilian born Carlos Lima has a long history with Hospital and we are delighted to finally welcome him to the family as an exclusively signed artist. Most recently S.P.Y has brought us such gems as “Turn The Lights Off” and “Untold Future” and he has plenty more up his sleeve for 2012, make no mistake!HospitalityDNB decided it was time to catch up with the man himself ahead of his set at Hospitality Kent on Saturday January 28th 2012 to find out more about his real name, why he’s so prolific and SPY:Tone…

So,  S.P.Y – what does that mean / why did you call yourself that? 
Well the whole S.P.Y thing started back in 2005. Back then I was DJing under the name SPYDER and it had to be changed because two months before the release of my first track (‘Till Dawn on Metalheadz ) another producer from America released an EP under the same name. So I had to find a new name really quickly so to make things easy I have decided to drop the DER. And go with. S.P.Y or SPY.

Your real name is very long is it not? What is it in full?
Hmmm…  It’s quite common to have at least 3 or 4 surnames in Brazil. My Full name is. Carlos Barbosa de Lima Junior

You’re originally from Brazil aren’t you; how did that influence you musically growing up?
Yes, I was born in Brazil, and I was aways  surrounded by good music.  My father use to be a DJ back on the 70’s 80’s and he was a drummer as well, so I grow up listening to his Funk, Souls, Jazz and Disco record collection.

But you’ve lived in London for a while now – what are the best things about London (apart from Hospitality!)? 
I think London it’s a pretty amazing city and when everything happens this city inspires me so much, I feel really creative over here. There so much going on here all the time, and culture and art are really accessible to everyone. I think the best thing about London is, here you have the chance to be who you want to be, it’s just a matter of if you work for it.

You’re a very prolific producer. What inspires you in the studio?
I believe what makes me be a prolific producer is the UK’S bad weather!  It’s aways too cold to be outdoors.  I get lots of inspiration from films and images, quite few of my tracks I wrote straight after I have watched a movie…I would love to write a sound track for a movie someday

Do you prefer DJ-ing or producing?
I love both! Can’t choose between them.

Now tell us about the latest “SPY:Tone” phenomenon – how did all that come about?
Spy:tone came about at the Hospital Records take over of Drum & Bass Arena TV. When Nu:Tone and I played back to back on the overtime of the show, and we haven’t planned any of that, it was just us having fun dropping tracks into each other.  The audience seem to liked it 🙂

So, SPY:Tone aside, what have you got planned for 2012?
For 2012 I have planned the release of my debut album on Hospital Records; I have been working on it for quite sometime now, and it’s all taking shape nicely, so that’s my main focus right now. After that I want to work in some more remixes and probably work in some more collabs.

We’re really looking forward to your set in Kent. What can we expect from a SPY set?
I will be testing out lots of new music and possibly be playing some of the tracks from my forthcoming album.

You can catch S.P.Y at Hospitality Kent on Saturday 28th January 2012 alongside: High Contrast, Netsky, London Elektricity, Cayntific, S.P.Y, Brookes Brothers, Logistics b2b Nu:Tone, Fred V & Grafix, Breakologists. Hosted by: Wrec, Dynamite, AD, Ruthless. BUY TICKETS