Can you give us a little introduction about yourself?
Hi! I’m Kid Hops. I’m based in beautiful Seattle, USA. I host two weekly radio programs on KEXP 90.3fm and, I deejay weekly in the clubs, and I produce music with Quadrant & Iris and other co-conspirators.

What’s your connection with Hospital Records?
Firstly, I love the tunes on Hospital; I’m a fan. Beyond that, I’ve been playing Hospital records in the clubs and on the radio since the inception of the label – helping spread the gospel of fun-filled beats. Through the years, I’ve played alongside Hospital artists as they’ve visited Seattle, and I’ve appeared at Hospitality events as well.
More recently, I’ve written tunes with Quadrant & Iris that Tony, Chris & Tomahawk liked enough to put on the label. “Hovercraft” appeared on the Hospitality Drum & Bass 2013 album.

What are your thoughts on Hospital opening an office in LA?
It’s wicked! And well-timed. I’m thrilled to see Hospital increase their North American presence – it’s important for the health of drum & bass culture in the Americas.

What was the first Hospital track you ever owned?
The Peter Nice Trio “Harp of Gold,” but London Elektricity’s “Ultrasound EP” sealed the deal and made me a Hospital fan for life.

What’s your favorite track ever released on Hospital and why?
Oh, man! I was hoping you’d ask this!!! My favorite is Ill Logic & Raf’s “The Price” featuring Spoonface on vocals. It’s a wicked blend of rollin’ drums and a reggae-influenced bassline. Spoonface is the icing on the cake – toasting lyrics about lost love and late-night bus rides. I love this tune – it’s got enough punch for a dancefloor, but enough sweetness for the uninitiated. It’s a stellar song from a talented duo who issued too few tunes and stopped way too early.

What’s your take on the current state of dnb in the US?
It’s thriving! I am very happy to see drum & bass on the upswing in the US, re-invigorated by new audiences, new producers and deejays, alongside the folks that have been enthusiastically supporting it from the start. D&B in the US is in a healthy & exciting place. It’s great!

What Hospital release do you think had the biggest impact on the US dnb scene?
The biggest is yet to come – and I am thrilled to see the way Fred V & Grafix, Netsky, and S.P.Y have made so many new fans in the US over the past couple years.

How do you feel about being a part of the inaugural LA show?
I am thrilled! And humbled…and immensely grateful to be included in the inaugural Hospital LA show. There’s only ever one “first one,” and I’m stoked to be a part of it!

What’s the first track you show people who are unfamiliar with drum and bass?
Logistics “Together” followed quickly by Nu:Tone’s take on “Spread Love” – it’s what it’s all about, right?

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