Hi guys! Great to catch up with you both as we know you have been very busy touring the world! At the moment you guys are in Tokyo. How is that going? What is the scene like over there compared to Europe?

Tokyo is an amazing city and the culture is very different to Europe. The food is great , the people are very friendly and its very busy and loud everywhere, we measured 106dB at a gaming center for example!

The D&B scene is built around the Womb Club and the local DJ hero, DJ Aki. Our gig there was fun and very packed, everyone was having a great night and we cant wait to come back to Japan.

It’s been over a year since the release of your amazing ‘Zeitgeist’ album which was so well received across the scene and by all your fans worldwide. Have you had time get back in the studio again?

Since “Zeitgeist” we released 2 remixes for Lana Del Rey and Klangkarussell and are now working on our next album. It is a very exciting project for us and we cant wait to have enough time in the studio again, as we are taking time off from playing gigs during this winter.

The ‘Zeitgeist’ tour has been worldwide. Were there any particular stops that stick out? Where has the craziest crowds and what was the most odd thing you witnessed?

We had so many great shows this year so its really hard to pick special ones, but we really enjoyed the Let It Roll Festival in the Czech republic this year, as the crowd was just crazy and the production was next level!

On the 1st November you join the Hospital family at The Rainbow venues in Birmingham. Are you looking forward to it and what can we expect from your headling set?

We are very much looking forward to come back to Birmingham and present our view on D&B, mixing up our own productions with classics, minimal D&B, Hits and unreleased material.

Birmingham is home to the famous Cadburys Chocolate factory. If either of you had to be a chocolate bar what would it be and why?

Camo –  Fruit and Nut, bit sporty, trying to be healthy. But being unhealthy and fat after all;)

Krooked – white chocolate: If chocolate had a studio tan.

Another random food related Birmingham fact… HP Brown sauce comes brum but what’s your condiment of choice?

We are not a big fan of the brown sauce but I guess the choice of sauce goes with what food you are having. A classic ketchup can be very good as well sometimes!

What’s tracks are you feeling at the moment?

The moody blues – nights in white satin: most epic song, an evergreen.

Darkside – Gone Too Soon: Very creative and inventive piece of music.

Quite unusual choices there! Thanks for chatting to us and we look forward to catching up with you very soon. Safe travels! 🙂

Saturday 1st November // Event Page HERE // Ticket Link HERE