– Hi Whiney, thanks for chatting with us. What have you been up to?

Hi guys! Where to begin? I’ve been very, very busy recently trying to balance writing music with performing, playing sport and keeping up with assignments as I’m now well into my 2nd year at the University of Manchester. It’s quite a task to try and squeeze it all in but one that I wouldn’t change for anything. The amount of good Drum & Bass nights the city has been having recently is just adding to the collection of things I want/am trying to do; the likes of Break, Critical, Ed Rush, Icicle and of course Hospitality WHP in December are all big, but healthy, distractions. On the production front, I’ve been collaborating a lot more recently too, so you can expect to hear tunes from me featuring the likes of Keeno, Command Strange, Phase, LaMeduza, Ed Tullett, Conduct and others (hopefully) very soon!

– We have recently seen you appear on Med Schools infamous ‘New Blood’ compilation. How did that come about and how did it feel to appear on such a renown collection of music?

I’d been in talks with Tony and the Med School crew about my music for a couple of weeks before the album was finalised, and from a batch of 5 tunes it was decided ‘Spaceman’ would be the most fitting for the compilation. To feature on the series is a great priveledge as the quality and diversity of music covered within the 20 tracks is pretty outstanding – I don’t think there was a tune on the album that I disliked.

– In the past, we have also seen you collaborate with the labels young gun Keeno, on releases such as ‘Sleeplessness’ & ‘Borderless’. How did you guys meet and join forces?

Will (Keeno) and I – believe it or not – met over soundcloud when I asked for his advice on one of his early uploads. The pair of us got talking over AIM and found that we had very similar intentions when it came to writing music, which, naturally brought the pair of us together to the point where we started collaborating regularly and eventually met up to work in the studio in person around mid 2011. We both have a very similar background when it comes to how we got into music with the two of us classically trained from a very young age. I think between the pair of us we can play piano, violin, clarinet and guitar to varying standards and have sung in choirs and performed in orchestras up and down the country.

– On Saturday 13th December you will join the Med School elite as they hold down room 2 of Hospitality in Brighton. Are you looking forward to the show? Have you played in Brighton before?

I cannot wait for the show and have heard only good things about the venue – Concorde 2. This will be my first time performing in Brighton which adds to the excitement and sentiment of the night. I’m also extremely looking forward to hearing Nu:Tone’s new album and Anile’s EP on a quality sound system (you’ll be able to find me in the middle of Room 1 with my dancing shoes on no doubt).

– What can we expect from your set?

Bold basslines, plenty of atmosphere and lots of energy. There’s nothing more refreshing after a couple of big tracks than an even bigger breakdown section and build to the next, which is something I really try and implement into my sets. I play quite a varied range of styles from within the genre but you can expect to hear a lot of completely new and previously unheard tracks from myself and the collaborative list I mentioned above. I’m very excited to see how these go down as there’s only about 5 people, other than myself, that have heard these tunes before!

– In your record box this week we will find…. 

Phaction – Someone (ft. Katkin Willow)

Novo Amor – Callow

Nu:Tone – Tides (ft. Lea Lea)

Years & Years – Memo

Phase – Our Love (ft. LaMeduza)

– Wow, that quite the mixed bag there! Looking back on the year. What has been the best show you have attended this year?

The stand out event of the year for me is undoubtedly the Hospitality MidSummer BBQ. The entire day had an atmosphere I’ve never experienced before. The music, the venue, the food(!) was all spot on; it literally couldn’t have been put together any better. S.P.Y performed the best set I’ve ever seen and it was a pleasure to speak to him afterwards as he’s been a big influence on my music recently. Pangaea Festival in Manchester was also one i have to mention – performing alongside Shy FX, Special Request and Jenna G was pretty special and something I look forward to potentially doing again in January.

– What’s your favourite release of 2014 and why?

Future History by Nu:Tone is outstanding. The entire album shines with quality and the track ‘Tides’ is my favourite of the year. For me, it’s the perfect balance between an album you could fully appreciate at home but also lose yourself to at a concert, and is a piece of work that really gives you a glimpse into the experience Nu:Tone has gained over his career. I couldn’t leave out Life Cycle by Keeno however which is a very close second. Having heard several versions of every single tune on the album since its inception and to where Will’s taken them has been quite special.

– What have you asked Santa for this year?

I’m yet to write my christmas list (can’t believe it’s nearly December already!) but there’s a few things I can think of to put on there. A brand new set of monitors, EastWest’s orchestral range and perhaps the release of a debut EP/LP would be pretty nice. If Santa doesn’t deliver then I guess I can always fall back on the pair of socks and questionable scarf I get from my nan every.single.year. (Nan if you’re reading this I do appreciate the socks really).

– What’s coming up in 2015 for Whiney?

Lots and lots of very exciting stuff that I’m not allowed to say anything about at the moment! I can guarantee you’ll be seeing a lot more of me though at events and hearing a lot of my music in what’s shaping up to be a very exciting next 12 months. Just before 2014 ends however, you’ll be able to catch my remix of ‘Colours’ by Franklin forthcoming on the Liquicity Escapism 2 album, due out December 1st.

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