Hey Marky,  did you have a good Christmas & New Year? What did you get up to?

Hi yeah, I had a fantastic Xmas with my family and I played in Trancoso and Caraíva in Brazil with my friends including my brother Matthew Bushwacka! There’s an incredible vibe in Brazil!


We’re really excited to have you back at Hospitality Bournemouth, the last time you played with us was way back in March at Motion in Bristol, what a great night?!

Yeah, I can’t wait too. Was a fantastic party and I love the Bristol vibe since the Drive By party days. Such a great crowd!


There’s nothing quite like playing D+B in an old converted church. You’re joining us at a pretty unique venue – Halo in Bournemouth, have you played here before? 

I think I played before with SP:MC but I can’t remember if was last year or the year before, but the venue is amazing and I’m sure the party it’s gonna be wicked!


You’ve played at shows all over the world, what would you say has been a highlight moment of your career so far?

I’ve had a lot of great moments, it’s hard to pick just one but last year was definitely the Boogie Boat with the mighty DJ Die in Croatia! We played our influences, pure boogie, soul, funk, disco. It was insane and of course my night at Sun & Bass Festival. That party is so special to me.


Bournemouth has come out with its fair share of D+B producers, including Hospital’s recent signing Krakota. What do you think it is about the southern seaside that’s getting artists inspired?

I think it’s a fantastic place – they have the sea and the great woman to inspire them haha!  I love the Krakota tracks, I been playing Xylo and Stepping Stones every set, I love the vibe from Ulterior Motive as well, very talented guys and they’re producing great music!


You recently remixed Gravity with DJ Fresh and Ella Eyre, what else have you been up to since we last saw you?

I loved working on the Gravity remix and I have to say big thanks to my great friend the Japanese Bob James called Makoto for always helping me with the keys. I’ve also decided to make my album after 10 years so get ready!


We know you’re a fan of the old skool as well as the new, are there any producers that you’re really feeling at the moment or that you think are ones to watch out for in 2015?

Well hard to say, there are so many good tunes around at the moment but to mention a few, Krakota, The Invaderz, L Side, DJ Chap, Simplification & Translate, Tyke, Ivy Lab, TC, Pulsaar, Technimatic, Random Movement, Hugh Hardie, Jubei…too many haha!


You’ve had a long history with some of our Hospital Artists over the 18 years, across that time what’s been your top three go-to Hospital tracks to play out?

Yeah, I remember when Chris & Tony started the label and I met them at Swerve (Fabio’s Night). I remember when I met Lincoln High Contrast as well because he was the first promoter to book me in Cardiff, also Jon Wrec when I played for him in Southampton for 50 quid haha.


But yeah, it’s hard to pick just three Hospital tunes but I’ll try:

For a live performance of Billion Dollar Gravy see HERE.




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