Happy New Year! Did you have a nice break?

It was great thanks, lots of time to relax and also quite a bit of time spent in the studio too.


Are you excited to get out to LA? Have you been to LA before? 

I’m always excited to get back over there. I absolutely love California in general so it’s always a pleasure to play over on that side of the world. I’ve been a bunch of times now, I’ve only ever been there for gigs and in the past I’ve never stayed longer than a few nights, luckily this time I’ve got a bit of time off after the show. There’s lots of things I love about LA, obviously the climate is very different to the UK so it’s always nice to see sunlight, especially at this time of the year when it’s so cold and dark back at home.


How does the D+B scene out there compare to the UK?

I think the LA scene is definitely one of the strongest in the US, people always seem very clued up on their music and they’re also really responsive too. I think a lot of this is down to the various local crews who have been putting in the work and educating people over there for years. 


Your latest studio album “Polyphony” was released back in July, can the LA D+B heads still expect to hear you pumping out the Summer smashers from the album at the end of the month?

I’m sure I’ll drop some tracks from the album, there’s a few VIP versions of things I’ve done recently so I’ll be trying those as well. I’ve also been working on some new solo and collaborative work that I’m really excited to try out. 


Do you prefer collaborating with other artists or are you a heads-down solo worker in the studio?

I think they both have their place. I love having full control over the music I make but I also know that a second pair of ears and ideas makes a huge amount of difference. 


Every crowd’s different, but in recent months what’s been your go to, ‘never lets you down’ track to play out?

Maverick Souls (Dan Dakota remix) by Fred V and Grafix. It’s not the most obvious dancefloor smasher with it being quite stripped back and minimal but it always seems to get a great reaction when I’ve played it out recently.


What have you been up to since the album? In the studio? Lots of gigs? Having some chill time?

A mixture of all three, I’ve been quite busy on the remix tip these last few months so that’s been taking up a fair bit of time. I haven’t DJ’ed since just before Christmas now so I’m desperate to get back into it over the next few months.


We’re loving the Hospitality 2015 feature “Everlasting Days VIP”, was it nice to get back to working with family?

Always! It’d been a while with both of us working on solo albums last year so it definitely seemed like the right time to go back to the Nu:Logic project. I find it really inspiring to be able to bounce between solo and collaborative work.


If you had to pick another favourite track from “Hospitality 2015” which would it be?

‘The Road’ by Colossus is a personal favourite.


Finally, which artists do you think are ones to watch for 2015?

This is always a hard question but I’m really into LSB’s latest stuff, I’m also loving Hugh Hardie’s tracks right now as well, he played me a bunch of new stuff the other week and based on that alone, I’m pretty certain he’s going to go far in 2015. 

Catch Logistics at Hospital Records LA on the 28th January alongside Flite and Blacklab, find out more about them HERE.

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