This October we’re returning to Bristol for another In:Motion special! Danny Byrd will be joining us in room one alongside very special guest DJ Zinc, High Contrast, S.P.Y, Etherwood, Logistics and many, many more!  In spirit of the upcoming festivities we asked Danny to select his favourite D+B rollers to come out of Bristol, enjoy!

Breakbeat Era – Our Disease (Tera mix)

I remember buying this after the first Knowledge magazine awards in London with my friend Gerard. If your talking about rolling Bristol D&B, this track will always be my number one. It used lots techniques that were fresh in 1999 like lots of flanging and vocal fx that were most probably the results of Roni & Die’s (then alien to me) brand new “Pro Tools” recording software. Im still figuring out how to make a bass like this!

Roni Size – 26 Bass

Unsurprisingly this list is going to contain mainly records related to the Full Cycle camp. This was one of those records that just had that simple groove that was totally infectious. I think this went over some of my friends heads at the time maybe it being too simple, but I loved it. It was very hip hop influenced with massive 12 Bit Kick and Snare!

Bill Riley – In at the Deep End

Ahhh a record that didn’t come out on Full Cycle! But a artist that did release on that imprint. I think a lot of people would of loved to hear more of the genius that was Bill Riley! This was the more musical end of the Bristol sound but equally as rolling… A repeating hypnotic sax line that just keeps on building and building… until the reece baseline comes in and completes the journey! Something to take note on modern D&B, where one minute in you’ve heard everything the tune has to offer!

TC — Game Over

TC is forever cemented in west country bass history with the pure amount of big tunes he’s had over the years on D_style and various other labels. Sounding as fresh as it did in 2008, this was one of those tunes that I think every DJ at the time played! Rolling beats, crazy bass….. and a 16 bar loop that you want to hear over + over +over……

DJ Krust- Warhead

There was a time in 1997 where D&B looked like it was really dead. The magazine’s kept on saying about it, the new sound was Speed Garage and D&B had its day. This really worried me and relaying the story to my friend Gerard he said yeah but Ive just got this promo from V Records from Krust that is going change everything! I had never heard a bass like this in my life! I think this is the key to the Bristol bass sound is that a lot of the sounds are timeless. They were always extra organic and warm but always had that extra harmonic edge in them too.