The clock is ticking down, in just a couple of weeks we head back up North for our huge show at Canal Mills! We’ve gone all out with a fierce line-up of selectors including S.P.Y, London Elektricity, Ivy Lab, Logistics, Krakota and our very special guests Noisia!!

In room two of the Hospital offices resides one of Noisia’s biggest fans, also Med School’s label manager, Mullett. We asked him to select five of his favourite Noisia tracks to get us ready!

#1: The Tide
Nothing comes close to this – the level of detail, particulary in the drums, is bloody ridiclous! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this track – always something new that grabs my attention. No words do it justice!!!

#2: Stigma
Sums up everything great about Noisia: amazing production, insane drums and ridiclous basslines…. could can tell they had fun making this!

#3: Exodus
The intro of this track is wicked, so delicate…. and then switches into one of the heaviest pieces of music I’ve ever heard!

#4: Friendly Intentions
Much more of a jump of vibe than usual but safe to say, they absolutely nailed it!

#5: Running Blind
Tough choice between this and ‘Asteroids’ – both from the same EP – love how dark this is. Bad Company influence there for all to hear.



And a favourite from the rest of the office, Noisia’s filthy collab with The Upbeats – ‘Dead Limit’