For the very first time the Enter Shikari Soundsystem will be joining us for the very last Hospitality at Building Six! We caught up with frontman Rou and found out some of his favourite Hospital tracks from over the years!

“It’s going to be be an absolute honour to DJ at the last building 6 event. Looking forward to seeing London Elektricity as haven’t seen him DJ for a few years now. Really excited for Frederic Robinson’s set, boy’s straight genius. We’ll obviously be providing quite an eclectic set as we normally do when we DJ and can’t wait to drop a load of the ‘Mindsweep: Hospitalised” remixes a long with some of our favourite drum and bass.”

London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy

If I’m gonna do this chronologically, then we have to start here. This was probably one of the first Hospital tracks I heard and I immediately fell in love with it. Having had my first phase of Drum & Bass education through Ram and a lot of jungle this felt like a whole new world opening up. The strings, the melodies, the emotion, I loved it. I bought the Live At The Jazz Café 2003 DVD and to be honest it just added to the early influences of wanting Enter Shikari to combine punk with electronic elements. Seeing that Drum & Bass – a genre so reliant on exquisite production – could be performed and translated perfectly to the live arena just filled me with me excitement for getting Shikari off the ground.

High Contrast – Twilights Last Gleaming

One of the elements of the early Hospital sound I found myself instantly drawn to was the heavy sampling of soul music. My dad was a DJ in his heyday and I grew up playing his extensive collection of Northern Soul and Motown on his decks that he’d hidden away in our basement. High Contrast’s High Society was a beautiful collection of tracks employing this sound. The whole album is brilliant. The first track Lovesick sampling The 5th Dimension blew me away for starters. And Twilights Last Gleaming is another great example of this process and a track now full of nostalgia for me.

Cyantific – Asia

I remember getting this, it was on one of my first trips to a record shop whose name now escapes me, but it was in Soho. I used to go there every now and then to get my fix of plastic after getting my first decks in 2006. Asia, has a much darker, minimal sound and the record as a whole feels like it has a bit of an almost techno edge to it here and there. I loved the artwork to, this giant 80’s-esque futuristic robot (and remember this was long before every bloody uninspiring American dubstep artist had that as their artwork!)

Logistics – The Never Ending Story

I loved the Future sound of… compilations, they always introduced me to new artists. This track was off The Future Sound Of Cambridge 2 and is just another great feel good track. Hospital has a good knack of releasing tunes that can be just as great on a dance floor as they can be on a lazy sunday afternoon, this is a prime example.
High Contrast – If We Ever

I was going to try and keep this to one track per artist, but if I’m gonna break that rule for anyone it’s gonna be High Contrast. This was a staple track in every aftershow DJ set I did for years. An absolute tune. Such an iconic piano riff, on top of those glorious ramping and fading chords. It was such an honour when the man himself covered our track ‘Wall’ off our 2nd album a few years back.
Mistabishi – No Matter What

I remember this being the soundtrack to one of the first purely drum and bass nights I DJed at at The Horn in my hometown of St. Albans. We had a nice little scene going around 2007 and I think I remember opening my set with it. This track certainly reminds me of DJing and some great nights in that era. I love the nostalgic rave sound of the midi piano and vocals, such a fun track.
Danny Byrd – Shockout 

Not a far cry from the early jungle and electronic stuff I used to listen to before getting into Drum & Bass, perhaps almost a nod to Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares etc.

I think this got a mandatory rewind every time I played it out. #bodybags #shutdown etc. Production wise, a real work of art. Amazing jungle baseline with such a tasty assortment of breaks. One for all the family.

Luca – Saint Bond

Scooting forward now to 2011. This is such a beautiful track. It really struck me when I first heard it on the New Blood compilation. The pads and samples are just so hauntingly beautiful, at first they kind of sound like that alluring cacophony of notes you hear as an orchestra warms up before a performance, kind of disorganised but full of suspense. You can really lose yourself in that intro, for me it’s one of the best and most innovative intro’s out there. Absolutely brilliant production.

Camo & Krooked – Loving You Is Easy

This is such innovative track in so many ways. It’s structure, it’s textures, it’s effortless combination of funk with minimal. Zeitgeist was a really forward thinking album as a whole really, tremendously fearless in how different and experimental it was, but that’s something I adore in artists, that confidence to keep pushing things forward. Seminal stuff.

Etherwood – Weightless

I love this new school sound of classical/orchestral inspired drum & bass. Etherwood and Keeno have become some of my favourite music to play on tour to wind down after a show or to watch the world go by looking out the window of the tour bus. I love the natural unaffected piano tone, in a genre where the piano is often reminiscent of that early rave midi sound or at least chock full with effects, delays, distortions, compressions etc it really comes as a breath of fresh air.

Join us for the very last Hospitality at Building Six! Tickets on sale now, don’t sleep!