Next up on our Perks of the Park agenda are Med School’s first band signing – The Erised! The five-piece are from Ukraine and will be making a trip to our shores this September for their debut UK performance at Hospitality In The Park! They’ve blown us away with their incredible productions and vocal talent. The band features two Med School favourites Hidden Element and Detail, together they uniquely encompass electronic drums and synths with Sonya Sukorukova’s sensational vocals and charming instrumentals.

…the music was so strong and not just the music, but the whole band, the way they perform together, they have the chemistry, energy and charisma about them… ” – London Elektricity via Displace Audio

Since signing to Med School last year, The Erised have procured a huge following in their home country. Their debut EP ‘Desire’ was released back in February last year to huge success which features the hugely popular ‘Pray’. Sonya’s lyrics are enticing alongside their epic production and core-rumbling bass lines. Have a listen and a watch of their stunning live performance of the track below.

Without hesitation we called upon the Ukrainian five-piece to remix on our collaborative record with the infamous Enter Shikari ‘The Mindsweep: Hospitalised’ and they did not disappoint. Their imagination reached new heights with their rework of ‘Interlude’ – a perfect example of the band’s entrancing productions and Sonya’s haunting vocals.

Thankfully they didn’t keep us waiting too long for the next EP. ‘In My Car’ was released in November and received an amazing response! Another foolproof representation of Hidden Element and Detail’s production skills, the downbeat yet awakening drum beat encompasses Sonya’s nostalgic lyrics and chopped vocals.

The Erised are back once again with their debut album ‘Room 414’, due to be released this Friday! Tracks of which will no doubt be a prominent feature of their live performance at Hospitality In The Park. ‘Liar’ is an excellent representation of the band’s ability to create a wide variety of song styles. The first song to be previewed off the album, ‘Liar’ takes us on a journey through delicate chimes, awakening synths and a seductive guitar riff. Sonya has delivered once more on the vocals and her ability to tell an emotive story with her songwriting. The track is available to buy now on iTunes and Amazon when pre-ordering the full LP HERE.

We are very excited that The Erised will be joining us on the Soul In Motion x Med School stage on Saturday 24th September! This will be the band’s debut UK performance and we’re thrilled it’s going to be Hospitality In The Park. Second release tickets are available now via the link below.


Words by Sarah Hancock