We’re extremely excited to announce that the innovative imprint Soulvent Records are hosting the Soul Van at Hospitality in the Park! Launching their label back in 2013, the three masterminds, Liam, Jack ‘Pola’ and Joe, have grown Soulvent rapidly over the last few years. Soulvent are responsible for sourcing some of the smoothest movers in underground liquid drum & bass such as GLXY, Phaction, Arch Origin and Pola & Bryson – who are releasing their debut album very soon.

Hospital caught up with Liam and Joe for an exclusive interview to discuss their views on the current D+B scene, what their plans are over the next few months and what we can expect from their Soul Van this September.

Your ‘soul’ intention as a label is to find quality drum & bass by young, talented, up and coming producers. How easy is this to achieve nowadays, with just about anyone having access to production software?

The scene is constantly growing and evolving these days. With producers now having access to countless DAWs at a couple clicks of a button, it feels like production isn’t as elitist as it used to be. It no longer relies on access to the rarest analog hardware or most expensive up to date software (though these things do give you a bit of a leg-up!). We receive a fair few demos digitally, and every now and then an absolute gem turns up.


One of the most exciting things about running a fledging record label in this day and age is you’re relatively easy to find. It’s amazing when we’re sent a fire dub from a young kid based in another country or continent. That kind of thing I think truly keeps us going; hungry to expand our horizons. That doesn’t mean to say we don’t receive some pretty interesting demos! Very important that people remember quality not quantity!


Are there any particular artists that have caught your eye recently? And why?

The European scene is buzzing right now. NCT caught our eye last year, releasing their debut single with us ‘Scars’ and we’ve been very pleased to see them get a track on ‘The Future Sound of Holland’ alongside Soulvent-faithful Arch Origin… UK wise people like GLXY, Rho & Phaction are starting to make waves. And of course Pola & Bryson are killing it as ever! 😉

The events scene is fairly new to you guys as a label, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring promoters out there?

Events can definitely make or break more than just your wallet. It’s definitely very important for us to be conscious of our immediate target audience. We always try to keep the line up relevant to what our fans might want to see, as well as trying to keep the venue and ticket pricing in accordance with our patrons. It’s also important to keep an eye on the rest of the scene. As much as I’d want to go support an up and coming night, like Rework at Qube Project, if it clashed with a heavyweight line-up, it would be a fairly easy decision…


What’s on the agenda over the next few months for Soulvent?

Well after what feels like an absolute age, we’re pleased to announce the release of Pola & Bryson’s debut album, entitled ‘This Time Last Year’. We’re running a launch night at the Red Lion in Leytonstone on the 12th August, which should be sick. The Vanguard Project & Loz Contreras will be playing alongside the usual Soulvent suspects. The second volume of our annual comp is out later this year too, that’s something we’re really proud of and gives us the opportunity to reach out to loads of fresh talent, 14 tracks, all brand new exclusives!

We’re very lucky to have you joining us for Hospitality In The Park, who are you most looking forward to seeing?

We’re properly excited to see The Mouse Outfit live. And of course the London Elektricity Big Band, we’ve been waiting to see Tony and the rest of the band get back together for years! After seeing Liane Carroll play at Simon Says 2016 this year, we’re overly gassed for HITP! Oh and Pola & Bryson, those kids aren’t bad!


Who can we look forward to playing a set in The Soul-van in September?

Phaction’s coming up from Bristol, Data 3, GLXY, Pola & Bryson and Arch Origin. We’ve also got Jack Christie aka Altar, who’s representing the Container Records set up in Brixton. And last but not least, Hospital Record’s very own Harry Smith, aka Thought Trails.

Come and support the Soul Van set and feast your ears on some of Soulvent’s biggest talents. With a string of strong releases over the last two years, we’re excited to see what the label brings over the up and coming months. Stay tuned with their artists, music and events HERE and make sure to check-out the much anticipated debut album from Pola & Bryson released on 8 August.