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Who saw this cruising across the London skyline on Tuesday morning? Well, it wasn’t just any balloon, it was our very own custom-designed Hospitality balloon and we’re taking it with us to Hospitality In The Park!

The Hospital crew rose at 4am to head down to Burgess Park and put Chris and Tony in the Hospital balloon, ready for it’s debut take-off! The air was cold and the sky was pitch black on arrival, so standing in front of the balloon while it was pumped up with a hot flame was absolutely stunning (and kept us all warm)!

14115511_1165070776864269_170276369418314640_oIt took off at 5.45am and was sailing high in the cool morning air by 5.50am. It was a surreal experience, and was a symbol of how far Hospital Records has come since it’s launch in 1996.

This is one of the most incredible ideas we have been able to turn into a reality, and we hope you were fortunate enough to have seen it grace the skies of London.

On the 24th September 10,000 people and 6 stages will be joining us at Finsbury Park. We’ve sold tickets in Germany, Belgium, Australia, America and even Iraq, showcasing the international scale we have reached. An enormous hot air balloon with the trademark Hospital ‘H’ plastered on it seems quite fitting doesn’t it? The sky is not the limit…

If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it below.


Words by Philippa Ghosh