leeds hospitality

Calling all freshers! Starting uni is a daunting experience for anyone and we here at Hospital Records understand that. So what better way to get to know your new uni pals than partying until 6am at Hospitality? Here are our top tips to making the most out of our Canal Mills takeover this Friday… and being a fresher in the right way!


1. Pre-Drinks Playlist

The pre’s playlist… We’ve all been to a pre-drinks where the music just isn’t on point. And let’s face it, playing Taylor Swift’s new tune just isn’t on before a drum & bass night is it? So look no further! Hospital’s Best of D+B playlist has a huge 31 hours (!!) of the finest beats and bass from over the years and every shade and style of D+B.

2. Put on your Hospital T-Shirt

Ladies and gents if you want to be truly representing at Canal Mills this October make sure you have a browse on the   and grab one of our fresh designs. D+B family unite!

3. Comfortable Shoes


This is very important. Heels are a nemesis for anybody at a Hospitality night, for those wearing them and those in close distance! Drum & bass is an energetic game, so a heel on the foot would be enough to ruin your mood or your night. And if you’re wearing them, by the time mid night comes around your feet will be calling you to go home… Don’t make that mistake and slip ono a comfy pair of trainers!



4. Find a good kebab shop for the walk home


If it’s one thing freshers are guilty of, it’s having way more kebabs than anyone should in 12 months! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled around Leeds for a decent spot to grab a bite after Hospitality! You’ll have burnt so many calories during the show (if you took my advice in step 3) it technically won’t even count, right?


5. Don’t Try And Sneak In Booze


We’re not here to judge, but that really (not really) discrete litre of voddy isn’t going to make it past the front door. Don’t ruin your much anticipated Hospitality night by trying to get wasted for a fraction of the price… it may end up losing you a night you won’t get back. Which is a much bigger cost to pay!



6. Sing a song with your new best mates on the way home

There’s nothing like a classic tune to bring a group of people together, and we all love to sing loud and proud after a few too many drinks. Round off the perfect night by singing a cheesy tune with all your new mates on the walk back to halls. Personally we recommend Fred V & Grafix – ‘Ultraviolet’!

7. Don’t Forget The After Party!


A very important part of the night is ensuring it doesn’t end too soon! As a fresher it’s essential to stay up way longer than necessary for absolutely no other reason than because you can. Plan or find a good afters to mingle with even more fellow freshers! A Hospitality night is one to be celebrated all the way through until dawn…NRfd9X



Final release tickets are available now, grab yours before they’re all gone!



Words by Philippa Ghosh