After a sling of successful UK events, we decided it was time to take a break and go on a well deserved holiday, and it’s just around the corner. So, we’re packing our bags and getting our flip-flops and towels ready as we head of to Tisno, Croatia for Hospitality On The Beach!


With headline sets from Andy C, London Elektricity, Camo & Krooked and High Contrast, to intimate beach parties that will take you into the night, there is going to be something for absolutely everyone. But, if staying on land isn’t your thing and you fancy yourself a bit of a scurvy sea dog, then we’ve got that covered too with our huge range of boat parties!

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However, before you take to the high seas, you will need to check the Hospitality Do’s and Don’ts checklists to ensure we don’t make you walk the plank.


DO: Make sure you’ve secured your places by grabbing the tickets you want. (most have sold out already!)


DON’T: Plan a mutiny and shanghai one of the boats. Whilst your pirate swashbuckling skills may be on point, nobody wants to see S.P.Y being thrown overboard just so you can plunder the Croatian seas, and maybe have a go at DJing yourself.


DO: Make sure you wear suitable clothes! Don’t turn up in your favourite sweater or they’ll have to bring the boat back due to you overheating… Snorkels, however, are welcome!


DON’T: Use that snorkel as an excuse to jump off the boat and swim around. One, the boat may not notice and you’ll be left drifting around the Mediterranean, hoping a Croatian fishing boat will pick you up, and two, it would just be a bit silly really wouldn’t it.

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DO: Bring sun cream! Boats aren’t famed for their shade so you want to bring plenty of sunblock to avoid looking like a rave lobster.


DON’T: Bring an umbrella! Whilst you are going to want suncream, please do not to create your own shade. You’ll end up damaging your fellow ravers and should a big gust of wind come along, Tisno will finally have its very own Mary Poppins (or the fisherman from earlier, depending on wind direction)!


DO: Make sure you have any medication you’re going to need. If you are prone to seasickness then make sure you have the right remedies to get the maximum out of your boat party.


DON’T: Turn up late. The boats aren’t going to wait for you and don’t even for a second think you’ll be able to rag out there on a jetski…


DO: Bring your A-Game. These parties are going to be rowdy so be prepared to bruk out. 


DON’T: Try and start a moshpit. These boats are modestly sized and if you think it’s going to be a great idea to turn the intimate boat party on the crystal clear waters into a tornado of discomfort and frustration, think again. We’re all here to have fun, not at the expense of anyone else.

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DO: Bring your tender! Don’t be that guy stuck on the boat with no money for drinks and water. 


DON’T: Make your mate walk the plank for not downing his 40th jager bomb of the holiday. Even if it was successful, he’s probably in no fit state to be swimming. 


DO: Bring a little waterproof disposable camera. Not only will this allow you to leave your phone safely on the shore, but you’ll also have a heap of photos to stick around your room and remind you OF THE BEST AFTERNOON EVER!


DON’T : Skip buying tickets and instead buy a rubber dinghy in hope of discreetly boarding one of the parties. Let’s be realistic here you’re probably not in the Olympic rowing team and will probably end up spinning in circles whilst the entire festival looks on in bewilderment. Plus it’s inevitable one of you will fall off and have you ever tried getting back in those things? It’s likely you will all be left bobbing up and down watching that €20 float off into the distance…


DO: Have fun! We’ve created these for you to make the most out of your drum and bass holiday. So lap up the sun, feel the gentle swaying of the boat and go crazy to the music we all love!


We hope this helps all of you to get your sea legs back and ready to rock the boat (quite literally). We’ll see you soon! Also, please don’t litter in the sea. 

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Words by Jon Ruse