In a city known for high society and academia it might be surprising to know that deep in its chest is the beating heart of a music lover, with energetic crowds queuing up year round to see some of the best artists in the game across all genres. It is for that reason that Hospitality is proud to be back in Cambridge, after a year away, for another sellout show. Steeped in history Cambridge University is one of Britains oldest schools with serious bragging rights. Alumni include 95 Nobel Laureates permeating almost every field of study making it consistently rank in the Top 5 Universities in the world every year, not to mention everyones favourite Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking who quite literally changed how the world perceived time and the origin of the Universe.

It would therefore be easy to think that the entire city would be full of stuffy intellectuals who wouldn’t consider the art that is music, but quite the contrary. Cambridge is a hub of musicality having spawned dozens of the biggest rock bands. Psychedelic rockers Pink Floyd found fame by playing pubs in the 60’s with lead singer Roger Waters having been born and raised in the city. Floyd can arguably be the reason for some of the influence of massive light shows becoming more common seen for musical performances, and we’ve all seen there bizarre film The Wall which continues to baffle us to this day. More modern acts that have roots in Cambridge include Clean Bandit, Olivia Newton-John and even Muse’s Matt Bellamy. Of course we can’t forget our very own Nu:Tone & Logistics upbringing with the brothers hailing Cambridge as one of the greatest cities to grow up in, not to mention performing in.

Nightlife in Cambridge has also seen a resurgence in the last few decades with the number of venues increasing to accommodate the larger number of touring bands. Where we have felt most at home for the last 2 years has been at Cambridge Junction, an 850 capacity venue with the versatility to host not only amazing D+B shows but also complex theatre productions that rely heavily on the fantastic team that keep the place going. Junction describes itself as ‘where art mets culture’ which is precisely why we feel it is the perfect venue for our Hospitality parties, the combination of a killer sound system and our good-time atmosphere go hand-in-hand without question or compromise. The venue is located less than a 15 minute walk from Cambridge train station meaning that it’s not too far of a stumble to get back to for the first train home, or to catch a night bus home.

Other venues in the city include concert hall Cambridge Corn Exchange which has hosted an incredible number of iconic bands including The Who, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, David Bowie and Queen (to name a few). The calibre of artists to play this one venue is not something you would expect from an 1800 capacity venue, often bringing several new acts as support which gives them fantastic exposure. This is something that Cambridge venues do time and time again meaning that often tickets will sell based on a big name act coming in, but you will usually leave with a new favourite band’s CD who just happened to be supporting that night. There are no limits for young artists as these shows have resulted in groups such as Alt-J winning the Mercury Music Prize in 2012.


Tying in with the reputation Cambridge has of being one of the most diverse city’s in Britain there are multiple sporting events that bring thousands of people flocking there every year. Did you know that Cambridge was instrumental in the development of modern football? Well you do now! It turns out that the first set of rules for the national sport were drawn up at Cambridge University in 1848, later being sited as ‘a pivotal cornerstone of the modern rules of football’ according to the governing body of the time. The River Cam is also a heavily used river that runs through the city, mostly for boating for the tourists (lets be honest) but there are also annual rowing competitions set on the river, usually set just outside the University. This is also where the teams will train for the infamous Oxford vs Cambridge rowing competition known as ‘The Boat Race’ which has been held every year since 1856, the current champions of which is Cambridge. If you think you’ve seen competitiveness in sport do check out The Boat Race and see what real rivalry is!


2017 will see Hospitality returning to Cambridge Junction to rock the hall with a massive lineup, but while we’re there you can be sure we’ll be soaking up just a taste of what the city has to offer. Keep your eyes on the River Cam for you might see the Hospital crew doing a spot of boating, or sampling some afternoon tea in one of the many English café’s. What’s the best way to nurse a sore head the morning after a night of raving, we leave that to you, but we are very excited to add some of our bass culture to this wonderful city. Catch us on March 11th at Cambridge Junction!



Words Andy Napleton