Mysteryland – Where Each Stage Is It’s Own Spectacle


The Dutch musical community have held a reputation for creating spectacular environments for their crowds. Festivals are common throughout the year in this utopia of musical freedom with almost every genre having its own time to shine. Today we’re looking back a little further into the O.G of EDM festivals, with the birth place of extravagance and mashup of different electronic movements being Mysteryland. The first festival took place in 1993 with the intention of uniting various electronic genres under one banner of a feel good vibe. Traditionally held on the last Saturday of August it symbolised the closing of the Summer season but would certainly go out with a bang and even start an incredibly strong movement. Now celebrating its 24th year in the game it was clear that this show was going to be one to remain in the forefront of the European festival season and we would never have predicted the reach that it would achieve in the decades to come.




1993? Ok We Feel Old…


They key features that made Mysteryland something unique was it’s flagrant disregard for the industry norm keeping electronic music locked away inside an illicit warehouse rave. At the time of it’s first festival the Acid House movement was sweeping the globe, crying out to be heard in front of a larger audience. More sub genres were being birthed than could be named and suddenly the establishment media were being pressured to play more underground music. So when Mysteryland got together in a massive field just outside Amsterdam it was an instant hit. The individuality for every artist to play made it a collective of both like minded individuals but massively different musicians, the product being a festival that had broken the mould. Over the next few years the artists got bigger, the stages more outrageous and the fans even more eager to return.


In 2011 after over 15 years of rocking Amsterdam Mysteryland branched out to try their hand at an overseas festival, choosing Chile to be their first destination. Not only did the show sell out within days of tickets being announced but it firmly established their footing in the International community for hosting artists from every corner of the globe, solidifying the community spirit that they were known for in The Netherlands. Since then they have hosted shows in Bethel Woods, New York which takes place in a forest turned wonderland, setting the scene for a chilled but raucous weekend (think Coachella… but with less hipsters) The addition of overseas shows have made Mysterland a destination for electronic music lovers, often discovering new artists who are on the rise in their careers. There are very few charting artists who haven’t played at Mysteryland now, with headliners including Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Zeds Dead to name a few. However there have only been limited opportunities for the Drum + Bass crowd to really get hyped up. Until now.


Check Out The Mysteryland USA 2016 Aftermovie!


This year for the first time Mysteryland have invited Hospitality to be an exclusive stage host and we can say with the utmost certainty that we are bringing the noise! Hospitality have played in The Netherlands many times, mixing it up with the biggest names in the business and the die-hard fans in various clubs across the country, so the opportunity to not only be back in one of our favourites cities but to host a stage at Mysteryland 2017 is one of the highlights of our summer. Leading up to this we will be teasing artists that will be joining us and you won’t believe the stage that we have planned with Hospitality bringing it’s A-game to live up to the immense reputation that the worlds longest running EDM festival has already established. With online registration currently active and the lineup to be announced soon make sure you keep both ears to to ground as we plan to give Mysteryland an injection of Hospitality and the some of the heritage Drum & Bass.


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Words by Andy Napleton