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Hospitality Weekend In The Woods Warm Up

Sat 23rd Jul 2022

The Terrace

HospitalityDanny Byrd Fred V Etherwood Unglued B2B Whiney Lens Urbandawn winslow Dynamite (DJ Set)STAY-C Viridity Special Guest TBA Hosted by:Dynamite MC Inja Degs Conrad Ruthless

The Garden

Flexoutamoss b2b arkaik bassi & charli brix Run In The JungleT>I b2b D*Minds ray keith b2b dazee anaïs Hosted by:trigga Jakes Rupturetim reaper b2b digital double o b2b decibella SpearheadBcee Villem javeon Hosted by:Ruthless myl


Soulvent meets Hospitalkeeno b2b in:most hugh hardie b2b mountain stay-c b2b vektah imo-lu b2b lally Hosted by:Ruthless siege mc sahala