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Hospitality Cambridge 2019

Main Room: Hospitality

S.p.y Kings Of The Rollers Nu:logic Grafix Unglued Bou Degs Lens Hosted By: Inja Dynamite Mc Carasel

Room Two: Spoonfed

Nu:Tone B2B Bou Logistics B2B Hugh Hardie In:Most Saikon Hosted By: Ruthless Mc

Hospitality Berlin

Box 1: Hospitality

London Elektricity (5 Hour Set) Hosted By Mc Tempza Support By Survey

Box 2:

Kalle Kuts (G.I. Disco)

S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style (London)

Main Area: Dubplate Style

S.p.y (2 Hours)DJ Hype (Irregular Jungle Set) Bladerunner B2B Unglued The Sauce (DLR, Hydro, Spinback) Chimpo (Dubplate Set) DJ Hybrid Chris Inperspective Hosted By: GQ Lowqui Texas

Room Two: Med School

Etherwood Whiney Keeno Special Guest: Kyrist Lakeway Facing Jinx Hosted By: Ruthless Tempza Conrad

The High Contrast Band at Heaven, London

The High Contrast Band at Heaven, London

The High Contrast Band With Support From: Barely Legal

Royal Rumble London - Round 2

Main Room: Royal Rumble

Kings Of The Rollers Hosted By:Inja Nu:Tone B2B Logistics B2B Hugh Hardie Hosted By:Moose Micky Finn B2B Brockie B2B Ray Keith Hosted By:Spyda T>I B2B Levela B2B Particle Hosted By:Bassman

Room 2: RUN

Circuits (Kasra & InsideInfo) G Dub (Original Sin & Sub Zero) D*Minds Biological Beats Showcase: Traumatize & KY feat. Fatman D Critical Impact Dazee TS2W Hosted By:Jakes Texas

Hospitality Estonia 2019

Camo & Krooked S.p.y Urbandawn Sound In Noise MHKL & Majestim Hosted By: Dynamite Mc

Hospitality Halloween: Birmingham

London Elektricity S.p.y Logistics Makoto Frenetic / LFM Hosted By Dynamite Mc Lowqui Tempza Busta

Special Guests

Hybrid Minds Randall (Jungle Classics Set)

Halloween Masked Ball 2019

High Contrast (DJ Set) Metrik Fred V Hugh Hardie Urbandawn Pola & Bryson Lakeway Sweetpea Hosted By 2Shy Ruthless Id

Hospitality Lincoln

London Elektricity Etherwood Logistics Grafix Makoto Hosted By: Ruthless Tempza

Hospitality Bristol

Motion: Hospitalitydnb

High Contrast London Elektricity S.p.y Metrik Grafix Bou Lens Special Guest:Tc Hosted By: Dynamite Lowqui Degs Carasel

Marble Factory: Kings Of The Rollers Royal Rumble

Kings Of The Rollers (Serum B2B Voltage B2B Bladerunner + Inja)S.P.Y B2B Randall B2B Doc Scott Lenzman B2B LSB B2B FD Benny L B2B Shimon B2B Trimer Hosted By: Inja GQ SP:MC MC Bassman

The Tunnel: Spearhead Records

Lsb Bcee Seba Pola & Bryson Villem & McLeod

Hospitality Bristol

Sat 19th Oct

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Sat 19th Oct

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Hospitality ADE at Melkweg

Camo & Krooked (DJ Set) Fred V B2B Etherwood Nu:Tone B2B Logistics Whiney Unglued Kid Hops Hosted By MC Fava Daxta

Hospitality Newcastle

Danny Byrd Metrik Unglued Makoto Hosted By: Dynamite Mc

Hospitality In The Park 2019


Camo & Krooked Danny Byrd Degs Flava D (D&B Set)Fred V Hugh Hardie Lens London Elektricity Makoto Metrik Nu:logic Hosted By Dynamite Mc Lowqui Fava Conrad Daxta Carasel

Critical Sound

Mefjus Cubed (UK Debut) Break Kasra Enei Serum Halogenix Klax b2b Kyrist QZB Fade Black Special Guests Bad Company UK b2b Killbox (Ed Rush & Audio) Skeptical Hosted By GQ SP:MC Carasel 2Shy Mantmast Maksim MC XL


Mala + SGT Pokes DJ Marky + GQ (Exit Records Showcase)DBRIDGE B2B Skeptical + SP:MC (High Focus Records)Dirty Dike Jam Baxter +DJ Sammy B-Side Jehst Mungo's Hi Fi feat. Eva Lazarus 24 Hour Garage Girls Chimpo Indika

Dubplate Style

S.p.y LTJ Bukem (1990 - 1995 Set)Dillinja (Classics Set)DJ Die (Archives Set)Nu:Tone B2B Unglued (Jungle Set)Dj Storm Sofa Sound ShowcaseDLR B2B Hydro + MC Gusto Western Lore Showcase Dead Man's Chest B2B Tim Reaper Euphonique Frenetic Hosted By Stamina Dynamite Mc Chunky Ad Moose

Med School

LTJ Bukem Etherwood Lenzman B2B LSB + DRS Whiney + Inja & Truthos Mufasa Keeno Technimatic Bop Lakeway Polaris Sweetpea Hosted By Ruthless Tempza Fava LX One

Royal Rumble X Run

Kings Of The Rollers (Serum X Voltage X Bladerunner)Inja S.P.Y X Skeptical X Break +Mc Gq Special Guest X Dazee X D*Minds +MC Jakes Benny L X Limited X T>I +Mc Moose ED Solo X Serial Killaz x Benny Page +MC Foxy BOU X Dutta X Stompz +MC Bassman TS2W X Barrington X Inter

Main Squeeze

Shortee Blitz Mo Fingaz Bobofatt Gilla Chris P Cutz Russ Ryan

Hospitality Heidelberg BBQ

High Contrast (DJ Set)Etherwood Fred V Nu: Tone Makoto Hugh Hardie Special Guests LTJ Bukem Benny L Hosted By Dynamite Mc Lowqui Degs Tempza