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Hospitality Park Warm Up


Kings Of The Rollers London Elektricity (Critical Classics Set)Kasra Lenzman Grafix Nu:logic (Nu:Tone b2b Logistics) Unglued Inja's Fulley Fuelled Flex Ft. Pete Cannon Urbandawn Saxxon & Think Tonk Feat. YT (Jet Star Meets Hospital Showcase) Lens Hosted By Dynamite Mc Lowqui Inja Sp:mc Tempza

Run In The Jungle

Ed Rush (Classics 90's Set) Dillinja Voltage b2b Nicky Blackmarket Nu:tone (Jungle Set) D*minds Gang Related AKA Krust (Dope Dragon Set) Dazee TS2W Special Guest A.M.C Presents 'Digging Deep' Hosted By Jakes Carasel Texas Phantom

The North Quarter

Lenzman Zero T Redeyes FD b2b Anile Submorphics Satl Hosted By Sp:mc Fox LX One

Hospitality at Standon Calling 2019



Danny Byrd Metrik Fred V Makoto Hugh Hardie Lens Mc Carasel Ruthless Mc

Hospitality On The Beach 2019

Hospitality DNB

Andy C (3 Hour Set)Noisia (DJ Set)High Contrast (DJ Set)Dj Hype Kings Of The Rollers Danny Byrd Metrik London Elektricity Flava D (D&B Set)Logistics Nu: Tone Grafix Fred V Degs Unglued Makoto Krakota Hugh Hardie Changing Faces Dilemma Lens

Sun and Bass

Dj Marky Fabio Nu:logic Lsb Drs Bcee Makoto Seba Delicat


Mefjus Kasra B2B Enei B2B Halogenix (Critical Soundsystem Takeover) Whiney B2B Kyrist Unglued Bou Medika Indika

Shogun Audio

Friction (15 Years of Shogun Set)Alix Perez Spectrasoul Benny L T>I Glxy Pola & Bryson Data 3

Dubplate Style

S.p.y DJ Die (Presents the Archives)Dj Storm (1990 - 2000 Set)Nu: Tone (Cratediggers Set)Dead Man's Chest Mantra Uncle Dugs

Gimme Five

Dj Zinc (Trust Me I Was There: 5 Hour Set)London Elektricity (5 Hour Set)Hybrid Minds (5 Hour Set)

Exit Records UK

DBridge Skeptical Doc Scott Fracture Jubei Fixate

Med School

Etherwood Keeno Whiney Ant Tc-1 Bop Kyrist Lakeway A.Fruit Sweetpea

Olive Grove

Turno Soulvent Records Takeover: Pola & Bryson Glxy In:Most Data 3 Concrete Jungyals Takeover Asterix Charlie Brix Frenetic Jazzy Lioness Miya Moro Raggo

Hospitality St. Petersburg


London Elektricity Fred V Whiney Command Strange Subwave Hosted By Dynamite Mc

Med School

Bop Impish Engage Dissident Nuage Unquote

Hospitality Birmingham


High Contrast (DJ Set)Metrik Grafix Kenny Ken (Jungle Set)Krakota Frenetic / LFM Hosted By Conrad Fava Tempza Busta

Hospitality Bristol BBQ

Area 1: Hospitality

Kings Of The Rollers London Elektricity Metrik B2B Grafix Logistics Keeno Hugh Hardie Unglued Lens Special Guests: The Prototypes Hosted By Dynamite Mc Inja 2shy Ruthless Texas

Area 2: S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style

S.p.y LTJ Bukem Randall DJ Die Nicky Blackmarket Dazee Particle The Blast Djs Special Guest: Dj Zinc (Trust Me I Was There Set)Hosted By Gq Lowqui Jakes Carasel Chunky

Area 3: Dazed

Sub Zero DJ Limited Saxxon Dutta KY Dazed DJs

Hospitality Cardiff

Camo & Krooked (DJ Set)Makoto Hugh Hardie Hosted By Dynamite Mc Daxta Conrad Special Guest Roni Size

Hospitality Brighton

London Elektricity Unglued Degs Lens Hosted By Ruthless Mc Special Guest Dj Hazard

Hospitality Antwerp

London Elektricity Logistics Whiney B2B Unglued Phase Tito Hosted ByDegs Tempza Seko

Hospitality Southampton

S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style London Elektricity Flava D (D&B Set)Unglued Makoto Degs Lens Hosted ByGq 2shy Ruthless

Hospitality Summer BBQ


S.p.y (2 Hour Set)DIE (Archives Set)Randall Nu: Tone (Jungle Set)Unglued (Jungle Set)Dj Flight One Mind Western Lore PresentsDead Man's Chest Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce Remarc Particle Euphonique Hosted By Lowqui Sp:mc Chunky


Camo & Krooked (DJ Set)Metrik London Elektricity Nu:logic (NU:TONE & Logistics)Fred V Degs Krakota Makoto Hugh Hardie Dilemma Lens Hosted By Inja Dynamite Mc Daxta Conrad


Etherwood Whiney Keeno DLR Lakeway A.Fruit Med School Dj's Hosted By Ruthless Fava

Hospitality Zurich

S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style Danny Byrd London Elektricity ARCNET / Scooby Johnson Hosted ByLowqui

Kings Of The Rollers: Royal Rumble London

Main Room: Royal Rumble

Kings Of The Rollers Voltage VS Serum VS Bladerunner Hosted ByInja Doc Scott VS Total Science VS Randall Hosted ByNavigator Bryan Gee VS Jumpin Jack Frost VS Special Guest Hosted ByBassman Need For Mirrors VS Bailey VS Krust Hosted ByDynamite Mc T>I VS Unglued VS Kyrist Hosted ByMoose


Crissy Criss Annix D*minds Mollie Collins Critical Impact Dutta Ts2w Hosted by Jakes Texas Foxy

Hospitality Berlin


S.p.y Presents Dubplate StyleLondon Elektricity Metrik


Survey N'dee Hosted ByMc Jamie White


Kalle Kuts (GI DISCO)

Hospitality Berlin

Sat 13th Apr

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Hospitality Bulgaria

S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style Makoto Hosted By Mc Fava

Hospitality Northampton

S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style Danny Byrd Unglued Hosted By Gq Ruthless

Hospitality Bristol

Main Room: Hospitality

Camo & Krooked (DJ Set)S.P.Y Presents Dubplate Style Danny Byrd London Elektricity Fred V Unglued Hugh Hardie Hosted By Dynamite Mc Carasel Degs Daxta

Room Two: Kings of The Rollers Presents Royal Rumble

Kings Of The Rollers (2 Hour Set)Dillinja B2B Bryan Gee B2B Jumpin Jack Frost NU:TONE B2B Logistics B2B Makoto Limited B2B Bou B2B Stompz Hosted By Inja Sp:mc Ic3 Texas

Room Three: Med School

Etherwood (Two Hour Set)Keeno Whiney Lakeway Sweetpea Constrict Hosted By Ruthless Tempza Remidy